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Leah on Freedom versus Security
Received by Sal Rachele
March 12, 2005

Beloveds, this is Leah, at your service, with a little tough love for those who need it, and a little pep talk for those who just want some fire under their heels.

Today a friend of the channel forwarded some material outlining the ongoing saga of freedom versus security – an issue many of you are facing as your world becomes more turbulent. Specifically, there is an organization, affiliated with your United Nations, that wants to control the Internet and a host of other things, including nutritional supplements and holistic therapies.

Dear ones, you’ve heard about all this before many times, but are you aware that some countries have outlawed nutritional supplements? Are you also aware that there are people right now devising schemes as to how they can control your Internet?

I am not an activist. I do not get involved in Earthly politics. That is not the truth of my being. That is not how we do things in the “higher” realms. Our code of ethics is completely based on the Love of our Creator. We do not push agendas, we do not promote specific products or legislation, we do not tell you how to vote or who to vote for. HOWEVER, we also do not beat around the bush and sugar-coat our delivery. Those of you who read my treatise on judgment should know that by now.

So take a moment of pause and let Leah here tell it like it is. Dear ones, what is the price of security? Think about it for a moment. What is security? Is it more men in uniform, more bombs, more laws, more restrictions, more forms to fill out, more flag-waving, more rhetoric, more pompous, chest-beating politicians, more inspection stations, more bans on guns, more bans on drugs, more censorship, more groups of people somewhere deciding what is right for you? Do you feel more secure with all that? I certainly would not if I were a resident of your beautiful planet.

Dear ones, when are you going to realize that true security DOES NOT COME FROM THIS WORLD? There is nothing in this world that can offer you security. Are you not aware of the statistics that state that those who own guns are much more likely to be the victim of violent crime than those who do not own guns? (I use the word “victim” here while recognizing that in reality, there is no such thing.)

Some of you are clapping your hands in amusement and saying to yourselves, “Leah is getting all steamed up.” Yes, I suppose I am, but not in the way you are used to. I am not angry in the traditional sense. But I am passionate and I care about you deeply and when I see you making decisions that are not for your highest soul growth, happiness and well-being, I feel an urgency to express my views. Dear ones, you asked for our assistance from on high. Now we are here and you are continuing to let Earthly authorities decide for you what is right. Are you going to let them take away your Internet? Are you going to let them take away your vitamins? Are you going to let them take away your holistic therapies? Is this what you want? If not, then what are you going to do about it?

Did Sananda/Jesus not say that it only takes one enlightened being to change the whole world? What if that enlightened being were you? It can be and it is, beloveds. You are the ones who make the difference. Are you going to stand by and pretend that this issue does not affect you? Have you reached a level of consciousness where you perceive that 100% of your security comes from God? If you have, then you are that one who can change the world. If you are NOT yet at the 100% level, then perhaps Leah’s message is to be taken seriously. Beloveds, you know how fun-loving I can be. I suppose I can even make a joke or two while discussing this. But this is not the time to be lax and whimsical.

What kind of world do you want to create? Have you learned how to project outward thoughts of love and compassion to such a degree that those who would hold you in bondage have no power? Take a look at where you are in consciousness. In what ways are you still believing that security comes from outside of yourselves? In what ways are you contributing to the insanity of Homeland Security? In what ways are you contributing to the destruction of your individual freedoms?

Those of you who have been with me for a while know that I can be forceful and even harsh at times. But some of you seem to need and want a kick upside the head. This is tough love. I say all this with the utmost compassion and caring. I say all this because sometimes you need a reminder that security comes from God, not from the United Nations, or the United States of America, or Parliament, or the World Bank, or Visa and MasterCard or Big Oil. Your security ultimately does not come from any nutritional product or holistic therapy. However, until enough of you realize this, you need products and services that recognize that you are multidimensional beings. Until enough of you realize your Oneness with God, you need people with tools and techniques to help wake you up. You need people in your life who say “enough” to the insanity of people in power telling you what to do.

I’m not saying you should all run out into the street holding a protest sign. Perhaps that is appropriate for some. I’m not saying you shouldn’t meditate and pray for world peace. What I am saying is that you should be brutally honest and go deep within yourselves and bring to God all beliefs you still hold that say that your security comes from outside of yourselves. These beliefs need to be dispelled NOW. You who are on a path of ascension and world service can no longer afford to hold even one of these beliefs within your consciousness any longer. These beliefs are POISON. They are not for your highest soul growth, happiness and well-being. They are not your friends. They are also not your enemies to be fought with and overcome. They are merely illusions. But you have given your power to these illusions. Today you must take your power back. Do not let anyone except your own God Presence tell you what to do. Do not even let Leah tell you what to do. Listen to my words, digest them, analyze them, contemplate them, see if they apply to your lives, and then be done with them.

Beloveds, your only task is to realize WHO YOU ARE. When you realize WHO YOU ARE, you can no longer give any energy whatsoever to the insanity spreading through your world. You can no longer support on any level and dimension that insane idea that anything outside of yourselves can make you more secure. You will completely withdraw your support of anyone or anything that does not recognize the truth of your being – that you are completely secure in God and nobody and nothing can ever take that away from you. You are WHOLE and COMPLETE and PERFECT, just as you are. God created you that way and that is how you will remain. Let go of this world, beloveds. Your demand for outer security is keeping you from realizing you are God’s Perfect Co-Creators. Your demand for outer security is keeping you from realizing that God’s Love for you is far beyond anything this world can ever offer you. Your belief that happiness comes from outside yourself is keeping you locked and lonely and miserable and in pain, while millions of angels, archangels, ascended masters and the whole of Heaven waits for you to wake up and realize that YOU HAVE EVERYTHING YOU NEED RIGHT NOW. You are not lacking in any way, beloveds. The day you realize this will be the day that the three-ring circus you call government will fall away and be replaced with truth.

Will today be the day you take back your power? Will today be the day you realize where your real security lies? Will today be the day you wake up and realize that God lives within you and will never leave you? Will today be the day, beloveds? Will it? It’s up to you. I am Leah, on behalf of the Confederation. You are magnificent! Wake up and realize it today!

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Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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