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Sal and Sananda Discuss Torture
Received by Sal Rachele
November 2, 2005

Sal: Sananda, let’s take an in-depth look at the whole idea of physical torture and extreme pain. Is this a necessary soul experience and if so, why?

Sananda: Most young souls will experience some form of physical, emotional and mental abuse during one or more lifetimes. It’s almost unavoidable. However, having been through an extreme example of torture myself during my embodiment as Jesus, let me say this: IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT FOR A SOUL TO EXPERIENCE PHYSICAL PAIN. Now, you Christians out there will be quick to say, “Well, Christ died for our sins so we don’t have to go through that experience.” However, you are missing the point. I did not absolve anyone’s pain or eliminate the need for souls to go through Earthly experience.

There is a pain far greater than any that can be inflicted on the body, and that is the pain of feeling separate from God, along with the excruciating pain of feeling abandoned and unloved. Every individual soul in Creation has gone through this pain, and it is far deeper and more acute than any form of physical torture.

A soul can enter into the moment so completely during times of physical abuse that the experience becomes nothing more than very intense energy, the energy of the physical nervous system being violated and assaulted, but nevertheless just intense energy. It is the emotional sense of being unloved and rejected that is the real issue here. If a soul is physically tortured, there is a hatred, there is a mental attack on the integrity of the soul, that is far more damaging than the physical abuse.

Sal: I use a process called timeline healing that involves taking a soul back to times of torture and abuse and re-creating that experience in such a way that the past life self of that soul becomes healed, thereby causing the present life self of that soul to become free of the cellular memory of that experience. How does this differ from denial and wishful thinking? Doesn’t the soul need to face that experience and not pretend it didn’t happen?

Sananda: Souls that are in denial will not be attracted to timeline healing work in the first place. Souls that are in denial are too busy covering up their lives with all manner of distraction and entertainment. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying life to the fullest, having a glass of wine, throwing a party and all that. It is not a problem to be happy. I certainly attended my share of parties during my time on Earth.

Souls that come to you for healing have already had the experience of torture and abuse. They have had that heart-wrenching ache of feeling lost and abandoned, banished, despised, ridiculed and scorned. Their bodies have been battered and bruised more than once within a given lifetime, and usually in several lifetimes. Their souls do not need to have a cellular memory of physical abuse and torture. Therefore, in most cases, you are given permission to remove that spirit from its body before the act of torture commences. You are not depriving the soul of that experience by lifting the spirit out of the body prior to the beating, burning, rape and pain.

You are doing the one thing that is absolutely required. You are getting the soul to forgive everyone involved in the pain and assault. You are getting the soul to realize that God has not abandoned him or her. This is the aspect of healing that must be experienced. The pain is not necessary at this point. The recognition of the true nature of being is what is necessary. This soul has already acknowledged and come to terms with the fact that there was a great deal of pain and torture, and by removing the soul from that situation, you are merely removing the cellular memory in the physical and emotional bodies. This allows the soul to move forward in the present lifetime, no longer held back by fear of punishment for speaking the truth.

The single greatest barrier to self-empowerment is the fear of persecution. Although Christians often go into denial by believing I died for their sins (which “excuses” them to continue sinning), underneath this “permission to sin” is a far deeper issue – the fear of abandonment by God and the subsequent desire to avoid looking at what really happened on the cross. I will tell you what happened. I left my body before the torture began. Your filmmakers who depict me in agony did not understand this. Yes, I agonized over many things during that lifetime. Yes, I felt deep and excruciating pain at times. But I transcended that experience and left my body long before it died. It was not necessary to feel every pound of the nails, every scrape of the thorns. For a time I stayed completely in the moment and felt the intense energy of the beatings and abuse. But it didn’t take long to realize I did not have to endure this in order to gain soul experience. The real lesson here was the opportunity to forgive my abusers and to realize that no matter how much the body is subjected to horrors, GOD HAS NEVER LEFT US, NOT FOR ONE INSTANT.

Sal: So the lesson is really that the soul is victorious and can overcome even the most extreme instances of torture and abuse?

Sananda: That is correct. Time has a way of unraveling and then “rolling up” behind an experience when one is fully alive and fully present. That means the past no longer keeps playing itself out over and over in variations on a theme. When a soul is fully present and fully alive, each moment is experienced completely and there is no need for karma and regret and resentment. This is the lesson, put simply.

Sal: So then the soul who goes through a timeline healing can move forward in the certainty that he or she is choosing a different soul experience and that torture and extreme physical and emotional pain is not necessary to move forward in the evolutionary spiral.

Sananda: That is correct. A certain amount of pain is inevitable in physical life. It’s part of being in a body. However, the deep emotional scars, the horrible feeling of abandonment and separation from your Creator need not be. It is the feeling of violation, the feeling of being hated and discarded like rotten garbage, that is the real pain here. If that can be healed, the soul will be free to rejoin the Creator in eternal Love.

Sal: Thank you Sananda for that clarification. So helping souls reconnect with their God Selves and the Infinite Creator is the real work, as always.

Sananda: Yes.

Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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