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Leah on Being Real
Received by Sal Rachele
June 19, 2006

Dear beloveds,

This is a no nonsense message designed to address a most basic part of all of you. I, Leah, on behalf of the Confederation and sovereign entities throughout this Universe that are committed to total and complete freedom and enlightenment, do hereby offer you the following simple and straightforward advice regarding your spiritual path.

The key to complete and total freedom involves the ability to be completely present, loving and accepting of exactly what is taking place within your consciousness moment to moment, day to day. All of you have been conditioned to believe you must impress others, bowl each other over with your knowledge, convince one another of this or that, or conform to some image or expectations of your peers, family, friends, associates, schools, religion or whatever. The truth is, each of you are unique and wonderful in your own way, just as you are, without any embellishment, without any additions or subtractions.

Beloveds, you are not here to meet any expectations or obligations or convince anyone of anything. You are here to be a unique expression of God. You are already perfect and have no need of anything but to awaken to your true nature. That is all. Yes, it is simple. No, it is not easy. You must undo every false image and ideal that has ever entered your holy mind. All the layers of your ego must be stripped away, laying bare the essential Self that you are. When you completely and utterly let go of everything you ever thought you are or were, you open to the limitless possibility of who and what you truly are. You are beyond every idea and concept. You are beyond every limiting idea that has ever entered your consciousness.

You are completely innocent. Nothing you have ever done or even contemplated doing will erase that simple fact. You are as God created you. This statement of fact, given in various teachings throughout your history, is your declaration of freedom from illusion. You are beyond illusion. One day you will grasp your magnificence and never again will you be content with the ridiculous goals of this world. You know the 3D ways well: “The one with the most toys wins, etc.” Long ago you put away these childish concerns. Your goal today, beloveds, is very simple. “How do I serve in the highest and best way possible? How do I help liberate all souls who find themselves in bondage due to their limiting beliefs?”

Sometimes it is necessary to short-circuit the rational mind. Sure, you need to have an intellect in order to function in this world. But you need not be bound one more minute by your intellect. The intellect cannot grasp the totality of truth. The intellect cannot appreciate the sublime beauty of this moment. The intellect has no idea how to approach eternity. Give this day to the heart of your being. Surrender your ego position to the calm certainty of your soul.

All these are mere words unless you take them deep into your being and make them the dominant reality of your life. You can repeat mere words endlessly and the reality to which they point will elude you. Today, go simply into the silence and allow its common-sense reality to dawn upon you. Do not be concerned with the incessant chattering of your rational mind. It will try to understand, but it will not comprehend the immensity of truth. Only your soul can do that.

Let us make today’s message a bit more practical. Take one area of your life where you have felt and experienced less than total clarity. It should not be hard to find an area to apply this idea. Now, contemplate the situation, taking into account all the intricacies and complexities of this facet of your Earthly journey. Ask yourself some simple and basic questions. “What is the ultimate goal in this situation? What do I truly want out of this? What is the cause of this conflict? What am I learning here? What is the next step on this path? A part of you knows the answers to these questions. A part of you is ready to step into self-illumination regarding this situation. Would you listen to the infinitely wise part of you that walks every step of your life with you? Are you ready to let that part of you make decisions on your behalf?

Next, ask yourself, “What would I do if there was nothing that could possibly stop me or get in my way? If I had unlimited time, energy, money, wisdom and support, what would I be doing here? If you do this truthfully, you will realize that you do indeed have everything you need within you to accomplish your goals. Sure, you might need to acquire more knowledge in a specific area. You might need to meet with certain people and make certain worldly plans. You will realize you are the only one who can get in your way. Others will reflect to you what is in your consciousness. If you believe you have the support of the Universe, people will come out of the woodwork to assist you in accomplishing your goals. If you believe you are good enough, the Universe will accommodate you and assist you every step of the way.

Let today be the day you stop being little and start claiming your Divine inheritance. You have already signed the papers. You already have the Kingdom within you. You know this and yet you wander in confusion and bewilderment, forgetting what you already know. Let today be the last day you yield to the temptation to forget your magnificence. There needs to be a final day of illusion. Today is it. Say goodbye to your sorry version of yourself. Say goodbye to your belief in separation and littleness. You are beyond anything your mind can conceive. Yet you can use your mind to create what you have always wanted. Dismiss the foolish idea that you do not know what you want. Of course you know. Stop believing in confusion. Start remembering why you came to Earth. Embrace your presence here. Be glad you are in a body on this beautiful world. This is the best time to be alive. Live fully and freely, right now, without apology. There is nothing to be sorry for. You are perfect and complete just as you are, with all your so-called faults. Give thanks for them. They have served you well. Now you can move beyond them.

For the rest of this message, I will simply send you energy. This transmission will take care of the nonverbal parts of your being. I will not do anything against your will. I am merely one of your guides; a catalyst in your healing process. Allow my energy to enfold and envelop you, remembering that only those aspects of me and my guides that are in total alignment with your soul purpose will be allowed entrance into your being. Say yes to my love and compassion. Say yes to YOUR love and compassion. Say YES to life, in all its many twists and turns. It is perfect, despite appearances. It is Divine, despite the appearance of death and darkness. You are life and you are more powerful than darkness. Claim your light today. Never be satisfied with less than total illumination. Today is the day of your awakening. Bless your holy name. Bless your holy presence. I am Leah, on behalf of the Confederation.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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