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Leah on Accepting What Is
Received by Sal Rachele
September 14, 2004

Dearly Beloveds,

This is Leah once again, with another timely message that fits the times you are going through, people of Earth.

There is a paradox inherent within the lower realms of Creation. That paradox has been stated in many ways, and I will attempt to state it in the way that will best lead to your understanding. The paradox is this: In order to truly embrace change and, in fact, to truly CHANGE, you must first accept yourself as you are, right now, with all of your faults, with all of your “dirty laundry”. The channel has used a map analogy to describe this. It goes something like this (apologies to the channel if I don’t get the cities right):

If you want to go to Chicago, and you think you are in Dallas, but you really are in Los Angeles, you’ll end up in Seattle.

Okay, how’s that for Leah’s geography knowledge? Let’s see, Chicago is north of Dallas, and Seattle is north of Los Angeles (well actually a little northwest). So the point is, unless you have an accurate picture of where you are, you will have difficulty getting where you want to go. Got it? Good. Let’s move on.

So how do we accept what is? Sure, it’s easy to accept that part of you that is kind and loving, or intellectually brilliant. But what about those unresolved feelings toward Mommy and Daddy, or that bitterness over the recent divorce? What about that time you were robbed or raped or your best friend was murdered? I’m not saying you shouldn’t have strong feelings about events that have happened in your lives. Beloveds, we of the Confederation understand it is often a difficult journey through the 3rd and 4th dimensions. But we want you to balance between knowledge of your human selves and knowledge of the Divine within you. We want you to honor BOTH aspects of yourselves: The bumbling idiot in a clumsy human body AND the perfect, immaculate child of God inhabiting that bumbling body. (Please forgive our use of the word “idiot”. We mean no disgrace by that word – in fact, it is almost a term of endearment.)

In your Tarot deck, you have a card called the “Fool.” It shows a picture of a man joyfully walking off a cliff. What it doesn’t show is what happens to the fool after he takes that last step. And perhaps this is the question of the hour. What really DOES happen when you foolishly and spontaneously walk off the edge of your comfortable, familiar reality?

Fear will say, “Don’t do that. You’ll suffer some terrible tragedy.” Maybe. Maybe not. I suppose in a strictly 3D sense, you might end up a heap of broken bones at the bottom. But, dear ones, you are not strictly 3D beings. You are gods in 3D clothing. So it really depends on where you place your trust. Are you trusting your 3D self to provide your reality, or are you trusting God within? Let’s look honestly at how much you trust your own Divinity. This is part of what is: Your level of trust. Be completely honest with yourself. How much do you trust the God Presence within? The more you trust your God Presence, the more it will carry you safely across to the other side of the cliff.

Perhaps it is necessary at times to be the fool. Perhaps there are times in your life when you must step off the cliff in complete and utter faith, knowing that somehow, in some way, you’ll be okay in the end.

This is not to say you should blindly jump off a cliff physically, hoping to fly. If you look honestly at where you are, most of you will realize you haven’t yet learned to transcend gravity. So unless you are absolutely certain you can levitate or fly your body, we do not suggest taking this lesson literally.

However, when it comes to the personality, perhaps it is time to jump off the cliff of the known. Perhaps it is time to soar into the unknown and leave your old self-concept behind. Perhaps you should imagine what it would be like to have no personality, no ego, no sense of self. If all that you thought you were did not exist, what would be left? Go deeply into that question, for it is profound and vital to explore this. What if all that you thought was yours was stripped away? What would you have left?

Meditate on this, and be ruthlessly and brutally honest, beloveds, about where you stand in the scheme of things. How attached are you to this body, this personality, this life you call yours? How willing are you to trust that there is a higher version of You, waiting to be acknowledged and waiting to take over the reins from the ego? After all, I think we can all agree that the ego has badly botched its job. Let it go and relegate it to the role of humble servant. Let your God Presence take charge. Trust that your God Presence knows the answers. Trust that your God Presence will take you safely across the chasm of doubt and fear. Trust, beloveds, and accept your place in the cosmic symphony. I am Leah.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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