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Leah on the Middle East Conflict
Received by Sal Rachele
July 30, 2006

Beloveds, this is Leah. The channel has asked me to speak on this subject and I will do so with the understanding that this is much more than a simple conflict between two Earth countries.

Most of you understand the metaphysical concept that what you see in your world is an outpicturing of what is in your consciousness. Can we assume you have knowledge of this and move on from here? Okay.

You are perhaps also familiar with the idea that when a planet (such as yours) goes through a transformation and the vibratory frequency of its inhabitants increases, all that is unlike the increased frequencies must be healed or dispelled. In order for issues to be dealt with, integrated, resolved, released, or whatever needs to happen in order for them to make room for the increased frequencies, such issues must be brought out of denial and faced. We have affectionately called this the “in-your-face” syndrome. By now you must simply LOVE dealing with this (laughter).

Many of you are saying, “Why the Middle East? What makes this part of Earth so important?”

I would say this: Are you aware of the nature of vortexes – fields of electromagnetic energy that surround and penetrate planetary bodies? In what you call the Middle East there are vortexes and ley lines, or areas of increased EM force. In addition, you have three major religions all occupying a relatively small land area. To oversimplify the causes of the conflict there, when you have three religions and a lot of EM energy fields, anything within those religions that is unresolved is going to go through the “in-your-face” syndrome.

Beloveds, you have free will, and that applies to the methods you use to deal with your issues. When you have unresolved anger, fear, guilt, shame, or whatever, you can choose to lovingly embrace the feelings and then offer them up to God, OR, you can indulge them, become trapped in them, and act out the various fantasies and imaginings associated with those feelings. As you know all too well, this is what has been happening in the Middle East for many centuries in Earth time.

In addition to religion, you have the necessary human desire to have space – that is, land upon which you place your houses, land that you call yours, that nobody has a right to come in and take from you. This is an issue of the human ego, but it is an important one. Without personal space, it is very difficult to get along with each other. In these tiny land spaces you call Israel, Lebanon, Syria, etc., land is coveted and treasured and sought after. Many see the tiny bit of land upon which they dwell and are unsatisfied and believe they must take land from others in order to have enough.

Beloveds, you know about the core negative beliefs illuminated by this channel, and you know the ones about “not enough” very well. They manifest as not enough money, not enough time, not enough space, not enough talent, not enough worth. You know what dear Leah is talking about, don’t you? Every one of you has fallen prey to these beliefs at one time or another.

So let’s put all of the above ideas together, and not forget to include the issue of oil – the form of energy most of your societies depend on. I’ll put it in first person human vernacular here as follows:

“I am an Arab (or Israeli, or American, or Christian, or Jew, or Muslim, etc.) and I am being forced to live with souls who do not believe as I do, and who are crowding me on my land and wanting to take from me, and I already don’t have enough, so therefore you are my enemy and I will attack you and subdue you so I can live in peace.”

Most of you “enlightened” souls reading this can see the faulty logic here, but you must remember that only a small percentage of you have cleared your own negative issues sufficiently to not buy into this type of thinking. Of course, we in the higher realms see a lot of simple solutions – perhaps too simple for your complicated minds. The very thing so many humans crave – power – is being denied precisely because of the way you are going about trying to attain power.

The following may sound like obvious solutions to some of you, but Leah here, on behalf of the Confederation, will offer some advice regarding what to do about the Middle East and the dozens of other conflicts raging on your world.

First of all, you must KNOW that you live in an abundant Universe, with plenty for all. You must seek to tap the unlimited energy fields of the ethers, in intelligent ways, and distribute the abundance to all peoples. You must lay aside your outdated religions and realize there is ONE GOD who loves EVERY soul unconditionally forever. It is up to each one of you to align yourselves with this unlimited power. Once you do, you will never again lust after external power, whether in the form of oil, money, land grabs, control over others, intellectual superiority, bigotry, pride, prejudice (subtle or overt), or any other form of judgment.

The day will come, beloveds, when you will be able to gaze upon those humans with the most despicable behavior and simply feel love and compassion for them. When you do, you will no longer be a contributor to the madness that engulfs your world. This madness is caused by souls who have forgotten the true Source of power. They sit in their oversized chairs and finery, eating their oversized meals and feeling privileged. They fight to keep this illusion of power and stop at nothing, oppressing and torturing their own citizens in addition to their “enemies.” They control the financial systems of your world and no amount of money is ever enough for them. They finance both sides of your armed conflicts, caring not whose hands the weapons of war fall into, as long as they are paid by their suppliers. They conspire, and then make up conspiracies to obstruct and confuse. They want you to believe you are a helpless pawn in the chess game of life. They depend on keeping you ignorant in order to stay in their illusion of power.

Beloveds, as real as this may seem, it is all an illusion. As soon as you fully realize that you cannot be assailed from outside yourself, as soon as you fully embrace your own God Self, as soon as you align yourself with the Source of unlimited power, the game will be over. Already, you are in the “endgame.” Your chess pieces are far beyond the pompous kings and queens you see on the board. Your true King (God within) cannot be checkmated or captured. Nothing these sorry rulers do can take away your divinity. Rejoice in this! Send love and forgiveness to all of the players in your Middle East chess game. They are weary of centuries of fighting and serving their insatiable lords and masters. It matters not whether their lords are human or reptilian, Democrat or Republican, Jewish or Muslim. Today it is time to put away the toys of war and go within to the peace that passes understanding. As more and more of you do this, you become a force and power that is unstoppable.

We are not suggesting you do nothing externally. Your outer actions can reflect your inner compassion. Some of you may be moved to offer assistance in some form to those who are suffering. Some of you may be moved to write your elected officials or protest in the streets. Whatever you are called to do in response to the atrocities you see in the world is fine, as long as you are following the call of your God Self. Your ego is incapable of responding to the travesties of the so-called rulers. As long as you are fighting them, you might as well be dropping bombs on the Lebanese, or shooting Iraqis with white phosphorous.

“Okay, Leah, go a bit easy,” you say, but really, each one of you is a god in training and each one of you is capable of saving or destroying this world. Which would you choose? To respond in anger to the aggressors, or to put on the sword and shield of peace, a sword and shield that will never be used to slay an enemy. You have a mighty defense in the truth, as beloved Lord Sananda has taught in countless forms. Today it is time to actualize his teachings and be a soldier of peace – not someone fighting the darkness, but someone who truly rises above it. Arise and awaken today, beloveds. Be the peace that you desire. I am Leah, on behalf of the Confederation. Infinite blessings to you.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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