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Leah on the Spirit Worlds
Received by Sal Rachele
November 18, 2004

Greetings in the Light of the Radiant One. I am Leah, again at your service. Today’s lesson is a bit different from some of the previous ones. No, I am not abandoning the subject of enlightened sexuality. There are more parts to that lesson in the very near future. A couple of details in the channel’s life have prompted this discourse. His recent involvement with a class in psychic and intuitive development is the main reason, along with his section on spirit guides and teachers. I will have him save these words until a bit later in the class, however, due partly to his ongoing issues with the technological world.

Let me address that briefly. All of you involved in the online classes and online teachings must remember that these truths reside deep within you and it is not necessary to have an Internet connection to experience these truths. During the times when the Internet connection is unavailable (for whatever reason), that is when you take the time to go within and get the information directly. My words through my beloved are just triggers for your own inner exploration. They are not ends in themselves. They are not the goal. They are the trigger. Never forget this, dear ones, for the time spent in the Spirit World with my beloved cannot be explained in words. He is only dimly aware of those times, and that is one of the things we will explore in this lesson. In fact, the nature of time itself is completely different within the higher realms.

We would start by reminding all of you that the Spirit Worlds exist right now and right here, simultaneously with this physical world you see about you. We exist in this present moment. This present moment is ultimately all there is. The past, present and future are laid out before us as a canvas upon which to paint our pictures. You are painting your pictures on the part of the canvas draped across the planet known as Earth. Our canvas has, as its backdrop, the starry sky, or the heavens, as you would call them. Although our world of reference, Venus, is indeed a planet, in the realm where we reside, it is just a piece of fabric in the tapestry of light. The ethereal planet, where we have our light bodies, has glorious color and texture and feeling, but it has none of the hot, poisonous gases of the third dimension. Only the core essence of Lady Venus remains with us. Her presence, her spirit is the medium through which we soar on wings of light. She is our companion, our deepest friend in the spirit of everything. We use her “body” as our place of refuge, so to speak, although that term does not really explain it. It is better to go back to the analogy of a canvas, a backdrop upon which we create day to day, moment to moment as co-Creators with the Great Spirit.

Let us talk about the Spirit Worlds of the Great Spirit. I am intentionally using the language of the Natives of your world to help you stretch your perspectives. All of you have what are called “spiritual ancestors” to quote a term from a shaman’s viewpoint. These are the spirit guides and teachers that have accompanied you from the earlier times of your planetary evolution. What you may not understand is that not only are these spirits here with you now, but the realms from which they come are still in existence in the larger fabric of space and time. In other words, the past, present and future all exist in the eternal now, and the eternal now is eternally present in each and every moment. So this means that the life you are living now, in this 3D world you call Earth, is interacting with and affecting your past and future lives and all the parallel worlds of spirit that co-exist here with you.

“Leah, that’s a mouthful!” Yes, beloved, I saw your concern at the length of my last three paragraphs. Certainly, your ability to edit as you go along makes it easier for the readers, but you do lose a little spontaneity along the way. Such are the pitfalls of 3D existence.

There, does that feel better? A short paragraph. Very well, now let’s get back to our audience, shall we? Please excuse the interruption.

We included that last little bit of banter purposely, instead of relegating it to the sidelines, in order to make a point. The biggest reason you do not understand the Spirit Worlds is due to your everyday concern with 3D issues. This certainly makes sense, as you all know how easily you are distracted. The physical body needs this, the emotional body needs that, and pretty soon you are sputtering around taking care of physical details instead of concentrating on the messages and your spiritual exploration. This is okay – after all, it’s part of the process on your world. Do not fight with it or judge it. When you are distracted, just notice it, be aware of the issues, resolve them if necessary, and then resume your investigation into other dimensions of your reality. Okay, enough of that.

The Spirit Worlds consist of what many Native teachings would call the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. These correspond roughly to the astral, etheric and higher spiritual worlds given in such teachings as Eckankar and Eastern Hinduism. The channel has charts and diagrams of these worlds, but keeps it very general and does not go into subplanes and subdimensions and all that.

Within the astral world, there are the lower, middle and upper regions, or subplanes if you will, that correspond to various terms from your various anthologies. Words such as purgatory, netherworld, place of judgment and others (including “hell”) are often used to describe the lower astral. The channel has included this region in his discussion of the fourth dimension, instead of relegating it to the second dimension as some of your teachers would do. This is because all the astral regions are controlled by the mental process of humans and spirits. [The fourth dimension is the realm of mind and time.] As co-creators with God, you are given a set of regions and realms upon which to dance your dance, or paint your painting. The astral regions are part of your elementary school canvas. Those of you that are just starting out as individual souls and need some basic lessons in creativity begin with the astral regions as your backdrop. Is it any wonder then, beloveds, that you would not have the proper discrimination to create something a bit more palatable than flesh-eating monsters, grotesque apparitions and disembodied ghouls, ghosts and goblins?

The lower astral is a complicated place that contains your energies, entities and thought forms. That’s right, the things you create when in a place of fear, doubt, guilt, shame, anger, revenge, and all that. Of course, there are a few lovely things as well, but they don’t stand much of a chance cohabiting the region along with all the deranged things of the unhealed psyche. To say this world is all in your mind is accurate, but does not tell the whole story. You could say you are all in God’s mind, to complete the analogy. These things take on an energy of their own, just as you take on an energy of your own apart from God, if you so choose. Once the painting is finished, it remains glued to the canvas and the canvas becomes an integral part of the painting. Such it is with the astral regions. They have a reality of their own, albeit controlled completely by the consciousness of you, the co-creators.

Next we have the middle astral, the place where most of you go to dream at night when your bodies are resting. The middle astral worlds correspond directly to the physical world. The channel, for instance, could probably draw you a map of astral San Francisco. He has explored the middle astral region of this great city many times – so many times he could almost name the astral streets and can certainly draw the geography. It’s a curious thing – the geography corresponds roughly to the physical 3D city, but with significant differences in both height and breadth. More importantly are the energy differences from one section of the city to another. Certain sections of the city are devoted to certain thought forms within the collective creation of its creators. To put that another way, the middle astral cities and regions are collective creations of the subconscious minds of the inhabitants. Since the channel no longer lives in San Francisco, he may think he is not contributing to its creation, but that is not true. Any time you visit a place in your astral body, you influence its creation. As you know, in dreams you can embellish and modify and enhance just about anything. The next time you go there, you will likely find your embellishments still in place. Those of you skilled at lucid dreaming, try it! Pay attention to the details of your dreams and you will verify much of Leah’s ramblings.

Goodness gracious! Speaking of ramblings, this piece is getting long. We’re going to have to split this one up into separate parts as well. Are some of you getting irritated at me? Well, that’s your problem [chuckle]. Did you really think we could explore this subject in one part? Come on, dear ones, you’re smarter than that. The spiritual path is simple, but nobody said it was easy. Certainly not dear Leah. But it’s certainly exciting! I am excited to be your tour guide on this ongoing journey. Until we get back on the bus – I bid you a short farewell.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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