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The Arcturians on Reflection
Received by Sal Rachele
October 19, 2004

Beloved people of Earth,

We come before you today with a message that is often difficult for many of you. And yet if you take these words to heart and practice the awareness suggestions presented within this message, we promise you, dear souls, that you will move forward by leaps and bounds in your spiritual development.

It is said by many of your teachers that the world is a reflection of your own consciousness. This has been misunderstand by all but a few of your more discerning members. Many of you have come to the conclusion, for instance, that because there are those upon your world engaged in despicable acts that this means your own consciousness is despicable as well. If that is the conclusion you have reached, it means you do not yet fully understand what is meant by the world being a reflection of your own inner process. Let us, therefore, attempt to shed some light on this topic.

What you see in the world around you represents the composite, or collective, beliefs of humanity. Because those beliefs are varied, you see varying degrees of love and fear in the social and political climate. In some countries, you see great suffering and deprivation, while in others, great technological advances. Within this overall reflection, there appear to be zones or vortices wherein the reflection is rather exalted. Your visionaries call these sacred centers or places of illumination.

A long time ago, Earth was designated as a place of learning where souls from all different levels of awareness could come and experience their evolution back into Oneness. Therefore, certain regions became appropriate “classrooms” for a certain group of souls with similar belief systems and energies. For example, those with a higher level of understanding would incarnate into a region that had relative peace and prosperity, while those souls needing to experience lack and limitation (for whatever reason, whether karmic or voluntary) would tend to incarnate into an area of great strife and deprivation.

In many teachings, Planet Earth has been likened to a classroom. We think it is appropriate to reiterate this. In a way, you could think of Earth as a complete educational system, from kindergarten all the way to graduate school. Within the earlier grades of this figurative school there are fewer choices available, in the same way that this is true in academic environments currently in existence in a literal sense. As a soul progresses in awareness, the choices become more varied and individual. This does not contradict the fact that as a soul progresses toward enlightenment, the messages become more universal in application. You may think of this as a paradox, but another way of stating it is that aligning oneself with the will of the Creator reduces the number of choices in one sense, but increases the freedom to create in another sense.

The scenarios manifesting on Earth, then, can be thought of as a composite of all the choices being made in all the classrooms. There are souls learning horrendous lessons of warfare, torture, terror and the like, while at the same time, there are lessons of love, cooperation, harmony and bliss.

The channel has several articles that deal with the issue of reflection. [See] We will attempt to go beyond what has been said previously. Let us take a look at the idea of pure observation versus involvement in the human drama. Dear ones, you find yourself in a most peculiar state of being – that of being simultaneously caught up in the Earthly drama and at the same time able to step out of it and view it from “on high”. Let us define what we mean by being “caught up in the drama.” When you look upon an aspect of the reflection--for example, war--you are caught up in the drama if it invokes feelings of despair, anger, sorrow or morbid dread. If instead you see merely the acting out of the composite desires, hopes and fears of humanity, as if watching a play on a stage, then you are viewing it from on high. A soul that detaches from the drama no longer contributes to it. But in reality, such a soul will naturally have a tendency to want to contribute to the ability of other souls to extricate themselves from the drama and by so doing, radiate compassion into the fray. So in a sense, since compassion is part of the drama, there really is no true detachment if you find yourself in an Earthly body. You may be minimally caught up in the human drama, but you are, by your very divine nature, contributing compassionately in some way if you are incarnate upon Earth (as all of you are that are reading this message).

Even we in the etheric realms of your planet are contributing to the human drama, although we attempt to do so within the confines of the laws of free will. Since many of you have called upon us, the Arcturians, and other members of the cosmic family, we are justified in being an influence upon your stage of life. As you probably know, there are many dimensions and aspects to the off-planet help currently being rendered. Even within our own star system, there are at least four densities of life forms involved in the human experiment. In a prior channeling, we mentioned that there are dozens of Arcturian channels now disseminating information. This channel has since discovered many additional individuals and groups. Some are bringing forth wisdom from our fifth density members. Others are working with sixth through ninth density. We, the originators of this message, are currently experiencing what you would call a seventh density vibration. Keep in mind, dear ones, that these numbers can be misleading. Some systems upon your world use a seven-density and some a twelve-density spectrum. Still others use eight densities. Although we are referring to the channel’s 12-density model, we would encourage you to not focus too heavily on what level of vibration a particular group originates from, but rather, on the quality of the message.

Within your own planet, there are three main densities, each with its own realm of perception. It is important to realize that the concept of reflection originates within a particular density (the fifth, according to the channel’s own model). You will find other viewpoints that may seem to contradict the viewpoint we are offering here. Instead of blindly dismissing these other viewpoints we encourage you to consider that perhaps they are simply originating from a different density. For example, the channel has, in his writings, a very lucid description of how Earthly suffering can be viewed from three different densities. To review briefly, third density sees it as a tragedy, fourth density as a karmic lesson and fifth density as a call for love. Dear ones, as you learn to let go of judgment, you will align with the fifth density perception that sees all as truly in Divine Order. You will realize that planet Earth was set up to allow souls to experience the results of their own beliefs. While you will have compassion for those souls going through difficult times, you will also understand that these souls chose to experience this for their own benefit. As these souls evolve, they will attract compassionate helpers, such as you and us, to help them learn the true meaning of love.

When you see a reflection that appears to contradict what you believe within yourself, realize that such a reflection could be necessary to prompt a request for assistance. Perhaps this is a call for love and compassion on your part. Maybe that soul that is suffering needs your kind words or deeds. Do not be so quick to dissociate yourself from the drama. After all, dear ones, you are embodied on Earth during a turbulent time. If you personally feel free of the suffering of the masses, does that mean you become indifferent? Hardly. If you are truly free, you will be truly compassionate and your overwhelming desire will be to serve the highest good.

All of you are here for a reason. For many of you, that reason is to provide a path for those who follow in your footsteps. We do not mean you must become a guru and take disciples. Rather, as you journey forward, you reach behind you and take the person’s hand below you on the ledge, gently lifting him or her up.

If you had not recently gone through your own “dark night of the soul” it would be more difficult to help those who are still in this phase of evolution. Many of you have realized that your own difficulties were a necessary part of fulfilling the divine plan. Does this mean God needs people to suffer? Of course not! In fact, suffering is completely unnecessary on every level. However, pain is inevitable to those in 3D bodies. Suffering is merely resistance to pain. When one is willing to experience the pain of being in 3D and becomes completely present with it, one learns to truly transcend it. Be grateful and accept the pain of 3D life, move with it, and gently go beyond it. Honor those who remain in pain and learn to understand them deeply. They are a part of you, as you are a part of them. Their reflection was once your own. Bless all the reflections, from the beautiful to the grotesque. The negative reflections will fall away as the consciousness of humanity shifts to accept more Divine Grace. Be grateful for every reflection you see. If it is a dark reflection, it is an opportunity to be of service.

We are the Arcturians. We come to bless you and help you onto your cosmic feet. We come in the name of the Infinite Creator’s love.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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