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The Founders – Message Two
The Origin of Life Series – March 5, 2005
Received by Sal Rachele

Greetings, beloved Creator. We gave you several pages of diagrams and discussion a few months ago that was not for public dissemination. At this time, we will give a conceptual framework for those ideas. It is our intention that this framework be released to the public. There are those among you that are able to receive this information and put it to good use in your world.

How does the evolutionary process really work? This has been an item of serious inquiry among your scientists for as long as you have been on the Earth in human form.

The best analogy we can give is that of a seed. Let’s take your giant Sequoia as the example, since this tree represents the largest “living” thing on your world. Have you ever examined the Sequoia cone? It’s rather small, isn’t it – about one-fourth the size of the average cone – and the seed is even smaller. You could take several seeds and they would not cover your fingernail. Yet over hundreds and even thousands of years one of these tiny seeds can grow into something that survives lightning, forest fires, floods and almost everything except the chainsaw of humans.

Now let’s take this idea into the cosmos. The Creator, being infinite in scope and containing an infinite variety within its blueprint of life, “seeded” itself throughout the cosmos. These tiny light packets, which you sometimes call “starseed” or “soul” are infinitely small when first differentiated out of Source, yet they contain the codes and blueprints for the entire Creation within each one.

There is an inbreath and an outbreath to the cosmos. During the outbreath, the individual starseeds (call them souls if you wish) venture forth from the Godhead and descend through the levels and dimensions of Creation all the way down to the first level, simply called “existence.” Existence itself becomes manifest as the elements and arranges itself into geometric patterns which become the mineral kingdom and the world of so-called “inanimate objects.” Yet all objects possess consciousness because the starseed is imbedded within them during its first leg of the journey back to Source (called the inbreath). So with the outbreath, the seed descends all the way down into the basic units of matter, and with the inbreath, the seed begins its process of evolutionary spiral back to Source.

In the Sequoia, the seed germinates and a tiny green sprout emerges from the shell of the seed. In the starseed, a glimmer of consciousness emerges as the soul journeys from first to second density and becomes a living organism. It is at this point that the DNA configuration is manifest. We have given a dissertation on how DNA is created from undifferentiated source material. That lesson will be released publicly at a later time.

As the starseed continues its evolution, it moves up the spiral from the second density of the plant kingdom into the third density of the animal kingdom. The physical form is first created from the DNA blueprint and then the consciousness of the starseed (the soul) imbeds itself into the organism to fully experience that realm (density). In the lower worlds, the organisms are recycled through birth and death, but the starseed simply jumps between levels and reintroduces itself back into the stream of organisms.

As the starseed evolves the organisms become more and more complex and the blueprint of Creation recognizes and realizes itself on a greater and greater level. Just as the young Sequoia begins to grow branches and leaves and roots, so the young soul begins to experience multiple levels of awareness simultaneously. This young being becomes aware of itself as both the organism and the higher consciousness that inhabits the organism.

The fourth density experience is that of the enlightened human being. We say enlightened to differentiate between the human organism, which is a third dimensional animal form, and the thinking, reasoning entity with a conscious mind embedded into it.

After the fourth density experience, the starseed (soul) incarnates or directly ascends into a form of luminous light, called the fifth dimensional light body. As the soul continues to spiral into more complex forms, the celestial beings known as angels and archangels become the home of the starseed consciousness. Eventually the soul becomes aware of itself as a Creator on a macrocosmic scale, becoming a universe unto itself. This is like the giant Sequoia, now almost as tall as the parent trees, with complex branches and sub-branches and other organisms that live within it.

We have over-simplified our discussion in order that you might comprehend a little piece of the origin of Life and how it evolves back into Source. This channel has given lessons from various entities that deal with the paradox of merging back into Source versus individuality. We will give some attention to this subject at a later time.

Although this lesson has been short, the words are merely triggers for the energy and illumination that is transmitted with it. We urge you to simply relax and allow your awareness to include our energy blending that comes with each lesson.

We thank you for allowing our energies to be with you this day. We are the Founders.

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