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Leah on Trust
Received by Sal Rachele
October 11, 2004

Questioner: Leah, I try every day to trust, but my body and emotions do not seem to respond. I worry about paying my bills. I worry about doing enough to help the planet. I know I’m not supposed to be concerned with these things. I know I just need to trust. Why can’t I? Why does my mind constantly obsess about things? Why does it seem there are obstacles at every turn?

Leah: Beloved one, let’s begin by taking a fresh look at your situation. I know you [the questioner] are one of those who have been a bit cynical about going within to find the answers. You have also been a bit cynical about listening to channeled messages. “They [the entities] are very loving,” you say, “but not very practical. After all, what entity from out there or up there or in there can possibly know what I’m going through here on 3D Earth? You don’t have bills to pay. You don’t have to worry about supporting yourself. You don’t have to worry about terrorists or corrupt governments, or whatever. So how can you really help?” And about going within, you say, “I meditate. I pray. But still things look bleak out there. Am I really helping or just escaping?”

Beloveds (and I mean plural, because this addresses a whole lot of you going through similar things), let’s sit down and talk like two friends to one another. Sure, I’m here in 6D and you’re there in 3D or 4D (depending on your state of consciousness), but let’s pretend for a moment that we’re on the same level just having a heart to heart talk. Okay, we’re sitting on a park bench on Earth on a beautiful sunny day, just you and me.

You’ve just unloaded all of the above rantings and ravings about your life on Earth and now I turn to you and say, “Look me in the eyes.” You look. Now, what I’m about to say is my perception, my viewpoint, and should not be blindly believed. But since we’re friends, I sometimes see things about you that you do not see. I stand outside your little bubble where it’s a bit clearer. I’m not caught up in your drama, but I’ve been listening real closely and I think I have some understanding of what you’re going through. So hear me out.

Let me ask you point blank: “Do you really know what it means to trust?” Wait! Don’t answer. Think about the question. Do you REALLY know what it means to trust? Have you ever REALLY trusted in your own God Presence? Stop! Stay present with me. Don’t jump to an easy answer. Go deep with me here. What is the first thing that comes up? What is it like to feel CERTAIN that everything is in Divine Order? What does that feel like? Can you imagine what it feels like? Because the answer to this whole dilemma is really that simple. If you can feel the certainty that all is in Divine Order, then your problem is solved.

“Leah, you’ve copped out on me. Is that all you have to say? Bring me a new entity. Bring me a new channel.”

Not so fast, beloved. Am I implying that you haven’t gone deep enough into the Self? Well…actually I am implying that. Remember, we’re two friends here. I’m going to help you go deeper. Take my hand. Okay, pretend to take my hand. I want to transmit to you the feeling of certainty. I want you to know what it feels like. I suppose I’m stepping a bit out of bounds here, but from where I’m sitting on the cosmic park bench, everything really IS in Divine Order. That’s my reality. It looks like that’s your reality, too. It looks like you’re exactly where you are supposed to be doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Can you stay with me on this? Good.

What if I told you that despite all your difficulties, despite all the goings on in the world, that everything is moving according to plan? Absolutely FANTASTIC things are happening in your world. Wonderful, incredible things are happening to YOU. Soon you will realize this and say, “Okay, Leah, you were right again.” (Actually, I don’t care if I’m right or not, but I do care for you, beloved, and I want you to find the peace that passes understanding.) Whether or not you believe me, if you can entertain seriously the idea that YOUR LIFE is in perfect Divine Order, then guess what – you’re manifesting that Divine Order. Try it. What have you got to lose?

Were you expecting some highly technical answer to your questions? That’s the mind’s job – explaining and analyzing. I’ve just told you that everything is fine. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? Have you ever played that mind game? You have? Good. Because none of that is going to happen anyway. You would not be reading this message right now if you were unconscious enough to create horrible disasters for yourself.

No, you’re reading this because you are ready to awaken. Right now. Right on time. I’m your friend sitting beside you in the sunny park and I’ve just told you that it’s time to wake up right now. Come on, open those eyes. Look around you. Behold the beauty. It’s here right now, beloved. I promise. Trust me and open your eyes. I live in Heaven. I’m no different than you, really. And therefore, you live in Heaven, too. Awaken to this truth today, beloved. Know this truth. And then look at your Earthly trials and tribulations and learn to laugh at them.

You are an immortal soul playing an Earthly game. Bless everyone and everything in this Earthly game. Bless the lessons. Be grateful that you are here with me in the park on this beautiful day. Be grateful that one day soon you will be golden and radiant like me. Only time separates us and ultimately, time is an illusion. Let the illusion fall away today and awaken unto your true Self. Your Self is beyond illusion. Your Self is beyond all the Earthly trials and tribulations. Your Self is paid up – no more bills. Pay the Earthly debts gladly – or don’t pay them. Either way, you are still eternally innocent – eternally free. Sure, you could lose your body, but you won’t, unless that is what you desire. You can take the body with you. You can immortalize it. You can learn to live on prana alone, without the need for food. Whoever told you that you cannot? Dismiss that belief! Join the yogis who have overcome the world while still in embodiment. Know that your God will give you everything you need. Learn to trust right now. Would God forsake His perfect child? Would She abandon you now?

Wake up, dear Self. Come walk with me in the garden of delights. Let me show you the cosmos. Let me show you the beauty. I am your friend, Leah. Join me.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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