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The Founders on Moving to the Next Level
Received by Sal Rachele
March 23, 2005

Dearest Creators, we are the Founders with a timely message to those of you lingering in the worlds of time.

You find yourselves in the curious position of living in a set of dimensions or densities that respond to one thing and one thing only – your level of awareness. You may think that you actually “do” things or “create” things, but in actuality your creative abilities are a function of just one quality – awareness. This is because you are not really growing and evolving, although that is how it appears to you in the “lower” densities.

You are 12-dimensional beings with blinders over about eight levels of who you are. What you call “evolution” or “mutation” is nothing more than an outer manifestation of the process of expanding your awareness to include more of WHO YOU ALREADY ARE. Some call this a “remembering”, which may be a more accurate description.

A lot of you are contemplating the idea of “moving to the next level of evolution.” Let us assure you that you already exist in this “next level.” Your task, if you want to call it that, is to “remember” that you already exist there, in a full, radiant form you call the “light body.” What you focus on you become, in the lower worlds. That is the law of manifestation. This is because you already are everything. You are a child of the Creator, created in the image and likeness of the Infinite. Your soul is eternal and infinite and you are merely stripping away the illusory ideas about yourself and re-emerging as the purity and innocence you have always been.

As you focus more and more on this innocence and purity, it will manifest in the outer worlds. You will see your “fifth” dimensional self reflected back to you as a world of paradise and heaven. Right now a vast majority of you are seeing a different reflection – one of poverty and lack. This is because you have been focusing on the illusory nature of the lower selves. This is because there has been a delusional idea about yourself based on your identification with the lower selves; i.e., the physical body, emotions and intellect. Or to use the channel’s definitions, the physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric and causal bodies.

These bodies actually exist with the 12-dimensional continuum, but they are merely energy vibrations or frequencies, what your scientists call “quantum flux.” The flux is constantly creating and maintaining itself within the framework of the particular dimensional hologram unique to that particular frequency. In other words, you are creators and the lower worlds are your canvas upon which to paint your picture of reality.

Beloved Creators, do not confuse “reality” with “truth.” Truth is the all-encompassing totality of that which IS. Reality is the individual or collective perception upon which you have agreed. You live in a reality of poverty and lack within your third-dimensional world. Yet the truth is that you have everything because you ARE everything. A tiny part of you is dreaming of misery, loneliness, fear, greed, competition, malice, resentment, boredom, apathy, despair, depression, terror, rage, and all the rest of it. Therefore, you see a world of war, violence, torture, oppression, domination, control, manipulation, scheming, plotting, attack and revenge.

It is your free will decision to choose what you want to see. You will see what you believe in. This has been stated and re-stated ad nauseum by your seers, visions, mystics and prophets. Many of you realize this and are consciously learning to see differently. As you focus on more refined vibratory levels, you begin to embody those levels in your outer appearance and manifestation. Wonderful things begin coming into your life, seemingly by serendipity or coincidence, and then you marvel at how your situation is changing. You are merely seeing a different reality within the infinite continuum.

We, the Founders, are no different than you. No, we do not have physical bodies. You see us as vast starry expanses of blue-white light because that is the only visualization your minds are capable of seeing regarding the higher dimensions of WHO ARE ARE. When you look deeply enough into yourselves you will see a similar visual. You are vast, starry expanses of pure light as well.

Some of you have the mistaken belief that you must simply focus on your higher aspects in order to be free of the dross and drudgery of this world you seem to be trapped in. This is not an accurate perception. Your task is to EXPAND your awareness, not simply filter out the unpleasant “lower” dimensions. This is probably the most important point we can make. YOU ARE ALL OF THE DIMENSIONS, NOT JUST THE “HIGHER” ONES. Pay attention to this lesson, starseeds. You who have come here specifically to help at this time have the hardest time with this lesson. Many of you can’t wait to get out of here and back to the heavenly realms from which you came. We have news for you. Nobody is going anywhere! Yes, you heard us right. YOU ARE ALREADY THAT WHICH YOU SEEK. And here’s the real clincher: YOU ARE ALSO THAT WHICH YOU DETEST!

Stop and take a breath. Re-read that last paragraph. You have been attempting to deny and judge your “lower” nature. It is time to truly LOVE your “lower” nature. Judging a part of yourselves as less worthy than other parts of yourselves is what got you in the mess you think you are in. Judgment causes separation. How much longer is it going to take for you to see and comprehend this? Separation causes fear. Fear causes all the maladies you see around you. It’s that simple. No, we didn’t say it would be easy to withdraw your belief in fear. But it is simple. You stop believing in fear by ending the separation and judgment within yourselves. You stop judging this “lower” world as being less deserving of your eternal and infinite love. This word is incredibly beautiful. It is part of you and you are part of it. Honor it, respect it and learn to be the “impeccable warrior” within it. Learn all about it, how it works, why it works, and why it doesn’t work.

Be a responsible citizen for as long as it is appropriate to be one. Learn to function and interact within this world. Be “in” it but not “of” it. This means to accept and appreciate it, but realize that it is only a tiny part of who you are. It is time to stop separating yourself from this world. Your task is to expand your awareness to include a lot more than just this world. The problem is not this world. The problem is that you have forgotten that you are vastly larger than this world. As you remember your vastness and INCLUDE this world within your vastness, that is when you bring Heaven to Earth. That is when you realize there is no separation between Heaven and Earth. That is when you remember that you are a god in your own right, capable of creating entire universes.

We hope our words have clarified and stimulated your awareness. We are always with you. We are the Founders.

Permission to reprint or distribute this article is granted provided the url and contact information is included.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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