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Leah on the Subtleties of Judgment
Received by Sal Rachele
March 1, 2005

Oh goody! A chance to speak through my beloved. I was wondering when he would put my words and ideas down on paper again. He has been so busy with other projects and now he finds the time to remember his beloved. Okay, I’m joking. He and I are One in Spirit and it is impossible to forget a part of yourself for very long.

Today, dear spirits, we are going to go deeper into the phenomenon of judgment. What is judgment? This may sound like a basic question, but have we really exhausted the definitions of this word? I’m going to make several statements through the channel that are all synonymous in a basic sense. They are all definitions of judgment, from slightly different angles:

(1) Judgment is the act of separating out parts of Creation and seeing them as more or less worthy.

Notice how closely this matches the channel’s definition of “evil.” Evil is the state of being whereby one separates out certain aspects of Creation and judges them as being less worthy of God’s Love than other aspects.

Could we then say there is a relationship between evil and judgment? You bet!

(2) Judgment is a perception based on incomplete information. It is also an assumption or conclusion reached on the basis of a belief system or conditioned response.

Let’s use an example: If you were raised in a household that believes white people are superior to colored people, and this was drilled into you year after year as you were growing up, and you never experienced anything that contradicted this belief until you reached adulthood and moved away to a large city, you might be tempted to still believe colored people are inferior when you meet them in social settings.

(3) Judgment always involves some form of “make-wrong.” Making something wrong is equivalent to judging it.

The truth is, everything in the Universe is inherently perfect, whole and complete. If something does not appear that way, then there must be some form of judgment involved. Let’s use an example:

There is war, poverty, disease and all manner of suffering on planet Earth. That’s a third-dimensional fact that nobody in his or her rational state would deny. Now here’s the clincher: Does this mean that something is wrong on planet Earth? Be careful now, beloveds. Think and feel this one through. Is it wrong to have war, poverty, disease and suffering? By saying these things are wrong, you must be comparing them to something you believe is right. What is comparison? Is it not a form of judgment? While it may be true that suffering comes as a result of being out of balance with natural law, is that in itself a bad thing?

The channel has a very accurate definition of suffering: Resistance to pain. And pain is resistance to life. So what is resistance and how does it relate to suffering? Resistance implies there is a force opposing “what is.” Yet how can something oppose the truth? Truth is truth – nothing more, nothing less. There’s nothing outside of truth to oppose it. In fact, a part of “what is” is that there is resistance, which is causing pain, and resistance to pain, which is causing suffering.

A lot of words? Perhaps. But if we examine all this deeply enough we will come to the inescapable conclusion that judgment is a refusal to accept “what is.” This means judgment is a form of resistance, which is a form of pain and suffering.

When one TOTALLY accepts “what is,” including war, poverty, etc., there is no longer a “make-wrong” or judgment of these things. Without judgment, there is the possibility of real healing. After all, although these maladies are not “bad” and “wrong”, they are signals that something is out of balance with natural law. This is because God’s Laws are the Laws of Love, Harmony, Peace, Joy and Understanding. When these things are absent, it means there is either ignorance of natural law (unconscious judgment), or blatant disregard for natural law (conscious judgment). Without judgment there can be no resistance, and without resistance there can be no pain. Therefore, without judgment all the maladies of the Earth would be gone forever.

Is judgment really responsible for the mess on Earth? Absolutely. So what is the highest and best thing you can do, beloveds? Right, completely and permanently end judgment within yourself. Remember, of course, that we are not talking about discernment. Discernment is the ability to perceive what is or is not best for your soul growth and what is or is not appropriate for your being. With judgment, there is always an emotional investment in things being a certain way. With judgment, there is always something to defend, something to fear, something to feel anxious about.

Judgment can be very subtle. Almost every being on Earth judges, many without realizing it. Most of the so-called enlightened teachers are still stuck in judgment. That is a most dangerous situation if you desire joy, happiness and a peaceful world. Being in judgment and then denying it is a doubly difficult position to be in. Denial keeps judgment in place. One then lives under a false sense that all is well. “Look at me. I’m righteous. I’m God’s gift to humanity. I’ve overcome judgment. I’m peaceful, loving, just and fair.” Are you? Is there anything within you or without you that you are making wrong? What about judgmental people? Are you making them wrong for being judgmental? Yes, Leah here is playing with words, but do you get my point? Let’s lay it all out on the line here: If you are NOT experiencing joy, bliss, nirvana, supreme peace and boundless love, then you are in judgment somewhere within your being. Yes, it’s that simple.

So go ahead, beloveds, take a good, honest, deep look within. Where are you still judging? Remember, do not judge yourself for judging. That’s an elaborate and fanciful way of remaining stuck. Simply LOOK, without bias, without prejudice, without condition, upon the act of judging. Examine it carefully. Give your full attention to it. Explore the feelings and thoughts arising from the judgment. Notice how it feels in the body. Discover and uncover all the belief systems that keep the judgment in place. Begin with the negative feeling, wherever it resides within the body. It will be wherever the body is nervous, uptight, constricted, tense, stiff, sore or queasy.

Then examine your thoughts. What do you think about most often? Where do you place your attention? Which of the activities in your life bring feelings less then pure JOY? Why are you doing those things? What is the motivation? What is the purpose? What is the JUDGMENT behind the action, thought or feeling? If it is not a source of true fulfillment and energetic expansion, then there is a judgment behind the activity, thought, feeling, idea or impression.

Beloveds, what would your life look like without judgment? Can you even imagine it? Or is it beyond your wildest imagination? Many of you have let go of a significant portion of your judgment and your lives have exploded joyously into new and exciting experiences. Yet you retain many judgments on subtle levels. Imagine how much more joyful, spontaneous, prosperous and alive you will be when you let the subtle judgments go.

Are you the light of the world? You are when you let your judgments go completely. Can you move mountains? You can when there is no “make-wrong” anywhere within your being. Are you the way, the truth and the life? Absolutely, when there is nothing but love within your heart. Love is your natural state when you let all condemnation fall away.

Beloveds, today is the best day of your entire existence when you decide, once and for all, that no judgment shall remain, in any of its millions of disguises and deceptions, within your Holy Being. Be brutally honest, love yourself just as you are, and let your judgments go. Accept everything exactly as it is. See the truth in all. Witness the perfection of the Divine Plan unfolding perfectly. If everyone on Earth can do this, I can GUARANTEE there will be no wars, poverty, pain, suffering or limitation of any kind. No negative ETs controlling people. No governments of, by and for the rich. No poor, impoverished souls working sunup to sundown at menial labor. No air, water and land pollution. No wars, negative competition, greed, selfishness, jealousy, envy, hatred, revenge, rebellion, resentment, manipulation, control, deceit, despair, betrayal, blind obedience, domination, injustice or any of the countless other words you have for the many forms of judgment.

Is Leah here judging judgment? No, I am only bringing to your attention its many manifestations and outcomes. I am seeing how it keeps you trapped in illusions. I am seeing how it gives rise to your belief in separation from God. I am seeing how it is the cause of all misery upon your world.

Beloveds, this is both a heavy and a very light message. Use my words to go beyond them to the truth about judgment. Use this lesson to root out and joyfully dissolve all remnants of judgment within yourself. Celebrate the fact that you are able to read, hear and comprehend this message. You are the chosen because you have chosen to let go of judgment and embrace the everlasting Love of the Infinite Creator. Once you fully realize how much God loves you, you can never be content to spend one more nanosecond in judgment. Open now to receive the eternal, infinite Love of God. Let it be your only reality. Let it fill you completely, leaving no room for error. Judgment is error, and that’s all. Today, let’s all be error-free. Today let’s be the perfect Creation we already are. I am Leah. Good day.

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