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Leah on ETs Revisited
Received by Sal Rachele
April 23, 2005

Questioner: There’s been a lot of talk lately about ETs coming to rescue us from the Earth Changes, but then there are also channeled messages indicating this is not part of the Divine Plan. I’m confused. Leah, can you shed some light on the conflicting messages?

Leah: I will gladly add my perspective regarding what is taking place on and above planet Earth.

First of all, you must understand that this is not a simple scenario. Your planet has been a laboratory for soul lessons and experiences ever since life began incarnating here over 100 million years ago. The unique opportunities afforded here have attracted souls from all over the Universe.

This continues to the present day. There are well over fifty different star groups actively involved in the Earth experience, either through incarnating as star seeds or through observation from higher dimensions or from orbiting spacecraft.

There are several reasons for the conflicting messages. Some ET groups do not respect the free will of humans. Others believe they know what is best and are working to implement their own agenda for the salvation of humanity. Still others do not interfere at all, but merely guide a few select individuals because they were called to serve. Some ET groups simply have erroneous information about what is taking place on Earth.

The channel and I have stated the following numerous times and in numerous ways, but apparently it still falls on deaf ears for many souls: The vibration, frequency and energy of an entity, and the deeper meaning behind that entity’s message, are the most important aspects of the communication to consider. It does not matter what the entity or entities call themselves, or where they claim to hail from, or even what their ship looks like or how they arrived on or above Earth. What matters is the meaning behind the message and the energy upon which it is delivered.

Beloveds, if an energy, entity or thought form is not aligned 100% with God’s unconditionally loving light, then the message is not worthy of your consideration. Sure, it might be interesting or entertaining or even extraordinary in its implications, but does it serve you in your soul evolution? Does it bring joy and happiness? Does it increase your love quotient?

With this in mind, let us review some of the energies, entities and thought forms currently disseminating ideas and information to your people.

The most obvious group involves what you commonly call the “greys” or Zeta Reticulins. The reason these are the most well-known of the ETs is because they are the most visible of the factions. They are the most visible because they are physical and vibrate at a rate very similar to the average human upon your world. Like humans, their consciousness ranges from barbaric to sublime. The channel and I have often stated that the most dangerous life form on your planet is you. We do not mean that in a malicious way, but consider that statement at face value. Although some humans are certainly being guided by malevolent ETs, it is still humans that are instigating most of the mischief upon Earth.

At any rate, the greys are currently vibrating at 3rd and 4th density levels and as such, are easily observed when their “cloaking” devices are turned off or not functioning properly. As you may know, they employ technological devices to render themselves invisible. They also employ electromagnetic systems capable of “beaming” and transporting individuals from Earth to their spacecraft; hence, the abduction experience.

Most of the greys are scientists. Yes, there is a faction that has had agreements with certain branches of your governments and military. Yes, there are hybrids, those that have mated with humans and produced offspring. Yes, some of them have dissected humans. It kind of parallels what you humans do to animals, does it not?

You may be aware that there are ETs from other star systems besides Zeta Reticulus that also may not have your best interests at heart. These would include the Alpha Draconians, aka the Reptilians, as well as certain factions from the Rigel sector of Orion, and Sirians from Sirius B. Once again, beloveds, refrain from judging the entire race just because of their origin. There are extremely loving beings from Sirius B, as well as the warmongers among them. Just because beings are from a particular star system does not automatically mean you should accept or reject them.

It has been said many times that approximately 80% of the intelligent life forms in your Universe are benevolent, while only a small percentage (much less than 20%) are malevolent in nature. By “benevolent” we mean those that honor and respect your free will and are working to help you grow and evolve into greater states of awareness, joy and love. By “malevolent” we mean those that are self-serving and are exploiting your planet for natural resources or to gain power and control over you and others.

This brings us to the various benevolent factions, including the more enlightened Andromedans (from your neighboring galaxy), the enlightened Sirians and Orions, and nearly all of the Arcturians, Pleiadeans, Venusians and spiritual hierarchy. Once again, beloveds, note that the word “hierarchy” refers only to stages of evolution and not to any command or pecking order.

I, Leah, would be classified in your system as a 6th density Venusian. We number in the hundreds of thousands in our society. We have long ago overcome war, famine, pestilence, greed, competition, aggression, segregation, prejudice, judgment, malice, guilt and shame. We emanate the love of our Creator continuously and joyously. As evolving beings, we are still learning and growing in new and glorious ways. Life is not the least bit boring for us. The incredible beauty we embody and that surrounds us is never taken for granted. It is appreciated deeply in every moment. We merge and mingle with one another in ways that you cannot even begin to comprehend. Time and space, from our reference point, is a bit different than it is on Earth, and this allows us to be in many places simultaneously. Many of our more evolved members are able to telepathically communicate with several hundred souls at any given time.

There are beings infinitely more evolved than we are. Many of the Arcturian and Pleiadean groups are as far ahead of us on the evolutionary scale as we are ahead of you. Then there are the Founders, a group this channel works with, that are infinitely more evolved than the Arcturians and Pleiadeans. Of course, by “more evolved” we do not mean better or more favored by God; we simply mean possessing a more expanded awareness and higher vibratory frequency.

Then there is the spiritual hierarchy, consisting of angels, archangels, ascended masters and universal masters. Many of these you know by name, such as Lord Sananda, Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, Mother Mary, Kwan Yin and Isis. These magnificent beings are truly dedicated to service and upliftment of all life forms in the Universe. Many of them have never had an incarnational form on any world, but began their existence as beings of great light. While all souls are eternal and have always existed, they have not always had an individual form. Prior to 100 million years ago, most souls were embedded in the undifferentiated source energy of God. That is why as you awaken and become aware of the eternal Oneness of our Creator, the experience is likened to returning home after a very long journey.

Beloveds, the most important way to ensure that you only attract loving entities into your space is to integrate and release your fears, judgment, guilt and limiting belief systems. There is no substitute for psychological and emotional clearing. Learning to love yourselves unconditionally is essential. A being free of fear will not attract fearful beings or experiences. You say you want to be free from the Illuminati influence. Then be free within yourselves. Clear your fears. Accept your own divinity. Recognize your true power. Know that it comes from within, not without. There is no being anywhere in the Universe that can have power over you unless you allow it. Once you awaken and see the absurdity of the Illuminati agenda, you will kindly withdraw your energy and focus from it and it will no longer affect you. Perhaps for a time you will need to heed the common advice, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” We are not suggesting you openly buck the system, calling attention to yourselves. Continue to pay your taxes, observe the rules of the road, exchange money, etc. But withdraw your emotional investment in these things. Learn to free your physical body from the “grid system” of energy, food and medicine. It is not as hard as you think. Withdrawing your focus from limiting belief systems, such as death and taxes, will eventually cause these outer conditions to cease as well.

Dear ones, you are magnificent beyond your wildest dreams. Do not let any limiting thoughts mar the perfection of your souls. Do not allow any negative ETs to convince you that you are not God’s Beloved Son or Daughter in whom He is well pleased. Ask sincerely to receive only that which is for your highest and best soul growth, happiness and well-being. Do not accept anything less, for nothing less is worthy of being your companion on your journey. Embrace the loving aspects of Creation, including the enlightened ETs, for they are another form of You in all Your glory. We are truly one big cosmic family and we are rejoicing in the ever-expanding and continually unfolding saga of Creation. Peace, beloveds. I am Leah.

Permission to reprint or distribute this article is granted provided the url and contact information is included.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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