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The Arcturians on Healing Alternate Timelines
Received by Sal Rachele
December 6, 2004

Greetings, dear ones, we are the Arcturians, with a timely message for all. This channel has been “winging” it with a relatively new process lately, known as the healing of alternate timelines. We feel it appropriate to put into words some of our thoughts on this subject.

Most of you are not aware that time is not a linear, inevitable progression from past into present into future, but rather, it is like an artist’s canvas. It can be painted over, erased, modified, exaggerated, minimized and otherwise manipulated according to a soul’s free will and the collective free will of all souls who find themselves in one time frame or another.

Even your scientists have recently discovered that time is a variable and that it speeds up or slows down depending on the speed of the observer, among other factors. You all know, beloveds, about psychological time, or the sense of time, and how it seems to drag on forever when you are doing something unpleasant, and flies by when you are having fun.

Without movement, there is no time and in fact, nothing that can be measured. All time and all measurement involve the relationship (relativity) of one object to another. Your calendar is based on the revolutions of the Earth about your Sun. Without this movement, your timepieces would have no meaning.

Your scientists also recently discovered that they can make changes to a particle and see the results in the past. Or, to put it another way, what happens in the future changes the past. The surface intellect or rational mind has a hard time with this. It’s impossible, you say. No, it’s part of the larger reality that we are beginning to explore in these discourses.

Let us use one of the channel’s analogies and expand on it for a moment. Instead of a single timeline going from past to future, there are an infinite number of timelines that form a tapestry of time and space, intricately interwoven to form a spider web of parallel dimensions on different levels. It is hard to picture, but we will try to describe it. Imagine a web of highways crisscrossing and intersecting not just on a flat plane, but in three dimensions. Imagine this three-dimensional network stretching into infinity. Most of the pathways lie dormant until a soul travels one, then it becomes imprinted in what is called the Akashic medium. In other words, it is painted on the canvas, the canvas being the interconnected web of timelines. As each timeline is experienced, it becomes part of the painting you call reality or the web of life.

So how can the future change the past? Isn’t the past fixed in time? The answer, beloveds, is NO. You CAN go back and change your past. Psychologists call this “reframing” and the popular catch phrase is “You can have that happy childhood you always wanted.” Clever marketing? No, it’s real. Let us explain.

When you go back and imagine a different past, if you do so with intent and focus, you do not change that timeline directly. Instead, you move into a new timeline and paint a new picture on a new part of the canvas. Although the original past experience still exists on its own timeline, YOU have moved onto a new timeline that does not contain that same past. Not only has your past changed, but the cells of your physical body, as well as your emotional and mental bodies, record the change. To your lower bodies, it is as if the old timeline never happened and you are now the product of a new past. Outrageous isn’t it, dear ones! Your cellular memories now remember the happy childhood that didn’t exist before the reframing. Therefore, your behavior, your outlook on life, your experience of life has changed completely. You are literally and figuratively not the same person.

Timelines can also change for entire planets. Do you remember, beloveds, back to 1982? California was supposed to fall into the sea that year. It didn’t happen – at least it didn’t in the timeline you are currently experiencing collectively. But it actually DID happen in an alternate timeline. So why didn’t you experience it? Because collectively you changed your consciousness sufficiently that you jumped into a new timeline – you, your neighbor, the country next door, and the entire planet shifted. In this case, you changed the future by changing the present, which is a lot easier to understand than changing the past by changing the future. But the principle remains the same. You jumped into a new timeline, with a new future.

Your free will allows you to go anywhere within the infinite network of timelines, adding your experience as you go. If you don’t like a particular timeline, you can hop out of it by selected a different past, present and future. The old timelines are imprinted in the Akashic medium, but YOU are free of those imprints, free to explore the infinite vastness of creation, unfettered by so-called past memories and beliefs.

So in a way, it’s not entirely accurate to say you change the timeline. It’s more that you create a new timeline every time you change your consciousness. To “heal” an alternate timeline means going into one of your many parallel lifetimes and changing it to suit your soul’s evolution at this time. For example, if you were tortured and beaten in a “past” lifetime, you can reframe that lifetime to something beautiful. Once you do this successfully, you no longer have the tortuous past life at all, but you carry with you the karmic imprint of a most pleasant lifetime indeed! Any symptoms you bring with you into this lifetime from the old imprint will disappear because they no longer have a source. We have seen this work countless times and the channel is being witness to changes in the lives of clients as a result of this work.

We hope this brief discussion of alternate timelines has sparked something in you, beloved people of Earth. We leave you now, knowing that what you are creating is more beautiful than words can possibly describe. You are creating a beautiful new future as you lift your hearts and minds to the Creator in gratitude. We are grateful for you, beloveds. We are the Arcturians, safe within the bosom of the Infinite One.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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