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Channeled Messages from Isis
Australia Workshop Part 2
Received by Sal Rachele
September 30, 2006

Dear ones, you must understand that the words coming through this channel are only a small percentage of the methodologies we are using to contact you, work with you, and help you heal. The work through beloved Merilyn, through the Ra-Sheeba attunements and initiations, is also a major part of our interaction with you.

Many of you are able to receive our energy while in meditation, while in the dream state, or through attending other workshops and healings. However you attune to our energies, it is not important to know the details – as you say, it is whatever works. What is important is our joy and our great celebration at seeing that so many of you are in fact awakening to your higher nature. That is our purpose in being with you – to help you awaken and ascend – and in order to do so, you must heal the scars of ancient Egypt, Dracos and other places, so it is necessary for you to forgive yourselves and all your travelling companions. Our purpose is not to teach forgiveness or psychological clearing, for there are others more appropriate for that. Our purpose is to restore your ancient etheric imprints and to align them with ascension and with your soul purpose, and so we do that through the balancing of masculine and feminine energies, by working with RA and the energies of the masculine, by awakening the Goddess and God within each one of you, whether you are in a male body or a female body, and we are most pleased with the progress we are making.

Now, we have a short time to spend with you in this format, and we would very much like to ask if you have any questions, as we will be happy to answer them.

Questioner: Can you comment on the black energy associated with the orders of Isis?

Isis: That is a distortion of what we teach. That information was given by what is called the dark dragon brothers. It is not accurate information.

There is one other point we would like to make regarding an energy similar to what was just asked about and that is the sexuality of the Goddess. Sexuality on your world has been perverted and denied for many many centuries, through what you call your Victorian era, and your fundamentalist religions. The power of the sacred sexuality, which is connected to the sacred Kundalini, which is a feminine power, is greatly feared by your masculine leaders and masculine rulers. That is why Mary Magdalene was suppressed as the lover of Jesus, and that is why the patriarchal society has become so prevalent on your world. The rulers on your world, which are backed by the dark dragons, are masculine in nature, and they are afraid of the feminine energies, they are afraid of the Kundalini, because if the Kundalini were to rise up their spines and if the sacred Goddess were to rise within their consciousness, they would no longer desire to hold on to their masculine image of power, so they see it as a threat.

As you move into the energies of Ra-Sheeba and ascension, your sexual energies will become balanced with the energies of your first chakra, sacral and solar plexus – the first three chakras in your body and your Kundalini will be able to rise properly. In order to do this, you must heal all of the guilt around your sexuality. You must heal all of the abuse you have suffered sexually, whether in this lifetime or in past lifetimes, and you must heal any misconceptions you have about the role of sexual energy in your evolution.

As these channels evolve their own understanding of Ra-Sheeba and present it in their various formats, they will also incorporate exercises and practices that relate to the sacred sexuality. This is all we will say at this time, other than that we encourage all of you to embrace your own sexuality and to embrace all issues, whether psychological or otherwise, regarding your sexual energy. Sexual energy is sacred and God is a sexual being. Goddess is a sexual being. That is why it is through the sexual act that life is created in physical form, because it is the most sacred of the energies.

Questioner: Can you comment on the new dragon children being born on Earth in 2007?

Isis: Yes. That is correct information you are receiving. They will come starting most likely midway through your year 2007 and continuing through your year 2009. There will be several hundred of these souls that are of relatively pure Draco DNA, and several thousand additional souls who have a combination of Draco and Orion DNA who are also of the enlightened group. These will be born to parents of Draco DNA and in some cases Draco-Orion hybrid DNA. You must understand, beloved, that there are very few souls on your planet that have relatively pure Draco DNA. This is for the reasons given earlier regarding the difficulty in the Draco form being allowed to be native on Earth. When a Draco soul wishes to incarnate on the Earth, they must choose parents that are already infused with Pleiadean, Orion and Sirian DNA. There are very few opportunities to come through parents that are of high level Draco DNA. This is simply the way it is. We understand it. They understand it. They will do their very best to maintain the enlightened Draco energies as they grow up on your Earth.

This channel is indicating that our time is short. We may be able to answer one more question before we adjourn.

Questioner: Are you related to Mother Mary?

Isis: Mother Mary is a beautiful aspect of the Divine Mother energy. Her vibration is different than mine, but we are all one in our eternal Father/Mother God. If you feel a connection with Mother Mary, we absolutely feel in harmony with that – we encourage that – she is a blessed divine aspect of the Divine Mother.

Questioner: What is the difference between Draco and Pleiadean DNA?

Isis: There is a difference between Draco and Pleiadean DNA. When the two are combined you have what has been commonly called the Bird Tribe in times past. The body type is different when the Draco DNA is incarnated into the Pleiadean DNA – when it is infused into the Pleaidean DNA through incarnation. So it is a different process. The native form of the Dracos is, as you know, a more dragon or reptilian form. It is not a humanoid form in its native state. When it is densified and brought into a human womb, it must take on the characteristics of the human form, and so the DNA combinant strands must be joined in such a way that the dominant strain is the humanoid form. The reptilian strain becomes the recessant gene of the combinant pattern, and therefore, it is a weaker pattern than the Pleiadean humanoid pattern. This has caused many problems for Dracos incarnating on Earth and is one of the reasons many of the Dracos have interacted with humans from the astral realms, where they are able to maintain more of their native form.

The mechanics of the astral realms are beyond the scope of our discussion today and will be referred to another time.

Questioner: What will the dragon babies look like?

Isis: They will have a human form, much as described by beloved Merilyn, with slightly longer necks, and their faces will be longer and more narrow, as opposed to the larger and wider faces of the Pleiadean Nordic types of humans.

Questioner: Do Dracos come from the same DNA gene pool as humans?

Isis: There is very much a similarity – about 86% of Draco DNA is the same as Pleiadean DNA if you were to line up the various molecules. You will find that your ape and your chimpanzee are about 98% the same – similar to your human form – and that is why your scientists erroneously trace human DNA back to the ape and chimpanzee. It is incorrect that the human form evolved from the ape or chimpanzee, even though the DNA is very similar. You will find that the Draco DNA is 86% the same as the human/Pleiadean DNA.

This is all the time we have for questions and answers now. We will rejoin you after your lunch break.

(Lunch break)


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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