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Leah on Clear Communication
Received by Sal Rachele
February 6, 2007

Greetings, beloveds. My, this channel has been busy lately and I have been patiently waiting until the time is right for him before I speak. As you most likely know, I am always ready to speak my truth, but I am reliant upon my channels to distribute my thoughts using your language and mode of communication.

Speaking of communication, that is the subject the channel has asked me to speak about today. I and my assistants now offer you our view of this important topic.

You all know, beloveds, how important communication is. Accurately communicating ideas, thoughts, feelings, impressions and to some extent opinions, is what adds color and texture to your lives. It is also essential to your understanding of what is taking place on your world.

In our worlds, we communicate through what you call telepathy, or direct thought transference. Some of you are learning how to do this on a regular basis, while some of you have only had glimpses of this mode of communication, perhaps between siblings or close friends. While all of you are capable of telepathy, there are certain “circuits” within your levels of mind that must be activated properly for this to occur on an ongoing basis. It is true there are exercises and lessons you can practice that will enhance your telepathic skills. However, it is far more important to go deep into the nature of your own consciousness first, and understand at a deep level of your being why you think, feel and act the way you do.

Self-examination and self-knowledge are more important and are a precursor to clear and accurate communication. It is important to look at what you are saying and how you are communicating and the motives behind that communication. Are your words coming from ego or spirit? That may be a basic question, but an essential one to ask continuously. What is the purpose of sharing your ideas, concerns and impressions? What is behind your mannerisms and gestures? Are they merely to help animate your personality, or do they serve in another way?

Some of you talk just to hear yourselves talk. We do not mean to sound judgmental, but that is our observation. Others measure their words carefully – maybe too carefully – and hold on to things that would be better said if spontaneously spurted out. All of you, including this channel, have areas in which you communicate clearly, and other areas in which you need a bit of work in order to have clarity.

Perhaps the most destructive aspect of communication is what the channel calls the “silent treatment.” This is where communication is intentionally withheld in order to somehow “punish” the recipient. It can also occur when the sender of “silence” does not want to confront his or her feelings about a subject and chooses to remain quiet rather than confront the issues. This has never been a characteristic of the channel, but he has known people who use this approach in life. Although the silent treatment may seem passive and even peaceful, it is part of an elaborate control game fostered by the ego in order to produce certain desired results from others.

Another technique we observe frequently is what you call “storytelling.” Everyone loves a good story and there are many of you that tell great stories, but this method of communication can mask deeper feelings and intentions. Oftentimes, those on the receiving end of the stories will see through the masks long before the storyteller gets the message. This is when listeners become bored and uninterested in the stories and start to “vacate the premises” to put it nicely.

You have all known people who have a lot of words in the delivery, but not really much to say. To make this more relevant to our discussion, let’s use channels as an example. All of you can recall flowery, fluffy messages full of words like love, compassion, light and understanding. Yet behind these words was little, if any, energy. Instead of feeling inspired, you merely felt lulled into a false sense of peace, while feeling a bit empty inside. Can you relate, beloveds? Be honest. Many of you have been to channels, workshops, personal sessions, etc., involving entities speaking through channels, whether consciously, as in the case with this channel, or through trance-mediumship. Which entities and channels left the deepest impression on you? You might find that it was not always the ones with the most colorful and flowery language.

Our point, beloved ones, is that the energy and intent behind a communicated message is far more important than the actual words. This channel has often said, prior to bringing us in, that the energy transferred is about 80% of the message and the words are maybe 20%. This is certainly true from our perspective. Yes, the words are important because they trigger a response from within the mind of the listener, and we do have motives for communicating. There is a certain state of consciousness we are looking to evoke from within each one of you. We say this with the utmost respect for your free will. After all, you would not be reading this message if you were not already drawn to the specific energy and frequency we represent.

Our motive, quite simply, is to help you awaken to more of who you already are. Call it remembering if you like, but it is very straight-forward. Our words are triggers to help you increase your awareness of your true essence. It is our further intention that you will empower yourselves, with our help, and be a powerful force for healing in the world. We certainly cannot do this alone. Although we were assigned to this beautiful planet, through our own free will choice, we cannot do very much without willing hearts and minds, such as yours. We are not allowed to interfere with human free will. Therefore, we simply present you with various options and you must decide whether or not what we are saying is worthy of your attention and consideration. We may, occasionally, make predictions about your future if it feels, in our perception, that this will help motivate you to make the changes we see your souls longing to make already.

We do not try to convince you of anything or persuade you to think in a specific way. However, we do encourage you to develop more of your ability to discern and make wise choices. If we see you making a choice that is clearly NOT in your best interests, it is our duty to point this out in as loving a way as possible, without telling you what to do. As elder brothers and sisters, we have a certain responsibility to you to keep you safe and capable of making intelligent decisions. A parent will run out into the street to remove a small child from an oncoming vehicle.

Some of you are saying, “But, Leah, isn’t that intervention in our free will?” Yes, perhaps it is, to some extent. The Divine Dispensation occurring on planet Earth does allow us to intervene in some cases. We, along with members of the Confederation, will not allow you to blow yourselves up with nuclear weapons. We will not allow you to conduct activities that will destroy the electromagnetic fields of the planet. The reasons for these decisions are as follows: There are a great number of you that desire to live in peace and do not need to learn soul lessons anymore about war and suffering. Therefore, to impose these conditions upon you would be a violation of your free will. For us to refuse to intervene in these instances would result in far more souls being violated than if we do intervene. While ultimately there is no such thing as violation of free will, in your 3D world, such violations are experienced daily.

You have what is called “critical mass.” When a certain number, or rather, energy quotient, of souls desires peace, the warmongers among you are no longer allowed to dictate your reality by continuing their warring ways. They will be stopped, lovingly but firmly, from destroying the peace-loving souls on Earth. You must realize, beloveds, that we have waited until the last possible minute to intervene so directly in your affairs.

Let us clear up another thing. Although certain groups of the Confederation are actively blocking the implementation of nuclear and electromagnetic weapons, we are NOT involved in the antics of some of our less enlightened brothers and sisters from Sirius. These misguided souls are trying to save you from yourselves and are making elaborate plans to beam you aboard their fleet of spaceships. You have heard their channels proclaiming, “This will be the day.” If you have noticed, dear ones, there have been a lot of such days. Would we of the Confederation issue such a proclamation and not follow through with it? Would we have any credibility or business being here if we continually promised you this false salvation and then did not follow through?

There are obviously two reasons you should be critical of such messages. (1) They have not come to fruition; and (2) They would prevent you from completing your Earthly assignments. These 4D souls from Sirius do not understand the nature of your free will. Their idea of intervention involves preventing you from doing what your soul longs to do – help free other human beings from death and darkness. How many souls will be truly freed if the best and brightest among you are whisked away to some la-la land in the sky?

We understand that many of these Sirians (and others) have the best of intentions. They believe they are doing you a favor. However, ask yourselves, who are they to know what you truly need? For that matter, who are WE to know? This is why we are so careful not to make your decisions for you. We do not claim to have all of your answers. Only you can make the final decision on what is right for you. We have the advantage of being able to see from a higher perspective, without all the filtering and distortion inherent within your world. We are not caught in modes of survival and environmental pollution. We do not have authority figures telling us what to do and how to think. We are not being programmed by your media to act and reason in a certain way. Being outside of the veil of illusion surrounding your world, we are able to make clear choices, although we must admit, many of our choices are not easy. We find this assignment difficult as well.

We are not merely trying to comfort you; we are being completely open and honest. That is an essential ingredient in clear communication. We are not here to impress you or make ourselves look good, or even to make YOU look good. You are already children of God, created in His/Her perfect image and likeness. We cannot improve upon that. We do not need your approval and you do not need ours. However, we DO need to share our love with you and receive yours in return, because we were ALL created in love.

I, Leah, on behalf of the Confederation, offer you my most sincere love and appreciation for WHO YOU ARE. You are magnificent beings and we are privileged to be working with you. We will continue to be here for you, ready and willing to help in any way we can. We respect your free will and your intelligence. We love you too much to make your decisions for you. Yet we will not let you get run over by a truck on the roadway. Did we make this point clear? Good.

Our message is getting long and we know your attention span is not great, so we will sign off for now. Peace, beloveds, and infinite blessings from on high. I am Leah.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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