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Leah on Open and Honest Communication
Received by Sal Rachele
April 12, 2006

Dearest ones, this is Leah, here with another pearl of wisdom for your assimilation. As usual, the channel has asked me to speak on this subject and I am happy to offer my perceptions and insights.

Open and honest communication. What does that mean? How does it come about? The channel has been prompted to go into this subject due in part to his observation of what works and does not work in relationships between souls. Always when there is a lack of open and honest communication in a relationship, whether it be family, friends, lovers, business, or whatever, it is due to fear. If you are the one having trouble communicating openly and honestly, then you need to ask yourself, “What am I afraid of? Why am I holding back a part of myself? What is it that I don’t want another to see in myself? Am I afraid of rejection? Am I afraid of humiliation? Am I afraid I will be judged if I just be myself?”

Those of you who thrive on the approval of others, heed this lesson. Your approval-seeking nature is not your friend. As you move through your life and expand your awareness, you will encounter disapproval from some. That is the nature of the spiritual path. Some will not understand you. Some might even despise you. At best, they will distance themselves from you. Most of you have been hurt in the past. You have had expectations and they have been dashed and you have been disappointed. Some of you are what your psychologists call the “walking wounded.” You are afraid to open up and take another chance for fear you will be hurt again. You know this one, yes? Of course you do. So what do you do about it? Take another chance? Get hurt again? Perhaps.

First of all, you might alienate a few people, some might get hurt, some might get offended, some might be put off, but if you are open and honest the benefits will far outweigh the disadvantages. What do you really have to lose by taking risks, by being open and honest? Okay, you’re with someone now and you don’t want to offend this person. You don’t want to be rude. You don’t want to shake the apple cart or ruffle the feathers. So you live in mediocrity because your relationship just survives day by day in a state of comfortableness and stasis. Is that living?

Be honest with yourself. Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of? Are your relationships bringing you fulfillment? If not, where are you holding back within yourself?

Some of you are saying, “Leah, that’s easy to say where you are, but we’re here on Earth and people play games here.” Yes of course they do. This is a game-playing world, in case you haven’t noticed. But would you rather be good at playing the game, or be loving and open and honest with yourself and others? Seriously, what have you got to lose? Yes, some of you will break up and separate. There are those of you who will drive your current partner away if you open up and be honest. Perhaps that is for the best. If you are afraid of losing what you already have, how can you be open to something better?

Some of you are ready to move on and create an entirely different type of relationship. Some of you have outgrown your present partner. We don’t mean to be callous or judgmental, but when it is time to move on, some of you fight and resist it. Always ask yourself, is this present situation helping me grow and evolve? Or is it merely providing comfort, sustenance and a sense of belonging?

We are applying this lesson mostly to those of you with intimate relationships, but the same is true in business. How many of you take the time to follow up with your clients? How many of you are completely open and honest about what you are selling or the service you are providing? Do you have a hidden agenda? Are you more interested in closing the sale than in the person you are dealing with? You can see the results of dishonesty by looking at the corporate world. Is it not true that those who are more concerned with the “bottom line” are the ones wreaking havoc upon your planet? Yes, of course you deserve to be prosperous. All of you are abundant by nature. Thriving and prospering in the truest sense comes from being completely open and honest about the product or service you are providing. What is its purpose? How does it truly help others?

You have numerous philosophies and teachings on how to become successful. Go ahead and study them. What do they all have in common? Yes, they emphasize valuing the customer – seeing the customer as a human being first – and striving to fill the needs of that person. If your product or service genuinely helps others, then you have accomplished the first step.

Next, you must be open and honest in your communication. Do not hide behind arrogance or fancy sounding words. You are not here to impress anyone – you are here to serve. Yes? Are you following me? Good. Let people know how you feel. Follow up with people. Do not be afraid to offend. If you criticize with a loving heart, it is always constructive. Examine your motives. Are you simply expressing your feelings and wanting to heal a situation, or is there a vindictiveness or bitterness underneath the criticism? Be willing to admit your shortcomings. All of you have them. They may not be real in the ultimate sense but they are real in this world. If you overestimate your ability in an area, be real about it. Acknowledge it. Know that for whatever reason you were not in touch with your highest level of being and behaved in an unenlightened manner. Do not try to hide it and pretend you were following your heart if you were not. Okay, so you were insensitive to someone. Come down to Earth and acknowledge it. Forgive yourself and move on. Do better next time. Then let it go.

Do not use the “silent treatment.” When has that ever gotten you anywhere? When you close down and refuse to communicate, what are you really doing? If you are not ready to disclose something about yourself, at least have the courtesy and decency to admit this. Say to the person, “I need some time to myself right now. I need to sort through these feelings. This is about me, not you. I need some alone time. Please try and understand.” This is better than a silent stare.

Those of you in business relationships, particularly when it comes to money, need a lot of work on this one. Know that in truth you have everything you need. Yet if you are unhappy with a product or service, do not remain silent. If you are having trouble paying for a product or service, let the provider know. Ask to work something out. Do not hide in shame or fear if you are experiencing a temporary shortage of funds. Do not feel silently guilty if you feel you were dishonest in a business transaction. Come clean. Admit your shortcomings, forgive yourself and move on. Do what you can to rectify the situation.

Okay, Leah here is getting back to basics. But the channel asked this question primarily because he sees a lack of communication in some of the clients and friends he deals with, and has, of course, seen this at times in himself. He is certainly not putting himself on a pedestal in this regard. Do some of you feel you are beyond this lesson? We think not. Perhaps you need to humble yourselves a bit. Sure, you are powerful, creative spiritual beings. But you are having an Earthly experience and you need to be completely honest about where you are on your path. You have some knowledge of higher worlds. You have tapped into your higher wisdom. Yet you live among humans on a 3D planet and most of you have daily dealings with them.

Acknowledge the areas where you need additional insights. Come clean. Take an honest look at where you are holding back from expressing your true feelings. Be real. Be yourselves. I am Leah, forever at your service.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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