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Leah with Tips to Help You Awaken
Received by Sal Rachele
August 4, 2005

Beloveds, this is Leah, speaking to you once again, after a bit of a break in your time stream. This channel has been traveling quite a bit and I have been working with souls individually during that time.

This will probably be disseminated in multiple sections in order to keep the messages brief. It seems many of you have a short attention span and cannot pay attention for more than a few pages.

Dear ones, you are masters of multitasking. You live in a world that is complicated and confusing from the vantage point of the human ego. Many of you are still stuck in what you call survival mode, meaning that you devote a tremendous amount of time and energy just acquiring the things you think you need in order to sustain your physical vehicles. This is a trap, beloveds. Do not fall into the trap of thinking you must devote all of your focus to survival of the body. You are giving power to illusions.

Although the physical body is part of God, it responds to its master, and if its master is the human ego, the body is doomed from the start. The ego is the manifestation of the belief in separation from your Source, and when your body serves the ego, it will manifest all forms of separation, including the belief that it can be cut off from Source, wither, grow old, suffer disease, and eventually cease to exist.

The first tip dear Leah wishes to impart to you is this: Learn to bring God into your body. Learn to inspire your body. Learn to respire your body. Your word “breath” and your “respiration” system are based on “spirit”. The prana, or life force of spirit, is the breath. Learn to breathe properly. Most of you hold your breath and let in a little air erratically and in jerky movements. When you are in fear, you tend to hold your breath. Breathing fully, freely and naturally connects your body to the life force that sustains it. The yoga of breath has been known for millennia on your world as one of the secrets of the immortals.

In our worlds of light, we have learned how to draw directly on the life force of Spirit to sustain our light vehicles without the need for food and water. You will eventually move into that awareness yourselves. Believing you need food and water to sustain your bodies is one of the reasons you spend so much of your time acquiring these things.

We are not suggesting you immediately abandon food and water. Begin by letting go of the belief systems fostered upon you by your self-serving governments and agencies. In the channel’s country, you have something called, I believe, the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA for short. Then you have a “meat and dairy industry” that makes up food pyramids and all sorts of nonsense. You have companies pushing drugs legally and you have agencies outlawing other drugs. Many of your “scientists” work for these companies and are told what to think and what to research. Beloveds, would you trust your body to these “scientists”?

We have observed recently the attempts by certain forces to take away your nutritional supplements. Let us clear the air on this subject. First of all, some of you are at a level of consciousness where taking supplements is very important to your physical health. Eventually all of you will evolve to the point where supplements are unnecessary. However, the alternative in your “civilized” world is to consume the prepared foods (unless you have access to gardens) and most of these are almost absent in nutritional content. So you have a choice – take supplements or learn to live on prana.

When we observe most of you, we find you are still in a deep slumber of ignorance. If we were to talk to the average citizen in this country (the USA), most would not even be aware that there are forces trying to take away their supplements. Many would not care. Most do not understand the ways they are being manipulated. The forces of illusion in your world call the average citizens “consumers,” meaning they consume resources, meaning they are “takers” rather than givers. Can you see a problem with this? Having this perception of yourself is a barrier to your awakening. Yet this is the category you are being placed in by the forces that attempt to rule your planet.

Leah’s next tip for awakening: STOP BEING A CONSUMER. Start being a giver and receiver, rather than a taker. What is the purpose of all this consuming? Sure it robs your planet of natural resources. It bloats your mind and body and then you wonder why your body has too much mass. You are programmed to take in substances in order to feel good about yourself. You use food to medicate your emotions. This is why so many of you are overweight. You are taught not to feel the deeper feelings that point the way out of your slumber.

Beloveds, we are sorry if this message appears a little heavy (pun intended). However, if you are to awaken, and that is our goal in bringing you these messages, then you must realize the extent of your programming. So few of you really examine your lifestyle. So few of you understand that virtually everything in your world is designed to keep you from awakening. An awakened populace means the end of the rule by human egos. Yes, you complain about corruption in your governments, but what are you doing about it? Some of you protest openly, with signs and letters to your leaders. This is fine if that is the level you feel best for addressing the problem. However, have you examined your personal lives? What are you doing in your own life that is keeping you from awakening? How are you spending your time? What is important to you?

We hear many of you saying, “I don’t have time to meditate. I don’t have time to work on myself.” Dear ones, where are your priorities? What is important to you? Are you just trying to survive, or are you here to learn how to LIVE? Why are you working a job you don’t love? Why are you putting up with laws that do not serve you? If your ego-driven forces tell you to stop selling supplements, are you just going to roll over and die? What would happen if the thousands of companies producing supplements REFUSED to stop? What if all of you refused to support the ego-driven forces? What if you refused to consume more and more junk? What if you refused to send your young people off to war? What if you refused to turn on your television sets? What if you stopped believing in the lies of your so-called leaders? What if you learned how to tap into the universal energy of the Creator instead of polluting your world with oil-based products? What if you refused to consume oil?

Many of you believe you cannot maintain your lifestyle without these things, but have you really examined the alternatives? Did this channel not say recently that there is infinite energy in the ethers? Have some of your scientists not confirmed this? Yet you still believe in lack and scarcity. You still believe you must work a job you do not love just in order to consume more and more stuff. What do you really need? From our vantage point, you need only one thing – to be aware of your connection to Source. In your Bible, it says to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven. What does this mean? If you are aware of your Source, what else do you need?

Many of you dream of a Golden Age, and your visions will eventually bring it about. However, you must let go of the old in order to embrace the new. As long as you are being a “consumer” you are not letting go of the old. We are not saying do not enjoy your modern conveniences. We are not saying do not have fun. We are saying look at the things that are keeping you asleep. Get out of your comfort zone. Get out of your box. Stop being a consumer. Stop being a taker. Start being a giver and receiver. You know the difference. We have been over this before. It’s time to end the amnesia. It’s time to remember who you are. It’s time to BE who you are. You are powerful, creative spirits, inhabiting human bodies. This is your reality. You are children of God, just as we are. You are equal to us. We are not better or more favored by God. The only difference is, we have chosen to awaken to the magnificence of who we are. You have chosen to slumber and dream you are a consumer with an endless list of things you need in order to be happy. We only need God to be happy.

Awaken, dear ones, to the reality you have been missing in your dreams that one more toy will satisfy you. Give up the illusions. Embrace the divinity within you. It will sustain you for as long as you desire. Withdraw your support of the corrupt leadership of your planet. Become your own leaders. Refuse to support death and destruction. Work together to create new forms of energy based on the universal laws of abundance. Accept true abundance into your lives. Realize you are already abundant and have no need for most of the things in your lives.

Over the next few weeks, we will continue with these lessons on how to awaken. We are Leah and members of the Confederation wishing you a blessed day.

Permission to reprint or distribute this article is granted provided the url and contact information is included.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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