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Leah on Re-Creating Yourself
Received by Sal Rachele
December 15, 2004

Well, beloved, I thought you’d never ask. Allowing me to speak, that is. How long has it been? You’ve been busy with the Arcturians and forgot about dear old Leah?

I’m joking with you. Feeling neglected and rejected is distinctly an Earth trait. We are so continuously aware of the Love of the Infinite One where we reside that such thoughts are ludicrous. But we understand that in the worlds of separation, such thoughts carry a heavy emotional burden. So before we get into today’s message, let me say to those of you feeling a little lonely during the holidays, get your chin up and your grin up! Great things are happening in your world! We are truly humbled at the progress you are making in dispelling the illusions of duality and materiality and embracing the One Spirit that is responsible for all things.

So many of you now have genuine love in your hearts, and it fills us with gratitude. So in that flavor, let us dive into today’s topic, the reinventing of the self. That’s self with a small “s”, because your capital “S” Self is beyond change. It waits timelessly on your lower self to awaken and re-unite.

So how do we re-create this little self? Every time you break out of an old crystallized way of thinking, you are re-creating this self. Every time you reframe the past, present or future, you are re-creating this self. Notice I included present and future. Your next assignment, dear one, will be helping others select a desirable timeline for the future of humanity. So no matter whether you work in the past, present or future, every time you unlock a crystallized set of beliefs, you re-create the self.

Those of you who, like the channel, have been changing your so-called “past” lives will be glad to know that you now have a new past. That’s right, every new cell being created in your body has a new program infused into its DNA that includes the new timeline you find yourselves on as a result of the reframing work. It may take a little bit of time to notice the changes, as your old cells still have the original timeline imprint in their DNA. But these older cells die off at a rapid pace every day, and your bodies already feel a lot lighter and happier.

The channel brought up an interesting point recently that I’m sure you skeptics have already considered. The skeptical thought goes something like this: “Isn’t all this change the past stuff just wishful thinking? Aren’t you in denial when you try to believe you had a happy childhood if in reality it was miserable?” Leah’s response:

You will note that we are not suggesting to anyone that they deny anything going on within their being. Before you can reframe anything, you must embrace your experience of it and accept the soul lessons to be gained from that experience. That experience remains in the Akashic records where it can be accessed if needed. By changing your past consciously, you are simply stepping into another timeline of existence. You are forgiving the old timeline and letting it go, much as you forgive an individual memory and let it go. To truly reframe and truly change the timeline, you must go deep into meditation and contact your higher self, or God Presence. Your God Presence then goes to the old timeline and re-unites with your old self and draws your old self into a new timeline. It is not enough to simply imagine a different past. This is why the channel works so much with your God Presence during these sessions.

So, when done properly, you can go anywhere in the infinite variety of timelines and effect changes. There are safeguards built into this work that keep insincere seekers from meddling with collective timelines. This is the design of the Godhead. God gave you free will, but He did not give you the power to change the architecture of the “cosmic computer”. Some things remain sacred no matter what. Such are Her universal laws. (Equal gender time for God, dear ones!)

But since time is ultimately an illusion, it can be changed by free will, and is being changed all the time. The fabric is constantly being woven in new and different ways. Once you have fully accepted all aspects of yourself, beloveds, that is when you are ready to re-create yourself. You do so by first contacting your God Presence and then asking sincerely (“Ask and ye shall receive”) for what it is you desire. Perhaps you want to go back and communicate with a past life self and let that self know how much you love him or her. Or perhaps you want to visit a future self to get instructions for how to better serve in the present. Or perhaps you want to envision your present self, radiant with the power and energy of your God Presence. All these visualizations, when done in a deep meditation, bring lasting changes to your little self.

The ultimate goal of all re-creating work is to merge the little self with the God Self. This could happen in an instant were it not for all your imagined fears and beliefs. So in reality, all that must change are your beliefs about yourself. If you saw yourself as we in the Confederation see you, none of this would be necessary. Love yourselves. Be gentle with yourselves. Embrace the changes your world is going through. They are magnificent! Do not fret over those who choose not to play in the cosmic game. Just do your best, moment to moment, to demonstrate what the life of the enlightened soul is all about. Let it go and let it flow. I am Leah, always at your service in the light of the Radiant One.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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