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Unconditional Love
Leah, received by Sal Rachele
September 7, 2004

Greetings, beloved Lights, I am Leah, sorceress of the Love and Radiance of our One Creator. The channel has been mulling over this topic for some time and has agreed to work with me on bringing forth a new understanding of this much-maligned subject.

Like all desirable qualities of Spirit, unconditional love is dependent upon one’s level of awareness and degree of alignment with God’s Will. What this means to those of you attempting to rise above the 3rd dimensional vibration of Earth is that you must first realize that because you are in human bodies, pure unconditional love will not always flow through you at all times.

As you grow in awareness, the purity and quality of your love will constantly increase and be more unconditional, but part of loving yourself means forgiving yourself when you realize that you’ve been running “conditional” love. This cannot be overstated because so many of you want to believe you are radiating purity, and very soon you will be radiating purity, but you are surrounded by what is commonly called a negative psychic field of thought forms emanating from the majority of humans upon your planet, so it takes vigilance and constant monitoring of your thoughts, feelings and energy bodies. Doing nothing (what the channel calls the “default”) means unconsciously buying into the prevalent thought forms of the planet. The day will come, beloveds, when the “default” conditions on Earth will be unconditional love, service, gratitude, abundance for all, unlimited free energy, and a paradise garden environment. Keep holding that vision, for you are creating the paradise world as I speak.

In the meantime, you are in the unique position of beholding two worlds; the world of plenty, which is the true condition of God upon your planet, and the world of scarcity, which the majority of humanity has created here due to their collective belief in separation from God. Now, back to the subject of unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the natural state of your being. It does not have to be learned, or even practiced. What has to be learned is how to allow pure love to flow through you in its natural state. Service to others is the most normal, natural way of expressing your Divinity while in embodiment. Because giving and receiving are ultimately the same thing, you receive constant benefit as you radiate out the Love of God to all you meet. So with unconditional love, there is truly no thought of personal gain. Yet, at the same time, there is personal gain because we are all One. Every heart you help to heal becomes an added joy within your own heart.

The channel knows that when he is in service mode, he gains tremendous energy and well-being. There is no drain on his energy because he is simply allowing the work to be done. If you feel drained after giving of your talents and abilities, it is because you are still blocked on some level or the energy is being given conditionally – i.e., with thought of personal gain, or from the fear that the outcome of the healing will be other than what you want it to be. Dear ones, do not worry about the outcome of your healing work, and you ALL are healers to the degree that you allow yourselves to be. Each soul will receive exactly what he or she needs for soul awakening. You are merely the instrument, beloveds. Know that the soul or souls you are working with are going to get what they need from your presence. And remember, beloved lights, it is your loving presence that facilitates the healing, not the individual techniques. The techniques are merely to satisfy the mind and to give it something to do. Any therapist who has experienced this will agree that just being there and loving the client is the only prerequisite for being a healer. It is the client’s responsibility to be open and receptive to the healing energy.

Well, it seems we keep getting off the subject of unconditional love, but not really, because the side-topics are all related.

You may be asking, “Leah, how do I know that I’m radiating unconditional love? How do I know I don’t have a hidden agenda that’s self-serving?” Well, in the beginning, you probably don’t know for sure. Like everything else, being yourself comes with practice. It really shouldn’t, because you cannot help but be yourself; however, in this world you have to unlearn a lot of egotistical ways of thinking and believing. So in the beginning, you will probably catch yourself having expectations based on personal desires. “Gee, I hope so-and-so goes into remission.” “Wow! I did a great job with so-and-so.” When thoughts like these arise, gently but firmly remind yourself that so-and-so is in the hands of God and you are merely the instrument.

Unconditional love takes many forms. For some, it may include physical intimacy. For others, it may involve charity work. In some cases, there may be no outer signs at all that unconditional love is present. It is not up to you, dear ones, to determine the form that love will take. Let it go where it wants to go. Let it do what it wants to do. It will go where it is most needed, when it is most needed. Your job is to be a clear channel, an empty vessel to be filled with God’s Radiance. Your needs will be met as you become a clear channel for God’s Love. If action is to be taken, the instructions will be given from your own God Presence.

Do not be afraid to move your feet if the urge comes. Very few souls are being asked to sit around and meditate all day. On the other hand, it is usually not necessary to become a busy-body, constantly striving to be better. If you are feeling stressed out, that’s a signal that you are not relaxing into the natural flow of unconditional love. Earthly action should bring a sense of joy and well-being and a sense of refreshment. If instead you feel a sense of obligation and lethargy, you know it’s time to go back to basics, get in touch with your true essence, and let it flow. Let your feelings be your guide.

I am here to assist. My energy pours forth upon this beautiful planet. I am overjoyed at your growth, beloveds. It brings me great happiness to see how many of you are awakening at this time. I look forward to a joyous reunion as you rise in vibration, eventually entering the 5th density light body. All the members of our Confederation are awaiting your joyous homecoming. It has been my great privilege to speak with you today. I am Leah from 6th density Venus. I am your humble servant in the Light of the Radiant One!


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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