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Leah on Dissolving of Illusions
Received by Sal Rachele
November 28, 2005

Questioner: Leah, I try to let go of illusions, but all around me I see people stuck in the same old stuff (SOS). Sure, a few people seem to be waking up, but when I step outside my little circle of healers, I feel like a small ship tossed about on a storm of apathy, indifference and aggression. There is so much deception in this world. People are lying and breaking promises and not following through with things. You say trust, but a lot of people cannot be trusted. Can you shed some light on all this?

Leah: Dear one, stop and take a breath. Take a moment to go within and reconnect with your Source. Good. Beloved, this world has disappointed you since you first began incarnating here. Every time you got your hopes up, something would go wrong and another Earth mission would go astray. Know that many of us in the higher realms have been through this disappointment as well, yet we have kept the vision and followed through with our promises, as you are attempting to do with yours, and you WILL see the fruits of your efforts within a few short years.

Dear one, this world has always been based on illusions. Now the illusions are crumbling. Our Infinite Creator, in his Infinite Wisdom and Compassion, is changing the program. Earth will no longer be a school for what some call the “laggard souls.” You will no longer be sharing space on this world with those who wish to harm others. The time is very short indeed. Within a few years, those who desire to war among themselves will be reincarnated on a planet more suitable for war.

Beloved, do not concern yourself with those who refuse to grow and change. They will get what is coming to them due to the law of karma. It is not your problem. Let go of the anger and frustration with these people. You cannot change them. You can only change yourself. You can only be an example, and some will see your example and awaken, and others will ignore it and stay asleep.

There is a new frequency entering into this planet – one that will elevate all living things to a new consciousness. There is a great rebirth taking place – one that will bring delight to your troubled heart. The illusions are crumbling. You can see it everywhere you look.

Take a look at your financial systems. They were never set up to serve you – they have always been set up to benefit a few who are locked in fear in the form of greed, hoarding, power, manipulation and control. This is in direct opposition to the natural flow of the Universe. Dear one, you live in a Universe of infinite beauty, abundance and love. If that is not what you see when you look upon this world, then you are buying into illusions and attempting to make them real. You can see the perfection of the Universe even when many among you are grasping and clinging to the little they have and aggressively trying to take from others.

Beloved, you MUST extract yourself emotionally and mentally from the illusions of your economic and political system. This system has always been broken because it was not based on a solid foundation of truth. Let it go and know that your needs will be provided. We will not abandon you and leave you to starve in a barren and desolate desert of moral bankruptcy. You are a child of God. Every one of you is a child of God – even the robber baron and thief.

Beloved, things may appear to be getting worse on your world, but what is really happening is that things are coming to the surface of your awareness to be healed. War, torture and oppression have been going on for millennia upon your world. All of your so-called superpower countries have engaged in cruelty. However, you are just now realizing the senselessness of it all. You cannot bear to look upon another suffering child or maimed civilian of war. You cannot understand it. That’s fine, because it cannot be understood. It is unlike God’s limitless, loving compassion. And so you turn away from it and wait for that which you have been promised.

As I mentioned in a previous message, your world has fallen to a very low density and most humans are still asleep in their illusions. You, and a few million of your brothers and sisters have begun to awaken. You are no longer willing to invest in illusions. Yet among the suffering, some people seem to be having fun with their illusions. Many seem to have no cares or concerns. Beloved, do not be deceived by their apparent happiness. Some of them are truly happy. But many are hiding their true feelings of despair and hopelessness. There are many who will be faced with crises in the days to come, and they will be looking for somewhere to turn. This is where you come in. Your steadfastness and refusal to buy into illusions will set you apart. You will be calm inside. You will radiate joy. And those who are seeking a way out of the trap will be drawn to your radiance.

Let go of the illusions of this world – you know them well, but they no longer serve you. Lack, limitation, scarcity, hunger, disease, war, poverty, aggression, covetousness, pride, arrogance, apathy, boredom, manipulation, deceit, treachery, cunning, ruthlessness, revenge, guilt, shame, cruelty, torture, and oppression are all illusions, created by minds and hearts in sorrow and pain who have forgotten their Source. Do not forget your Source. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by these thoughts and feelings. They are not real because they are not part of God.

The world you and your circle of healers are creating is far beyond the ugliness of separation and illusion. Do not give illusions any more energy. Renounce them. Cast them off with laughter and eyes that sparkle. Put them to bed and be done with it. Reclaim your wondrous, compassionate Self. Reclaim your intuitive knowing. Reclaim your creative magnificence. You are a child of God. You are here to demonstrate the path of wisdom, love and true power. Know this within every cell of your being. Know this to the depths of your soul. There is nothing else worthy of your attention, so place your attention where joy and ecstasy reside. Place your attention on your God Presence and shine it unceasingly in every direction.

I am Leah. On behalf of the Galactic Confederation and Father/Mother God, I send you my prayers and blessings.

Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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