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Leah on Sacred Sexuality, Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele
November 8, 2004

Greetings, dear ones. Leah here in the full glory of the Infinite One. With a wave of my flowing golden robes of light, I bring you a most delightful discourse on a most delightful subject, one that has been obscured by illusion and distortion upon your world.

Perhaps many of you have wondered what sex is like in the sixth density. Some of you have an inkling, a glimmer of a more whole and fulfilling way of sexual union, but within the incessant demands of the ego and physical urges, it seems unattainable. So most in your world resort to habitual ways of relating sexually.

The channel has given us permission to use himself as a personal example in these discourses, so without undue embarrassment, we will proceed.

The channel has often recalled a movie that came out in the 1980s called “Cocoon” in which a certain actress merged her energies with an ET in a love ritual. Well, dear ones, although the act of cosmic love can hardly be approximated in Hollywood method, this is indeed a glimpse of what it is like in our world. Although our light bodies have remnants of physical sexual organs, they are not used exclusively in rituals of union. Instead, our energy bodies merge and mingle with each other, much like the depiction in the movie.

What about fidelity? you ask. In our world, we recognize that All is One, and that Love alone is our Relationship. We honor and respect each soul in its uniqueness and in its desire for expression. We do not violate any soul. We do not violate free will. We seek only to help each soul unite with the Creator. That said, our energy mergings and minglings are seldom confined to one partner. God did not intend that expressions of love be limited to one person alone. This is not to say that monogamous relationships are wrong or medieval. There are many on Earth who thrive on monogamy and that is fine. But we do not ascribe to outdated morals given by egotistical gods in order to control the populace.

Harsh words, Leah! This hardly sounds like the advice of a goddess! you say.

Really? And how would you know what goes on in the life of a goddess? I say, put aside your judgments and your morals and ask yourselves this: “What is the highest form of love expression I can give?” “How can I express my love in ways that do the most to uplift my fellow souls?” “How can I trust my soul to express love in the most wholistic and beautiful way possible?”

Beloveds, these are the questions you should be asking, not “Is monogamy right or wrong?” That kind of question will answer itself, regardless of the form taken. The channel has lived almost all of his life in a state of monogamy. He has found, in the past, that spreading physical energy among more than one partner at a time has been depleting. That may very well be the case for most of you. But do not decide these things based on programmed and conditioned morals. Find out for yourselves what works best. The channel has also brought forth recently the idea that there are two kinds of relationships, karmic and co-creative. He has recently moved out of a karmic relationship and has had visions of a co-creative relationship coming in the near future.

Co-creative partnership is not a new concept. In fact, it has been offered in numerous books on psychology. However, at this time on Earth, the possibility of co-creative relationships comes forth as never before. As most of you complete your karmic connections, you may find yourselves leaving your partners and mates and spreading your wings in solitude. Yet at the same time, there is a longing for a different type of union, a sacred union, the kind of union we Venusians and Arcturians have.

The subject of sex and love is vast, and we are barely scratching the surface here. We will break this discourse into a number of parts, exploring a different specific topic in each part. We can spend an entire discourse on the difference between karmic and co-creative relationships. We can spend an entire discourse on how to involve all the chakras in lovemaking. We can devote much of a discourse on how to maintain the sacred energy flow when not in relationship. And of course, a topic dear to many of you would be how to attract someone that is appropriate for a co-creative relationship. Then there’s the subject of tantra, or the yoga of sexuality. Oh, and let’s not forget what we started this discourse with – sex in the sixth density.

Dear ones, you will find that in order to move into a higher consciousness regarding sexuality, you will need to re-order your lives to allow for the time and space to explore these things. You may be disappointed that we have only introduced this subject in this discourse, but we feel it is important to recognize that very few of you have set aside the proper time and space to explore this subject, and so we would end this first discourse by asking you to look once again at your priorities. Is sex a matter of convenience? Is it relegated to the same category as food? Are you concerned with satisfying desires? We would suggest you begin by asking yourselves, “What happens to my energy after lovemaking?” Do you feel depleted or energized?

We will give you time to answer these questions before we proceed. We will not hurry this topic or try to summarize it in a couple of pages. We promise we will explore the subcategories mentioned above. The first rule of thumb here is to take our time and to explore with unprejudiced minds. This is an exciting topic and one we look forward to continuing shortly. I am Leah.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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