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Channelings from Leah, the Arcturians, Sananda, the Founders and Isis


02-11-2008 Leah on Love
07-04-2007 Leah's Independence Day Message
06-01-2007 Leah on Spirituality, Healing and Enlightenment
05-04-2007 Leah Workshop Material Section 4
05-03-2007 Leah Workshop Material Section 3
05-02-2007 Leah Workshop Material Section 2
05-01-2007 Leah Workshop Material Section 1
02-06-2007 Leah on Clear Communication
10-01-2006 Founders Workshop Part 1
09-30-2006 Isis Workshop Part 5
09-30-2006 Isis Workshop Part 4
09-30-2006 Isis Workshop Part 3
09-30-2006 Isis Workshop Part 2
09-30-2006 Isis Workshop Part 1
07-30-2006 Leah On the Middle East
06-29-2006 Leah On Prosperity the Sequel
06-19-2006 Leah On Being Real
06-16-2006 Lord Sananda on Commitment & Self-Empowerment
06-06-2006 Leah On Six Six Six
04-12-2006 Leah On Open and Honest Communication
04-11-2006 The Arcturians on Psychic Awareness
04-06-2006 Lord Sananda - Choose Once Again
03-17-2006 Leah On Commitment
03-15-2006 Leah On Intentional Creation
02-09-2006 The Arcturians on Conspiracy
01-26-2006 Leah On the Pitfalls of Ego
01-02-2006 The Arcturians Wish You A Happy New Year
12-06-2005 Leah On Preparing for Earth Changes
11-28-2005 Leah On the Dissolving of Illusions
11-12-2005 The Founders on the Precession and Galactic Cycle
11-05-2005 The Founders on Healing the World
11-02-2005 Sal and Sananda Discuss Torture
10-20-2005 Leah On Living Abundantly During Earth Changes
10-01-2005 Leah On Love Thy Enemies
09-26-2005 Spirit Speaks - God's Extension into the Physical
09-15-2005 Lord Sananda on the Illusion and Reality of the Body
08-26-2005 The Arcturians on Alternate Timeline Dynamics Part 2
08-25-2005 Leah Discusses Enlightened Relationships
08-19-2005 Lord Sananda on the Accuracy of Channeled Messages
08-12-2005 The Arcturians on Alternate Timeline Dynamics Part 1
08-05-2005 Leah with More Tips on How to Awaken
08-04-2005 Leah with Tips on How to Awaken
07-23-2005 The Founders on the Grand Cycle
05-27-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 10
05-26-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 9
05-20-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 8
05-20-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 7
05-19-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 6
05-16-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 5
05-12-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 4
05-11-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 3
05-10-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 2
05-09-2005 The Founders on Earth History Part 1
05-03-2005 Leah on a Forgiveness Refresher Course
04-23-2005 Leah on ETs Revisited
04-19-2005 Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light and Dark
04-02-2005 Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages
03-29-2005 Leah on the Law of Reciprocity
03-23-2005 Leah on Freedom versus Security
03-23-2005 The Founders on Moving to the Next Level
03-14-2005 The Arcturians on Space Travel
03-07-2005 The Founders on Timelessness
03-05-2005 The Founders Message Two
03-01-2005 Leah on the Subtleties of Judgment
02-28-2005 The Founders Message One
02-16-2005 Lord Sananda on Giving 100%
01-31-2005 Leah on Negative ETs
01-12-2005 Lord Sananda on Reuniting Soul Families
01-02-2005 Leah on Airy-Fairy New Agey Sugary Fluff
12-30-2004 Leah and Arcturians Wish Happy New Year
12-20-2004 Placing Your Trust In Me
12-15-2004 Leah on Re-Creating Yourself
12-09-2004 I Am Intervening
12-06-2004 The Arcturians on Healing Alternate Timelines
11-29-2004 Leah on Responsibility and Balance
11-18-2004 Leah on Spirit Worlds
11-13-2004 The Arcturians on Karma
11-09-2004 Leah on Sacred Sexuality Part 2
11-08-2004 Leah on Sacred Sexuality Part 1
11-08-2004 The Arcturians on Ascension Part 2
11-07-2004 The Arcturians on Ascension Part 1
10-22-2004 Leah on Staying Present
10-19-2004 The Arcturians on Reflection
10-18-2004 Leah on Love that Moves Mountains
10-11-2004 Leah on Trust
09-29-2004 The Arcturians on Soul Families
09-17-2004 Leah on Patience
09-16-2004 Leah on Visualizing and Fantasizing
09-16-2004 The Arcturians on Channeling
09-14-2004 Leah on Accepting What Is
09-13-2004 Leah on Head-Heart Balance
09-10-2004 The Arcturians on Soul Fragmentation
09-09-2004 Leah on Spiritual Vigilance
09-08-2004 Leah on the Flow of Abundance
09-08-2004 An Introduction to the Arcturians
09-08-2004 Leah on Male-Female Relationships
09-07-2004 Leah on Unconditional Love
09-06-2004 Leah on Embracing Change
Welcome to my channeled messages.
This page is constantly being updated as new messages come in. I work with my Twin Flame, Leah, from sixth-density Venus, and also with a group who call themselves the Arcturians. In addition I channel Lord Sananda, a group of Creator Gods known as the Founders, and beloved Goddess Isis.

I hope you find something of value. You can reproduce these as long as you quote me and God as source. If you wish to send a love offering in exchange for what you have received, click here.

NOW! Five-part series by the Goddess Isis - from a workshop in Australia!

Additional material from Leah's workshops in Australia!
Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or comments:
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