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My Children Have Suffered Long Enough
I Am Intervening
Received by Sal Rachele December 9, 2004

I need no introduction. You know who I am, so let’s get on with it. Your recent work on reframing is admirable, but in your meditation this morning (2:00 a.m. 12/7/04) you asked me if I could reframe the Creation, and to your delight I responded, “Yes, I already have.” Yes, my son, I already have. I am a God of Infinite Love, so vast that there is room for nothing else. Nothing else has occurred for, as I instructed to my son Jesus, you remain as you were created. Nothing more, nothing less, than the totality of eternal newness, looking upon everything with the eyes of complete innocence, a freshness, a sparkle, a beauty beyond comprehension.

So you ask the most intelligent question possible of an inquiring Earth mind: Why are there still people suffering if all is Love, and I reply that I am intervening because they need to know that a state of non-Love has never occurred. It is all a dream. I have changed my Creation to cancel out all suffering, no matter how horrendous it may have appeared in the disappearing timeline of illusion. When you all awaken from your nightmares and greet the bright, cheery morning, it only takes an instant for all the years and lifetimes of suffering to vanish into the vapors of the dissipating fog. The bright sun of my truth ascends and warms the countryside and you dance and marvel at the continuously unfolding delights.

I am intervening. My prophets have been speaking of this for decades now. They tell of a world guided by heavenly hosts and beings of great and pure joy. They tell a story of how each one of you is blessed beyond imagination by the greatest teachers of the entire Universe. They tell a story of the fish that was looking for water, when suddenly… Yes, you live in a sea of infinite abundance. There is no lack in my Creation. All that has been reframed. I created the heavens and the Earth, and I can re-create it fresh every moment however I want to. You DO have a say in this, because you are ME and I AM YOU. We are the co-creative intelligence that made all this possible. You are no more separate from ME than I could be from my little toe. (Imagine! God has a little toe! How quaint.)

Would I cut off my little toe and then put all these obstacles in front of it to keep it from rejoining me? Now that’s absurdity in the highest degree!

Awaken, my dear ones, and see what you’ve been imagining you’ve been missing. Of course, you haven’t missed anything, because I’ve kept it safely tucked away in my infinite memory banks, waiting for the right moment. This is that right moment. Not only was the wait worth it, ultimately there has been NO WAIT AT ALL. Time is an illusion, a mere device for making the dream appear real. There is no time. There is only truth. My truth, your truth, the truth of all living things. There is no death, for that is fading away with the dream. There is only life, ever renewing itself every nanosecond. Even your physicists have discovered this part. Creation blinks on and off billions of times every second. That’s because I re-create it every nanosecond, wiping away the tears of yesterday and bringing a fresh new reality into the picture so fast there isn’t time to make one single illusion real.

If all this sounds too good to be true, guess what. Let’s do more than sound it, let’s LIVE IT. My invitation to you is to LIVE these truths today. Don’t worry about how anything sounds. Don’t even worry about how anything feels. The truth is obvious. It is not hiding. You were hiding in dreams. The dreams are over. Open your hearts and minds and take in the fresh morning air. Smell the coffee (or tea if you prefer). Look within, beloveds, and see what has always been there (because I reframed it to be so). LOVE. Only LOVE. Nothing else. That’s all there is inside you. Go ahead, look. Look deeper. Keep looking. Look with your whole being. What do you see? That’s right, nothing but Love. That’s all there is in there. You don’t believe me? Give it a try. REALLY LOOK! Do not waver for a single instant. Look directly at what is within you. Illusions fall away and the truth is revealed for the first and last time. Time falls away as you remember you are eternal, you have always been, you will always be, and you are completely free.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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