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Leah on Negative ETs
Received by Sal Rachele
January 31, 2005

Greetings, beloveds. The channel has been traveling and attending to Earthly details, so it has been a while (in your Earth time) since I spoke with you. Today the channel read some material by an entity going by the name of Peter Farley. I apologize in advance for mentioning the specific names of your prophets, but I do not believe this entity wishes to remain private, so I went ahead and gave out the name.

The purpose of this communication is to bring a higher perspective to the concept of negative extra-terrestrials, first by explaining who and what they are, and secondly, what to do about them.

Your planet has been the focus of many different entities, energies and vibrations for aeons of time. What your planet experiences is always the composite level of awareness of its inhabitants. As the channel often says, “what you focus on, you become.” Well, that’s true for the lower four dimensions. In actuality, what you are is beyond change and so this statement becomes irrelevant in the higher dimensions.

But since you are, dear ones, immersed in the 3D experience, dear Leah here will give you something a bit more practical to sink your teeth into. Let’s start by defining negative ETs: “Negative ETs” are entities residing in the lower four dimensions that have, as their agenda, the control and manipulation of the human race. Their presence on your planet is for selfish purposes of domination and control, to appease their egos and thirst for power. Here’s the part many of you are apparently missing. Negative ETs have been in control of planet Earth for most of the last half a million years. The majority of so-called “humans” are actually human hybrids – genetic interbreeding of Orion, Reptilian and other species blended and merged with the Adamic Pleiadean strains of DNA. The channel goes into depth about this in his writings.

You do not need to worry excessively over fourth-dimensional astral entities and beings from black holes, alternate universes and hidden realms. Although there are such energies in the lower dimensions, they are totally and completely dependent upon you giving them energy – and you have the power to withhold such energy from them. You give them energy when you live in fear. They feed off the energy of fear. When you grow into awareness of the higher dimensions of yourselves, beloveds, you are no longer living in fear and therefore, you are no longer feeding their thirst for power.

A major part of withdrawing your energy from negative ETs is your unwillingness to go along with their agenda. What is their agenda? They seek to divide and conquer. By coming together in love and unity, they are already defeated. When you look at the political, economic and religious systems of your world, ask yourselves, do these systems promote division or unity? Do they accept the differences among people, or do they promote bigotry and separation? This may sound basic, but apparently it needs repeating:

Any system that separates out one aspect of humanity and judges it as less deserving of God’s Love than another aspect is practicing the principles of the negative ETs. Do you believe you are better than others? Do you believe some people do not deserve God’s Love? Do you believe negative ETs are an evil force to be overcome? If you believe any of these things, then you are giving power to the so-called “dark” forces. The “dark” forces are simply the collective thoughts of those who believe in separation and fear. Of course, there are many entities throughout the Universe who believe in these things. Are you one of them?

What would happen if you simply sent love to the negative ETs? They would either accept or reject it. If the accepted it, would they still be negative ETs? If they reject it, is it your problem or theirs? It is only your problem if you make it your problem. You have the choice to rise above this nonsense. Is fear your god or is Love your God? As “A Course In Miracles” states, this is really your only choice. Every moment you choose between the resurrection and the crucifixion. Which one are you choosing this moment? Are you giving power to fear or gently withdrawing your belief in fear and choosing to love instead? In “The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East”, Jesus simply sends a beam of loving light to his adversaries. They turn on themselves because they are unwilling to receive his love. Beloveds, do not be concerned about whether or not the negative ETs receive your love. Keep sending it to them anyway. If they do not receive it, they will turn on themselves and destroy themselves. It is not your concern whether or not they do this. By projecting love, you experience love and when you are immersed in God’s Love, there is nothing that can assail you.

There are those that will criticize this message as airy-fairy and not in touch with the cold, dark reality of war and hatred. So be it. I may live in an airy-fairy world, but it is a world of great beauty and love, bliss and ecstasy, and it is more “real” than most of what you think of as “real.”

I, Leah, and the Confederation, are not here to make your choices for you. We are only here to help illuminate your path and make it more obvious what the consequences of your choices are. If you choose to live in fear and believe what the negative ETs are telling you, then you will reap the consequences of that choice. If instead you choose to align with the truth of who you are and that you were created in the image and likeness of your Creator, then you will experience the peace that passes understanding and the love that knows no limits. Is there really any choice here? Wake up, beloveds! Let the negative ETs believe what they will, but do not be a part of their dismal domain. Choose love instead of fear. I am Leah.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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