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Leah on Living Abundantly During Earth Changes
Received by Sal Rachele
October 20, 2005

Beloved friends, this is Leah, again at your service. Today we want to look at the dichotomy apparent on your planet with regard to the idea of living in prosperity and abundance in a world gone mad.

Every day you see around you the result of inappropriate distribution of goods and services, politically motivated wars, environmental destruction, corporate greed, religious pomposity, and a long list of other ills. You see an overpopulated world with diminishing resources, new exotic diseases, rising prices, climate changes, monster hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts, fires, pestilence and more.

Most of you on the spiritual path recognize that the man-made problems are a result of a fear-based consciousness and apparent inability to connect with one’s own God Presence within. The so-called “natural” problems are a result of Mother Earth’s attempts to regain her balance after millennia of assault upon her resources. However, being citizens of this planet and living under your various governments and social structures, you hesitate to break out of the mold and become a powerful force for good. You recite statements about the healing of Mother Earth, but many of you do little to actually help. Perhaps you still believe you are powerless to do anything about the Earth Changes.

Your world is indeed changing. For many, times will be tough. For some this is necessary in order to force change. And your souls want change. They will force issues to be right in front of your face if that is what it takes. Your world has been in a state of imbalance for a long time and the situation is getting worse. But at the same time, the greatest of opportunities lies in front of you. Are you willing to recognize and take advantage of the opportunities? Are you willing to reclaim your natural inheritance?

Let’s put it in simple terms? Do you want abundance? Do you want prosperity? Do you want happiness? These things are not mutually exclusive. So many of you have spent lifetimes denying yourselves material pleasures in the name of serving God. Has this really worked? Did it make you truly happy? Is a humble servant of God supposed to live in abject poverty? Does this make sense? Or is it a lie fostered by those in power to retain their false sense of security?

I, Leah, am known for my harsh and direct approach, and I’m not going to change that aspect of myself now. Most of you need a whack upside the head in order to move forward on the soul path you know is right for you. You have become complacent, most of you. You have accepted far too much of society’s blather and far too little of your own greatness. Yes, we have been over this before. Now let’s take a look at some solutions.

Do you realize, beloveds, that the TRUTH of who you are includes material prosperity, abundance, opulence, riches, wealth, luxurious living and a cornucopia of delicious delights? Yes, that’s right, your favorite spiritual guide is advocating a “life of Riley.”

But wait! Before you think I’ve jumped off the straight and narrow pious path to God, consider this: Did God create an abundant universe, teeming with life, or did he create a slave society, grudgingly going off to work each day to bring home a meager paycheck in the hopes that the family can pay its bills, trade in the old clunker for a new one, pay down the perpetually mortgaged home, try to scrimp and save for Junior’s college fund, etc.? Okay, so some of you have already broken out of that lifestyle. Good! You ALL need to break out of that. Is that lifestyle worthy of a child of God? Or are you ready for something much greater?

Now if you’re one of those readers who happens to still subscribe to that way of life, please understand I’m not judging you. However, some of you need some fire under your seat to get moving on your TRUE spiritual path. What ignites you? What excites you? Can you get excited about fulfilling your purpose for being here? If not, what is stopping you? Is it your mind? Is it your beliefs? That’s likely part of it, and that is why this channel and many more have long been teaching how to unlock the deeper levels of consciousness. However, at this unique time in your history, there’s much more than simply changing your mind. You have reached a critical point where you MUST decide whether or not you are going to embrace your God Presence and move forward into a wonderful new creation, or go down with the ship. (I told you I was going to be direct.)

Where are you putting your energy, beloveds? Are you learning to TRUST implicitly and explicitly in the Source of your Being? Are you following your TRUE path? Or are you putting it off until the bills are paid or the relationship improves or the kids are grown? And when they are grown, what will you choose next as an excuse to avoid claiming your power?

Let’s back up and go over a basic point again. You live in an abundant universe. If you are not experiencing abundance in your life, then something is wrong. Something needs to be healed. Will you ignore the need for healing or do something about it? Recognizing your own abundance is a great first step. Living from a consciousness of abundance will allow you to make choices based not on fear of lack or limitation, but on your heart’s desire. Do you trust the universe to provide for you while you follow your true calling? If not, why? What past life or present life experience is dictating your choices? What core negative belief is enslaving your free will? Are these not important questions you should be asking yourselves daily?

The knowledge of how to live a prosperous and fulfilling life is available to you now. You have many great teachers, both in embodiment and spirit, who are guiding you with the most loving of intentions. We’ve already been through many lessons on how to discern the loving, God-aligned teachers from those serving their egos. Using discernment, can you learn from the examples of those who go before you?

What does a life look like that is based on an abundance consciousness? Look around you at those who are living their dreams. You can find them if you look closely. Study them. Emulate them. Do not blindly follow them, but learn from them. What are they doing differently from you? How are they approaching life’s problems? Are their problems challenges to be solved, or insurmountable obstacles?

“Leah, you sure ask a lot of questions.” That’s right, beloveds. Someone has got to give you a nudge now and then when you are tempted to believe the absurdities fostered upon you by your so-called free press, government, church, or other misguided set of authorities. Beloveds, you must learn to think and FEEL for yourselves. Let go of the need for approval. Let go of the need for “security.” I’ve said it before countless times, but beloveds, there’s no security in the ways of the world. God is your only security. Living a God-inspired life is the only way to live. If God is not in charge of your life, then you indeed have problems that are in essence unsolvable. Is this what you would choose? Are you really trusting God to run your life? Or are you allowing God in a little as long as you can keep your boring day job?

Perhaps you are still terrified of your power. It’s time to put away that fear. The only way to put it away is to move through it. Act in spite of your fear. This is what your teachers are telling you. Are you listening? Are you letting fear stop you? It’s time to enter directly into your fear and then move beyond it. It is like moving through a thick fog. Can it really stop you? With God inside and beside you, you can move through it. Do it today. Reclaim your greatness and your natural abundance today. Inherit the kingdom today. Sign the inheritance papers today. Sign them with your willingness to get out from behind your bushel basket and shine your light brightly and proudly. You are a child of an infinitely powerful and loving God. This is your reality. Accept no other this day or any day. I am Leah, serving in the light of the Radiant One.

Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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