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Leah Discusses Enlightened Relationships
Received by Sal Rachele
August 26, 2005

Questioner: I am a middle-aged woman, quite attractive and quite horny. Sure, I could go home with a different man every night if I really wanted to. However, for most of the last five years since my divorce, I have been celibate. Although most men I meet are good in bed, I always feel there is something missing – namely the heart. I find that most men are not in touch with their feelings, even after the “Mr. Sensitive” era of the late 20th century. In addition, I am a deeply spiritual person and there are so many things I cannot discuss with Casanova. I would rather be alone than be constantly trying to teach these men about true intimacy. Leah, can you shed some light on this subject, not just for me, but for women in similar situations most likely reading this message?

Leah: Oh, my, darling! I may not have a human body, but this is one area where dear old Leah shines. Allow me to give you some advice, one goddess to another.

First of all, and this may shock you, a part of me agrees with a lot of what you are saying. If I were in a human body (and I realize the fact that I’m not could affect the quality of my answer), I would probably have similar experiences of most Earth men. However, the last thing you’ll hear from me is “male-bashing” so let’s take a deep, honest look at this dynamic and come up with some solutions.

Some therapists and healers would take the easy way out and cite karma and even fate with statements like, “When the time is right, the man of your dreams will appear.” This may be true on one level, but you’re not a mono-dimensional being now, are you. So let’s find an answer that addresses your multifaceted nature.

The other thing you won’t hear from Leah here is a sugar-coated scenario. The fact is, out of approximately three billion males on your planet, there are about three million that fit your demographics and external compatibility issues. (Yes, I’m rounding off statistics to make a point.) Out of these three million men, about one in one hundred (30,000) have the level of consciousness and emotional maturity to have a chance at true intimacy.

So why are you having trouble attracting one of these deeply spiritual, emotionally sensitive men? It is apparent to Leah, and my assistants in the Confederation, that this is not an easy question to answer. Nevertheless, we are going to dive in and answer this in a way we feel will genuinely help you.

The most imporant issue that confronts both men and women on your planet, directly related to your question, is the fear of power. Both men and women, including most “spiritually enlightened” individuals, are still not willing to open up to the enormous power generated by a true tantric coupling. In this case, by tantric, I mean a relationship that is sacred, sexual, intimate and long-lasting. When a man and woman truly come together in a deeply spiritual and sexual bond, the ego nearly disappears in the enormous energy that is generated and released. You may have had brief glimpses of what I am talking about. This channel (a man) once met a woman and within three days they were both deeply connected spiritually and in fact, to him this woman was God, in all Her Feminine Totality. No, he wasn’t worshipping her body – it was far beyond that. This experience so “freaked” out the woman that she immediately withdrew, thinking a major part of her was dying. The experience obliterated all sense of the past, personality, and even physical identity. If this happened with a woman, can you imagine what it is like for the average man on your planet? Men are trained to be goal-oriented, and even the ones that claim to have no goals in love-making and intimacy have it built into their physical bodies.

One of your psychologists, a Dr. Susan Campbell, came out with a book many years ago detailing what she called the five phases of male-female intimacy. In it she talked about the “honeymoon” phase, where the partners are so enamored by each other that they overlook each other’s faults and potential incompatibilities. Then after the novelty begins to wear off, she describes a “power-struggle” phase. What is this power-struggle and how does it come about?

As you might have guessed, it involves the human ego. Most of you are so afraid of your true power that you hold a false self-image of power and when that is threatened, you bail out of the relationship. This, coupled with the maxim “like attracts like”, makes it extraordinarily difficult for humans to remove the veils of awareness and keep them down. Basically, as long as you are afraid to let go of your self-image, you will find the enormous real power generated by the relationship threatening to the false sense of power the ego engenders, and therefore, you will tend to attract a mate who also has this issue, which is nearly everyone on the planet.

Yet you have a memory of a quality of relationship that is so profound and so fulfilling that you just cannot let go of the desire to find it – and that is good. This deep desire for true intimacy will eventually lead you to the perfect partner, and when he comes, “watch out!” All sense of who you think you are will be obliterated and something greater than the sum of your parts will emerge, wiping away all self-illusions.

Beloved, you have had hundreds of lifetimes in which you volunteered to come to Earth to help heal humanity. Part of that soul contract has been the willingness to attract souls who are not quite at your level of vibration, but are close enough that you can teach them. You have had several men in your past that were helped immensely as a result of your presence. Now here’s the good news. Your period of coming here expressly to help lift the consciousness of humanity is almost over. Very soon there will be enough enlightened men and women on your planet to turn it into what you have always dreamed of – a playground of delights – a paradise of love and freedom. This is not a pie in the sky dream any more, beloved. It is close at hand.

Finding a partner who truly resonates with you is a monumental accomplishment on your world. From our vantage point, there are probably less than 150 couples who are TRULY embodying the tantric principles of sacred sexuality, balance, spirituality, power, intimacy and co-creation. Yet even 150 of these couplings have unleashed a tremendous power and beauty onto your world.

It is this you long for, beloved, and you are no longer willing to settle for less. A common quote on your world says, “Good things come to those who wait.” In your case, this is true. Okay, it sounds a little sugar-coated, but just ask this channel how often Leah here is wrong. Not very often. Although I have no attachment to being right, I have studied and engaged in relationships for millions of years. Has it been easy? No, not even for me. But in the last what you would call ten millennia, I have reached a level of awareness where the kind of relationship you dream of is my everyday reality – with multiple souls.

I could go into depth about all the psychological issues that must be overcome in order to remain in that sublime state, but in the interests of brevity, I will merely summarize. Obviously, the choice to be monogamous (a big issue for many) must come from the heart and not from fear or any sense of morality. Obviously one’s lifestyle must support having time for the beloved – unhurried time just to BE with the beloved. Issues such as lack and limitation must be put aside, whether you have millions of dollars in the bank, or live from paycheck to paycheck. Harder yet, you must let go of most of what you have been told by teachers, psychics, psychologists, gurus and others regarding relationships. How many of them have manifested the type of relationship you long for?

As always with any inquiry, it is essential to examine every aspect of your being and to bring aspects to the light that need to be healed. You must be willing to look fearlessly at the hurt inner child (if yours has not been completely healed). You must be willing to look at all your Earthly habits and master them. You must be willing to look at any unrealistic expectations you have of yourself or a potential partner. Recognize that as long as you are in a human form on Earth, you will have issues and challenges. Allow yourself to be both human and divine.

Although attracting the perfect mate involves a lot of self-awareness and inner work, the paradox is that once you have done that work, you must simply let go and allow your God Presence to reach out to the God Presence of your mate and bring the two of you together. This is where the surrender comes in. You must be willing to be completely alone and completely empty of all issues – then in that emptiness will come the beloved, perhaps in ways you least expect. Ultimately it matters not what type of body you have, how old you are, or your income level. None of this matters when you have transcended the idea of lack and limitation. Then your beloved truly WILL come at the perfect time and place. Just inquiring into this sets into motion the wheels of manifestation. Beloved, the time for union with your beloved is rapidly approaching. I send you my blessings for a joyous time! I am Leah with members of the Confederation. Adonai. Amen.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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