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Channeled Messages from the Founders
Australia Workshop Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele
October 1, 2006

Greetings, we are the Founders. We are pleased to make your acquaintance today. This channel has already explained the method of delivery of these messages. Keep in mind that only a small percentage of our energy is available through this channel. It is not easy for us to speak through Earthly channels because only a small portion of our energy can come through these vehicles. These vehicles are only designed to receive energy up to what you call seventh level, so it is necessary to step our energy down to what you call seventh level in order to speak through these vehicles.

We are Creator Gods that have come to Earth during the time of Earth’s transition – what you call a Galactic Cycle – it is actually a Grand Cycle – it is a cycle of the precession of your axes. It is a point in time – Earthly linear time – where the alignment of the poles of your planet correspond to a specific frequency generated from what you would call quasars, which are large stellar bodies, and approximately every 26,000 years your Earth tilts at exactly the right angle to align with these scaler electromagnetic impulses, so at that particular point in Earth’s evolution your electromagnetic field fluctuates and changes in such a way that it creates a great deal of change on your Earth.

Your Mayan civilization has recorded this in their calendars, and your prophets and psychics have foreseen this time of great change. It is a wonderful opportunity for you as evolving souls to experience these great changes and to grow from that experience.

In the outer realms of Creation, everything happens in cycle. You have the cycle of your Earth revolving around the sun, which you call a year. You base your Julian calendar on these cycles. You divide your year into various units of measure, and you have become aware of the larger cycles – the Grand Cycle of approximately 25,920 years, the Galactic Cycle of approximately 227 million years, and there are larger cycles than that – there is the time it takes your galaxy to revolve around the Great Central Sun of your Universe, which is a period of about 10.8 billion years.

At the same time, you know that your Universe is continually expanding. God is continually expanding. So there are many cycles and there are many levels and dimensions to your Universe. In your recent meditation you experienced a little bit of your 12 levels of Self.

In our lesson today, we are going to talk about soul evolution – how your souls evolve, what to expect as your soul evolves, and we are going to cover a few details and mechanics of your soul evolution. Let us first review some of what this channel was talking about before regarding how souls come into embodiment and how they move between embodiments.

Your Universe is composed of 12 densities. Each of these densities has its own unique set of rules and principles that govern that realm of Creation. In addition, there are universal laws and principles that apply to all densities and dimensions simultaneously, and we will go into some of them.

When you became individual souls, you emerged out of the Godhead. You had a blueprint – a big plan – a part of the Divine Plan – already encoded within you. You had 12 densities already encoded within you. You had a Self, or an aspect, for each of the 12 densities of Creation, and you had encoded within you a way of perceiving each of the 12 densities. Dear ones, the higher densities, which you call eight through twelve, are what are known as “collective soul levels” or “collective consciousness levels.” When you are in densities eight through twelve, it is as if you are evolving back into the Godhead, but in reality there is no such thing as evolving back into the Godhead because, using the analogy of the child being born, as the child grows up, does he try to get back into his mother’s womb as he grows up? Hopefully not, and if he does try to get back into his mother’s womb, this is a severe psychological disorder, is it not? And yet, as that child grows up, he becomes more and more like his parents. He begins to look more and more like them, speak more and more like them, talk more and more like them, and he goes out into the world and does many of the things his parents do. He understands what his parents understand.

So as you evolve from eighth to twelfth density, you become more and more like your Creator – like your Divine Parents. So evolution in its natural state goes from individuality at the seventh density, which is how you are born as an individual soul – you come into what is called seventh density as an individual soul, and you begin evolving and growing through 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th densities. When you reach the level of 12th density, you become known as a Creator God – you are able to create like your Parents – you become a God in your own right, capable of creating entire universes. In fact, you DO create universes. In God’s one infinite Universe are many hundreds of thousands of other universes that are the creations of those aspects of the Godhead that have reached 12th density. As individual souls, many of those universes are available for you to explore. So in other words, we your elder brothers on the path – if you want to use that expression (it is a meaningless expression to us, but it may have value to you, so we will use it) – we as your elder brothers on the path, have created many wonderful things for you to grow into and experience as you evolve towards us – as you evolve and expand your awareness.

There is an infinite amount of Universe available to explore, so you never have to be concerned with running out of things to explore. Learning is a continuous process even for us. You may think that as 12th density souls we have completed our learning process, but that is not so. Learning is an infinite process as is growing and evolving – and that is the beauty of it – that is the majesty of it.

There are many upon your plane that think that as they grow into higher dimensions they will become bored. Everything is love and light. It is like the concept of Heaven where you are an angel playing a harp and sitting on a cloud. Obviously that is an extremely limited concept of Heaven, and indeed, if Heaven were about sitting on a cloud playing a harp, you would eventually become quite bored indeed and would gladly welcome a shift into the eternal fires of hell because at least the devil knows how to throw a good party. Correct?

Of course, we know that is all just a state of consciousness. Those of you in this room know that is a state of consciousness. We think it is a rather amusing state of consciousness, for indeed if the fires of hell are burning, they must be burning away your old issues. They must be purging and cleansing you. So perhaps souls would grow a great deal faster living in hell rather than living in Heaven where all they get to do is learn a new song on their harp and maybe help St. Peter welcome newcomers. Eventually you would probably run out of clouds to sit on and have to create new clouds and new harps. So anyway, getting back to our story… We felt this diversion might pick you up a bit. This channel has told us that we get a bit too serious. In reality, seriousness is a meaningless concept to us, but because it is so difficult to describe our realm in your Earthly terms, it may come across as seriousness. Your ability to laugh and have fun is very important and it helps you grow as souls. So we hope to become less serious as we explore this means of communication further.


Continued in Sal’s new book, Messages from the Founders, due to be published later this year.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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