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Leah on Visualizing and Fantasizing
Received by Sal Rachele
September 16, 2004

Questioner: Leah, what is the difference between visualizing my good and fantasizing about how I would like things to be?

Dearest one,

After hearing this question, the channel has asked me to talk about the difference between visualizing and fantasizing. You may have noticed, beloveds, that when you truly visualize, you attract experiences to you, but when you fantasize, you seem to have no power over the objects of your fantasy. Why is this? To answer the question, let’s first examine the difference between these two uses of creative imagination.

You will recall my discourse on the difference between expectation and expectancy. To reiterate, I stated that expectation is of the ego and expectancy is of the Spirit.

The same is true for visualization and fantasy. Visualization is a mental tool directed by Spirit. Fantasy is a mental exercise directed by ego. Visualization involves the conscious use of your creative abilities to bring to you that which your soul desires in order to have a more fulfilling life while in embodiment. Fantasy, on the other hand, is based on the ego’s belief that your life is lacking in some way and would be improved if things were the way your ego thinks they should be.

There are times when the line between these two uses of mind can be a bit blurred. It is at those times that paying close attention to your feelings and energy bodies can be most important. Whenever you find yourself deep in a daydream about how you want your life to look, stop and ask yourself, “What part of me is directing this drama?” If it is Spirit directing the drama, you will have a feeling of empowerment and inner calm, even if the images in your mind are exciting and full of activity. If it is ego directing the drama, you may feel a nervous excitement and pleasurable feelings, but there will be an emotional hook. An emotional hook is a feeling that this is not real, or that it is a distraction. The feeling is often accompanied by counterproductive thoughts, such as “I wish…” or “If only it could be this way…” There is usually a feeling of being out of touch with reality after indulging in a fantasy.

This is not to say that fantasies do not occasionally come true. Even idle wishes can be creative. But the fulfillment of fantasies may not be advantageous to the soul’s desire to grow and evolve. In fact, they may be more than distractions; they may actually detour you temporarily from your optimum path.

Dear ones, you live in a world of illusions, full of fantasies, daydreams, wishes and magical formulas designed to solve all your problems. We empathize with the difficulties you face on a daily basis. Sometimes it seems everyone and everything is trying to take you off your optimum path of growth and enlightenment.
Sometimes sitting quietly in meditation does not seem to quench your soul’s desires. In fact, we are not suggesting you sit quietly in meditation all the time while ignoring your outer desires. That is not our message at all. You are in human bodies, beloveds. Enjoy those bodies. Do things that are fun and exciting. But be honest and real about where you are placing your energy and attention. If you indulge in parties and substances and ritualistic social interactions, is it at the expense of your higher awareness? Are you simply filling your time with activities in order to avoid looking at deeper issues? Are you covering up loneliness with incessant activity? There is nothing wrong with having fun and going on exciting outings and such.

Spirit is not boring, dear ones. Some of you have this monastic image of sitting and praying and meditating all day long, while denying yourselves physical pleasures. That is an old age image of enlightenment. It is not what you do that is important. It is your motivation behind what you do. Are you following Spirit or the ego? Are you visualizing or fantasizing?

The questions may be many, but the answers are always simple and to the point. In reality there is but one question and one answer. The question is, “How does Spirit want to express through me?” And the answer is, “Go within and really listen. Follow the joy that bubbles up within and brings you peace.” This goes back to our previous discussion about telling the difference between ego and Spirit. We realize that in 3D, wisdom is often provided through hindsight. You do something or make a decision or indulge in an activity and later you discover whether or not it was ego or Spirit directing the activity. You realize this by how you feel after the fact.

As you grow in awareness, you will find that Spirit will automatically limit your field of vision to things that are genuinely worthwhile. Activities of ego that used to grab your attention no longer appeal to you. Old things just drop away. They no longer excite you. You become excited over a different array of experiences. Spirit may or may not seem practical in its advice. But you will learn to trust the images and visions that Spirit brings. The word “visualization” not only derives from “visual” but also from “vision.” You will be given vision and it will come in the form of visualization. Fantasies will drop away or become merely amusing pastimes.

In the final analysis, you will realize that you truly CAN have everything you desire. However, your desires will change as you grow. Everything your Spirit desires will feel wonderful, and the things your ego desires will grow hollow and lifeless. Do not regret the times you followed the ego instead of Spirit. As your channeled material “A Course In Miracles” so aptly states, you can always choose again in this next moment. We especially like this one: “Every moment you choose between the resurrection and the crucifixion.” Spirit is the resurrection; ego is the crucifixion. Today, I, Leah, and all of us at the Confederation, joyfully urge you to choose Spirit. Choose vision over fantasy. Good day, beloveds.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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