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Channeled Messages from Isis
Australia Workshop Part 3
Received by Sal Rachele
September 30, 2006

Hello, beloveds, this is Isis. Are you understanding everything that has been said so far today? You are quick learners. We will continue where we left off. There have been a few questions regarding sexuality during the time of ancient Egypt. Before we go into that period, let us refresh your memories about the nature of yourselves as souls. Before ancient Egypt, there were many soul experiences that each of you had. If you wanted to use a technical timeline, a scientific timeline, whatever you call it, you could say that your souls had already experienced about 95% of their history before you reached the time of ancient Egypt. That means that between the time of ancient Egypt and your present time, you have only experienced about 5% of your total soul experience. So what happened in ancient Egypt was a repeat of what has happened many times before.

Now let us talk briefly about sexuality and particularly, as it pertains to between same sex, and then we will move on and once again revisit the rise and fall of civilizations, because there is a major piece there that has not been received by humanity.

During the time of ancient Egypt, there were a number of sexual initiations. They were performed in the Temple of Isis and Temple of Ra. In the Temple of Isis, the Goddesses learned about their sexual being from each other, before they learned from the men. So the purpose of the female to female sexuality was to create a pathway – to create an opening for the transcendental experience that was had with the male and female. Now does this mean that it was a lesser experience for a female to bond with a female? No. This in no way lessens the value of the female to female experience. However, energetically there are levels of consciousness in which the male-female bonding can go, where the female to female bonding, or the male-male bonding is unable to go, because of the nature of polarities in your Universe.

So therefore, the value of the same sex bonding is that it can open a portal or doorway and be a teaching device for souls in order to move them forward on their soul path, and it can be a valuable and very loving experience for Goddesses, or Gods, to share intimately their energies. However, even if those Gods or Goddesses that share with each other, same-sex wise, have balanced their masculine and feminine qualities within themselves, there is still an energy that occurs when the male and female come together, which is unavailable to the same-sex couples. So, therefore, most of the priestesses (or priests) that had same-sex experiences in the temple, went on to bond with the opposite sex after going through that initiatory process.

Now, please remember, dear ones, we are not judging one form of sexual expression as better or worse than another. We are simply examining the polarities of the male and female and how they relate in the cosmos.

In an enlightened male-female relationship, the male embraces the feminine and the female embraces the masculine. Let us use, for example, this channel and beloved Merilyn for just a moment. This beloved channel perceives in Merilyn (this one) the Ra energies, and this one perceives in the channel the Isis energies. It is like the infinity symbol. You have the male and the female within the loop of the infinite symbol. You have the male giving to the female and the female giving to the male as being the loops or pathways around the center of each symbol. Are you able to visualize this? Okay. And so, you have the male within the female and the female within the male, and you have also the male relating to the male within the female, and the female relating to the female within the male. So you have a male-male relationship, a female-female relationship, a male-female and a female-male, so you have four relationships within the man and the woman. Whereas, with the same-sex partnership, you have the male-male (or female-female, whichever it is), and then you have the male relating to the female in one, and the male relating to the female in the other (or female relating to the male in one and female relating to the male in the other), so you only have three pairings with a same-sex relationship.

So the four pairings available in the male-female relationship afford aspects of spiritual growth that are not available in the same sex pairing.

Okay, we are going to move back into the discussion of the rising and falling of civilizations, and we are going to look at the question of WHY civilizations have risen only to fall back again. The reason civilizations have risen and then fallen is because not all the aspects of the Self were healed when the civilization began to rise to a pinnacle of success. Each one of you has been on a spiritual path – on a soul path – for many millions of years. And over those millions of years you have learned a great many lessons. You have had a great many experiences. And there have been some parts of your soul (what the channel calls the 12 levels of Self) that have evolved and grown and learned and moved forward tremendously. There have been other levels of the Self that have taken a very long time to learn and grow, and are still lagging behind.

When you have a civilization that is very advanced on one level, but lagging behind on another level, and you do not bring the levels forward that are lagging behind, the civilization will ultimately fail. This has happened with your so-called gurus, where many have risen to great heights of adoration and praise, and then they have become involved in scandals or have received disgraceful viewing by the disciples for something that has occurred, such as a sex scandal.

These things occur, beloveds, because part of the Self has not been healed, because part of the Self has not been integrated. You may have a very advanced mind, capable of perceiving higher truths. You may have convinced yourself that you are totally enlightened as a being on Earth. Yet your emotional body may still be unresolved in basic childhood or past-life issues, and when you attempt to rise to great pinnacles of success, you leave behind that part of yourself that has not been brought forward in total healing. The parts that have been denied, the parts that have been left outside your loving embrace, will eventually get your attention and often it is in negative ways.

The civilization known as Atlantis was a prime example of that, as was the civilization known as Lemuria. In Atlantis, you had a high technology civilization. It reached a pinnacle of success in many areas, yet emotionally, it was not mature, and emotionally, you were unable to discern what you needed to do in order to keep your society going. Because you had unresolved guilt, unresolved anger, unresolved shame, unresolved feelings of unworthiness, you created a race of beings from another area of your galaxy coming and taking over and destroying your world. This has happened on many occasions. Each time it has been less severe than the previous time. The planet Maldek, which existed some two million years ago in Earth time, was destroyed by neutron bombs and the planet was blown apart and became part of your asteroid belt that you see today. This was before the dispensation was in place to prevent you from blowing up entire planets.

Why did Maldek get destroyed? You had not balanced the feminine side of your being. You had evolved to tremendous heights in your masculine qualities, but you had not embraced the feminine goddess within you, and this imbalance led to the eventual fall of Maldek.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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