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Leah on Balancing the Head and the Heart
Received by Sal Rachele
September 13, 2004

Dearly Beloveds,

As you can see, this looks like the beginning of a personal letter, and that is intentional. For you see, dear ones, this subject is one of my favorites. Sometimes I’m like a little child. I get so excited and enthusiastic when I see you glorious souls learning to balance the various aspects of your Beingness. It excites me to no end. You may think that here in what you call the sixth density, we would have gone beyond having a personal stake in what you people of Earth choose to do with your lives. Well, on one level that is true. However, we love you so much that we become overjoyed when we see you begin to embrace your true nature. Perhaps you could call it selfishness, but we love to have newly awakened souls to rejoice and play with in our cosmic playground called God’s Life. We are like exuberant tour guides. We can’t wait to show you around the universe!

We’ve used this analogy before, and quite recently in fact: Picture your beloved sleeping soundly in the bed beside you. How lovely he/she looks in peaceful slumber. But how much more lovely when this sleeping soul awakens and gazes joyously upon you as you welcome your beloved back to waking life.

During dreams, beloveds, you twitch and toss and turn and we can see by the nature of your angst that you have once again gone back to believing the illusions of the day. Yet each time we know with certainty that your sleep gets lighter and your eyelids flutter more frequently in their attempt to escape the dream.

Today, we celebrate your awakening. Perhaps you’re still rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Or perhaps the dream is still vivid within your minds. But from our vantage point, precious dears, you are already awake, and so we will treat you as such. We will not validate or magnify or even acknowledge your illusions. We know they are not real. Now you are realizing as well that they are the stuff of dreams.

“Okay, Leah, we get it. Now what about balancing the head and the heart?” All right, you got me there. Once again, I’ve wandered off topic. But I know you’ll forgive me. So on with the show.

As awakened souls living in the 3D/4D time continuum, it is your responsibility to learn to use all your faculties. This world strongly emphasizes the head – i.e., the intellect, the logical, rational mind. Some of you, on the other hand, have rebelled and gone to the opposite extreme, wearing your heart on your sleeve, so to speak. When you’re totally in your heart, life and love are wonderful and all you can see is the beloved everywhere you look. But as long as you are in embodiment, you heart-wise souls will still need that gray matter between your ears. How else would you communicate with headstrong souls who wish to awaken their gentler nature? You must speak their language in order to reach them, just as we are speaking through the channel using your common language right now. If we spoke Venusian, you would not be able to understand us. (Actually, we have no written language because we communicate telepathically, but that’s another story.)

So how do we balance the head and the heart? The key to soul growth is self-awareness. Begin by noticing what you are thinking and feeling. This may seem very basic, but you would be surprised how difficult it is for most Earth souls to do this on a continuous basis. Often, before you know it, you’re off on a tangent, either thinking obsessively about something you think you need to do tomorrow, or regretting something you did yesterday. Or perhaps you’re obsessing on the heart level about that relationship that “got away” or that hurt you felt when so-and-so insulted you. Either way, as long as you are caught in the head or the heart, you cannot be balanced. The obsession takes over and dominates your reality to the exclusion of everything else.

You may need to make a commitment to yourself to be vigilant. (Aah, there’s that word again – see my channeling of last week.) The minute, no the second, you start to obsess, you need to catch yourself and gently but firmly stop what you’re doing and go back into your Center. Go back to basics, beloveds. Sit down, turn on soft music, and go within. Ask God to help you center yourself. Ask God to remove the obsession and see your head and heart holding hands, smiling at one another, and working together as a team. That’s right, you can visualize your head and heart as two friends who work together. Make it silly if you will. Mr. Head is a strong, masculine person with a T-shirt with the word “HEAD” emblazoned it. Ms. Heart (forgive the stereotypes, but they work sometimes) is wearing her T-shirt with the word “HEART” in big, black, block letters. Now get these two hooligans to stand and face one another. See them taking each other’s hands. See them making eye contact. See them hugging.

See HEART saying to HEAD, “You’re a valuable part of me. I need your words, ideas and concepts in order to communicate with my fellow human beings. I need you to function in the world, to conduct business, run errands, manage finances, deal with authority figures, etc. I promise to be your faithful assistant in times of need.”

See HEAD saying to HEART, “You’re the spice of my life. You let me feel life instead of constantly thinking about it. Without you, I cannot have a direct experience of another. You give me a beautiful feeling of love that wells up within me and radiates out to everyone. You allow me to fully experience being alive, while in a body. Without you, my words become harsh and uncaring. I become cold, intellectual and detached, sitting alone in an ivory tower of understanding without compassion.

Now reach out and bring HEAD and HEART back into your being. See them merging into Oneness within you. Go deep into your essence. Feel your soul. Become aware of HEAD and HEART co-existing peacefully within you and working together to be God expressing Him/Herself on Earth. Rejoice in the integration of Self. Know that every time you do this exercise, it will bring you closer to true integration. Know that we, the Confederation, are assisting you at every turn of the road. Know that we, as your beloveds in the higher realms, are guiding and loving you every step of the way. Peace, beloveds. I am Leah, high priestess of the Venusian Councils. In the Light of the Infinite Creator, I leave you until next time.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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