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Lord Sananda on Channeled Messages
Received by Sal Rachele
April 6, 2005

Beloveds, this is Sananda at your service. The channel asked me to say a few words about the confusion and distortion surrounding recent channeled messages purportedly from me, so this will be an attempt to set the record straight.

The channel is well aware that some may be angered by what I am about to say, and some may even take it out on the channel. The channel is only a messenger. It is the message that is important. Examine it. Dissect it if you wish. Analyze it. Compare it to other messages. Ask your own God Presence to discern the truth regarding this and all messages. IT IS THE MESSAGE THAT MUST BE LOOKED AT CLEARLY AND WITH FULL AWARENESS.

That includes its Source. What is the energy of the message? What is its purpose? What is it trying to accomplish? Why was it given? What is the motivation behind the message? What is the energy of the being giving the message? Does it ring true? Does it assist you in your evolutionary path? Does it help you expand your awareness? Is it of service to you and your fellow human beings? Is it for your highest and best soul growth? Does it contribute to your happiness, soul growth and well-being?

Beloveds, this may seem like a lot of questions, but how many of you are asking them? Is it not essential that you DO ask these questions? The purpose of this message is to shed some light on recent channelings given in my name. It is not our intention to be overly critical of God’s messengers or to find fault with a particular channel or channeling. However, it is evident that messages are circulating around your world right now that are not clearly describing our purpose and agenda.

First of all, let me repeat this very clearly and succinctly. WE OF THE CONFEDERATION DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN EARTHLY POLITICS. We do not have an opinion on NESARA or the current president of the United States or the goings on within the inner chambers of what you term the “Illuminati.” We will make general statements regarding the overall philosophy of the forces that have been controlling your planet. We will make suggestions on how you can spiritually transcend the limited viewpoints of those hell-bent on controlling and dominating your people. But we NEVER tell you what decisions to make, who to vote for, what economic program to support or reject, or what specific action to take regarding a political bill or legislation.

There is a prime directive that is still very much in place. Divine Intervention does not mean we have come to save you or beam you up into a fleet of ships. It does not mean we will do everything for you. It does not mean we will tell you how to invest your money. It does not mean we will zap little grey aliens with energy beams. It does not mean we are fighting the “dark forces.” Fighting ANYTHING means acknowledging that it has power over us, and our reality is far different from that.

God’s Love is our reality. God’s Love is not fighting any so-called “dark forces.” God’s Love merely creates beauty and harmony wherever it shines. It does not judge the righteous and the sinner. It does not see the so-called “negative ETs” as any less a part of God than anyone else.

Yes, we acknowledge that you have been misled and fed lies for the purpose of appeasing the power-hungry desires of a small group of souls. Yes, we acknowledge that there are ETs in the astral space of your planet that do not understand the nature of Divine Perfection. Yes, we acknowledge that it is imperative that you practice discernment and not allow yourselves to be led astray from the goals of your own souls.

We have repeatedly asked you to be aware of your own psychological conditioning and programming. We have repeatedly asked you to be aware of your belief systems, including the so-called “sacred cows.” These are the beliefs that hinder your spiritual progress because you think they are absolute truths when in fact they are based on illusion. Any belief or resulting manifestation on your world that promotes separation and judgment is a distortion. Any belief or resulting manifestation on your world that keeps you from being more fully aware of your Divinity and your connection to All That Is, is a distortion. There is no enemy to be overcome, except your own self-judgment. When you judge yourselves, beloveds, you then in turn judge others. Then a world of hate and malice arises within your own consciousness and you see that reflected in the world around you. There is no enemy to be overcome, except your own belief in illusions. The negative ETs and dark forces cannot have power over you BECAUSE YOU ARE A SON OF GOD (or daughter, if you prefer). You were created in the image and likeness of your Creator. You are perfect, whole and complete. When you realize this, you will stop giving power to so-called “dark forces” and they will have no control over you whatsoever.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you and your beloved planet will ascend into your rightful place in Creation. We are here to assist, but WE ARE NOT HERE TO SAVE YOU. Sorry about that. You are much too powerful to be patronized in that manner. You are much too magnificent to abdicate your power to someone else. You must take responsibility for your own Creations. We are here to help you see where you are mis-creating, but we will not do your work for you. That would not be empowering. I know some of you are angry with us over this message, but that is for you to work out. Why are you angry? Because our goal is to empower you to think for yourselves? Because our goal is to empower you to be the greatness that you are? You are Gods, each and every one of you. Would we expect any less of you? Would that be serving you?

Beloveds, you need to up your level of discernment. There are messages circulating on your Internet that do not represent our views. You need to look a little deeper into the messages. You need to look a little deeper into yourselves. You have the answers within you. GO WITHIN. THE TRUTH IS NOT OUT THERE, IT IS WITHIN THERE. You are the way, the truth and the life. That has been my message for millennia. It will continue to be my message. The answers are within you. It is time to go within to the Source of your being.
When you TRULY go within, then your outer actions will reflect this. You will no longer be looking for someone to save you or tell you platitudes to soothe your ruffled feathers. We are not here to soothe you. We love you too much to do that. We are here to help you see yourselves in a brighter light. Send love and blessings to those tortured souls who believe the only way to survive is to dominate and control others. Theirs is a call for love, not condemnation. Of course, we are not saying you should approve of their actions. Only that you see them as they are – children of the same God that created you and deserving of the same Love that you are enfolded in as we speak.

Beloveds, put away your fingers of accusation and your weapons of righteous indignation. Open your hearts and minds to the truth of your own being and awaken to the glory you are! I am Sananda, in the name of the Most Radiant One. In the name of Father/Mother God, I send you love from all of the Confederation.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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