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Lord Sananda on Giving 100%
Received by Sal Rachele
February 16, 2005

Beloveds, this is Sananda with an important message to all lightworkers. My beloved channel brought through a message from me to his healing partner last month that bears repeating at this time. The words may change slightly, but the ideas are the same.

My beloveds, what does it mean to be 100% in service to our Heavenly Father and Divine Mother? What does this look like? How is the life of one structured who is giving 100% in service to the Infinite? These are the questions we will examine in depth at this time.

For obvious reasons, I cannot describe in detail how each life will look when in service 100%. However, I can describe certain qualities, feelings and tendencies that can be applied in what you would call “down to Earth specifics.” Let me start with the concept of “optimum path.” Your optimum path, dear ones, is that course of action and state of being that is the best possible path for your soul growth, happiness and well-being, and the soul growth, happiness and well-being of others. I realize that to your fourth dimensional minds, this presents a paradox. Remember, beloveds, a paradox is something that is true on two or more levels in which there is mutual exclusivity.

To put it another way, what is true on one level may be false on another level, but what is false on the first level may be true on another level. An example would be the practice of levitation. Everyone knows that in third dimensional reality, levitation is impossible due to the force of gravity. However, one can witness levitation because it utilizes laws that operate in a higher dimension. The paradox we are dealing with regarding “optimum path” is this: There is only one course of action and state of being that maximizes soul growth, happiness and well-being, and yet all courses of action and states of being can be experienced in total gratitude and self-acceptance, which means all paths are perfect.

Now let’s get back to giving of yourself 100%. When you give of yourself 100%, you are NOT depleting your energy or ignoring your personal needs. On the contrary, since giving and receiving are one and the same, every time you give to another, you give to yourself. This was a central point with “A Course In Miracles.” The aspect the channel and I focused on in January involved the willingness to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, without watering it down or making it “palatable” in order to avoid offending someone. I was quoted as saying, “Do not cast your pearls before swine,” which could be interpreted as “Do not waste your time trying to explain advanced topics to someone who cannot possibly comprehend them.” However, times have changed. You are at the culmination period of humanity. There is no longer time remaining to gently break in new students. Those who are attracted to you will have to brace themselves to receive you in full strength. No dilution, beloveds. You speak your truth with conviction and totality. You do not temper it or soften it in order to avoid a reaction in others. There is no time for that anymore.

Dear ones, when you perceive something of importance, it is your duty and responsibility to bring it to the attention of others in the most loving and intelligent way possible. Sometimes love is about getting tough. Sometimes it means pushing “buttons.” If spirit moves you to say or do something radical and risky, so be it. Being loving does not always mean being nice or being pretty. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is give someone the boot.

Tough talk from the master of love, you say? Yes and no. If you see a beloved stepping in front of a roaring train, do you stand there and pray, or do you lunge forward and push them off the tracks?

I realize there are going to be those that simply refuse to embrace the light and truth of their being. That is their free will. However, those you are attracted to, or who are attracted to you, have at least subconsciously asked for healing or they would not be in your life. Do not be concerned at this point about violating free will or making decisions for others. If you listen deeply to your own God Presence, and ask your God Presence to act through you, you will do the right thing. Trust your God Presence to always act in the highest and best manner possible. This is where faith and trust come in. You know God resides within you and you know all you must do is simply allow God within to express through you. There is no longer time to wait and hesitate and be apprehensive about your emotional baggage. Let go of the baggage and trust. Really trust. All that the Father has is yours. I have said this hundreds of times and I will say it a hundred times more. All that the Father has is yours. That includes the Divine Mother, of course, since God is both male and female. You are God’s children. You have already inherited the Kingdom. The Kingdom is yours, beloveds. Claim it. Accept it. Celebrate it. Do not let doubt gain a foothold anymore. You are beyond that now. You are far too vast and complete to let a grain of doubt enter your holy mind. Offer your emotional baggage up to God. Let God take it from you NOW. Be willing to live completely free of emotional baggage.

I know, the psychotherapists say you must process and process and process. I say, “Enough!” The time for processing is over. It is time to give up the struggle and end the argument against your Holy Self. You know what to do. The answers are within you. I am here to remind you of that fact and I will not back down and let you forget anymore. It is my job to help you awaken. I am fulfilling my promise to you. I am here to show you the mirror of perfection. I am perfect and so are you. There is nothing in God’s Kingdom but perfection. Are you willing to finally see that, and only that? Am I really asking too much of you, or are you asking too little of yourself? In the course I said, “Accept your grandeur and let go of grandiosity.” You no longer need to puff yourself up or try to convince yourself of your greatness. That is grandiosity. Who you are is beyond such silly games. Turn over the king and walk away from the chessboard. You lost the ego game. Admit it and move on. You are an eternal winner at the Spirit game. You cannot lose the only game that has any meaning. You will now awaken from the game of life and start LIVING.

I, Sananda, on behalf of the Confederation, the angels, archangels and ascended masters, and our beloved Father/Mother God, do welcome you home. Enter into the sacred space. Enter into the timeless realm of perfection. Enter into eternity to the place you have never left, even for an instant. Remember what it means to be truly free. As you make your daily choices, ask your Self and ask Me to guide you in the highest and best way possible. Let your feelings be your guide. You will KNOW you are on your optimum path by how you feel. If you do not feel expanded, fulfilled and clear, then choose once again. Go deeper and ask again. Every time you ask sincerely, your intention becomes manifest. “Ask and ye shall receive” is as true now as it has always been. Beloveds, the time is truly at hand. Do not waiver any longer. Tell your truth 100%. Be who you are 100%. Live your life 100%. In the name of the Most High God, I am Sananda. Adonai.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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