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Channeled Messages from Isis
Australia Workshop Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele
September 30, 2006

Welcome, dear ones, this is Isis. This is about the fifth or sixth time we have channelled through this particular being. We are getting a little bit easier at dealing with his energy field and he is having an easier time dealing with our energy field, and so today we hope to have a very productive session with all of you. We want to welcome you to this sacred circle. This is a sacred circle, and this is a very sacred energy work that is being given to you today.

Very few souls during the time of Egypt understood what Ra-Sheeba was, and indeed very few people today understand what Ra-Sheeba is. Your scientists would say you are providing a geometric grid pattern over the aura of the physical bodies, and that is correct. The sacred patterns, which are modelled after what you call sacred geometry, are designed to affect the electromagnetic grid, or what you call your etheric grid. The etheric grid is the structure of your energy body, and it affects your physical, emotional and mental bodies as well. When you have illness in your physical body, the electromagnetic grid in your etheric form is out of balance. Geometries – the configurations – the patterns – are not in alignment with your Divine Blueprint when you are ill. When you align your Divine Blueprint with the energies in your etheric body, health is restored to your physical body.

Although illness occurs for a variety of reasons on your Earth plane, and can originate in any of your lower bodies, it is the aligning of the sacred grid with your Divine Blueprint that creates healing. Ra-Sheeba and the Ra-Sheeba Ascension Activation are sacred symbols that are implanted into your etheric body in order to counteract negative implants and imprints that have been placed into your etheric body through various soul experiences since the beginning of your individualization as a soul.

Most of you have journeyed through many worlds. You have been on many planets in what you call 3rd, 4th, and 5th density, and each of these experiences has left imprints in your etheric body. These imprints are stored in what is called your causal body, which this channel differentiates from the etheric body. We are accessing his Akashic records and his mental fields and using his terminology to describe our work, because we find it is more consistent than some of the systems and models being given on your planet.

Therefore, most of the terminology we are using will be found in his own teaching. This is intentional, of course, as we would not want to be introducing a system that is contrary to his own models.

In his model, you have six lower bodies, known as the physical, emotional, mental, astral, etheric and causal bodies, and each of these bodies has a component of your overall well-being. Each of these bodies is a perceptive mechanism for your life. Your physical body obviously is the perceptive mechanism which perceives in your Earth plane. All of these bodies exist in your eternal now moment, and all of them are part of your Earthly experience, even if some of them are more subtle, or what you would call higher dimensional, than your Earth plane. So, when any one of more of these systems are out of balance, illness can result, whether it be physical, emotional or mental illness, or illness on any other level.

Because you are one being with many aspects, if so much as one of your aspects is out of balance, you do not feel whole and complete and can be subject to illness. So Ra-Sheeba, as a geometric grid pattern entering into your physical body and your etheric body, helps to restore balance, and can cause illness to disappear.

Now, we in the higher dimensions are most pleased with the work that is taking place within you. All of you are opening to receive the teachings of the higher realms. Many of you were alive during the time of ancient Egypt, and many of you attended the priesthoods and mystery school, which spanned a period from about 12,000 years ago until about 5000 years ago, in Earth time. So many of you, when you receive these initiations, are remembering your past lives in ancient Egypt, and are remembering the sacred vows and initiations you took in the temples.

This channel and beloved Merilyn earlier gave a brief history of Egypt and the Draco people. The history of Egypt and the Draco people would fill several volumes on your library shelves, were it to be disseminated properly. So you must understand that the way it is being disseminated through these channels is a brief digested summary. It is not even partially the story – it is a fragment – a small fragment – of the story. Nevertheless, it will give you some idea of what happened during that period of time in your Earth history.

Throughout the history of your planet, several civilizations have risen and fallen repeatedly, and it has been in a cyclical pattern. Sometimes the cycle has been triggered by the major celestial events which occur on your world, such as the Galactic Alignment that occurs approximately every 26,000 years, the electromagnetic influence of Nibiru, which comes every 3,600 years, or the passage of the comet Annanhutak, which comes approximately every 12,000 years. There are other cycles that also affect the rising and falling of your civilizations.

We are not going to go deeply into the subject of sacred geometry. Your well-being and your civilizations are both tied to sacred patterns in the ethers that surround your world. As you heal your ancient lifetimes, as you heal your DNA, which is combination of many star systems, you in turn affect the grid system of your beloved Earth, and you affect whether or not civilizations continue to rise and fall.

Another of the purposes for us coming forward at this time through our channels and through Ra-Sheeba, is to create a new option for humanity as well as the Draco, Orion and Sirian civilizations. This is a new option that does not involve constantly rising and falling of civilizations. Your civilization is currently at an equivalent period in time to what happened in ancient Atlantis just before it was destroyed. Although some of your civilization will undoubtedly be destroyed once again despite our best efforts to stop it, we believe a large number of souls will survive your Earth changes and move into a new period of peace upon your world. It is our hope that the information presented through these channels and many others, will give you an opportunity to heal the ancient scars you have been carrying with you.

Most of you in this room have Draco, Orion and Sirian DNA to some extent, and you are carrying those ancient scars with you into this lifetime. The imprints given during the Ra-Sheeba attunements, initiations, meditations and exercises, are designed to heal those ancient scars. It is not necessary that you revisit every detail of your lifetimes in Egypt and on other worlds. It is only necessary that you change the etheric imprints that were given you during those traumatic times. As you have been told, Egypt rose and fell. When Thoth came to ancient Egypt and was guided by Ra and myself, great pinnacles of spiritual achievement resulted, and over 300 souls were able to go through the ascension process during the 5000 years we worked with closely with Thoth. When the Orions, Sirians and Dracos came and interbred with the Pleiadean brothers and sisters, it was the end of the pinnacle of civilization. We listened closely to our inner guidance and were told to withdraw, lest we too get caught in the maelstrom of Earthly turbulence.

Dear ones, you must understand that life on Earth is not easy for the enlightened souls, nor is it easy for us in the spiritual realms who wish to guide you and help bring you back to the light, and it was with deep regret that many of us were unable to keep the purity of the original sacred energies intact on Earth. It is only now, as enough of you have risen in vibration, that we are able to once again interact with you in these methods.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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