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The Founders on the Precession and Galactic Cycle
Received by Sal Rachele
November 12, 2005

Greetings, beloved Creators. Today we will speak on the relationship between the precession of the Earth’s axis and the changes to the electromagnetic field of your Earth. This is a fairly complicated topic and we ask you to read and digest this slowly. We will do our best to keep things simple. Hence, we will go as slowly as possible for maximum comprehension. Please forgive us if we repeat this in different ways after you have comprehended it.

All planetary bodies are electromagnetic (EM) in nature. In the works of your metaphysical scientist David Wilcock [] there is a description of the toroidal nature of planets and planetoids. A torus is similar to a spherical “doughnut”, with holes connecting the poles of the magnet. Imagine the Earth (shaped slightly like a pear) with a core hole drilled from pole to pole (similar to the way a machine can take the core out of a piece of fruit). The electromagnetic energy of the Earth spins through this channel between the poles, then out and about the external surface at the major and minor grid lines. The Convergence material of Mr. Wilcock gives some diagrams of this. You can also look up discussions on EM fields on your Internet and find diagrams of the EM field of Earth using the torus model.

Now imagine that the EM field between the poles that goes through the core of the torus also extends outward into space in both directions – i.e., up from the North Pole into space and down from the South Pole into space. Remember, of course, that we are using the words “up” and “down” to illustrate a point and that nothing of the sort actually exists except in relation to each other.

Next, imagine that the beam of EM energy emanating from the core of the torus (pole-to-pole slice of Earth) going out into space periodically links up with EM sources out in space. In other words, a specific EM pulse of energy emanating from a distant star will “beam” a burst of energy through space that at times exactly lines up with the core of the Earth.

Okay, we promised to go slowly. We’ve just begun this. Let us use another analogy in order that you might comprehend this more fully. Imagine that you have a set of children’s toys made out of wood or plastic. One of these toys looks like a round ball with a hole drilled from one side to another. If you go outside on a sunny day and hold the ball up to the sun and look through it, you will see the rays of the sun shining through the corridor formed by the drilled hole. However, if the “poles” of the ball are not lined up just right, you will not see the sunlight coming through it.

There – now how’s that for simplicity? We think you all got that analogy.

The next thing is to picture the Earth spinning like an off-centered top or gyroscope. If you were to make a graph of the area in the cosmos that lines up with the poles of the Earth through the toroidal core as it spins from side to side, the path would trace an ellipse through the heavens. To help you visualize this, imagine holding the ball with the hole drilled from pole to pole, and imagine there is a light shining out from the center of the ball. The light rays will shine in a small straight beam out of the holes like a spotlight from a nighttime event in your cities shines against the clouds. You can even think of a rotating spotlight and the path the light traces on the clouds. It will form an ellipse.

Every time the ellipse crosses a significant emitter of energy, such as a star, cluster, nebula, quasar or distant galaxy, the energy lining up with and emanating toward the Earth will change the EM field of the Earth. If the source of energy is very far away or very weak, the change will not be much. However, if the energy is very strong or close to the Earth, the effect will be quite noticeable.

Because the Earth and solar system are also moving through space in an arc around the center of the Milky Way galaxy, the larger galactic elliptical path traced by the North and South poles of the Earth will change every precession. Let us explain using only minimal mathematics:

The Earth revolves once around the Milky Way galaxy approximately every 228 million years. This could be called the Galactic Cycle.

The completion of one pass of the precession through all 12 signs of your zodiac represents one Grand Cycle of approximately 25,920 years.

Once every Grand Cycle, the elliptical pattern traced by the toroidal core returns to its “starting point.” The number of ellipses traced during a Galactic Cycle will approximately equal 228 million divided by 25,920, or a little over 9000 Grand Cycles.  Just in case you still haven’t been able to visualize this, think of one of those drawing tools you have that creates spirals and doodles, and imagine a series of small circles orbiting about a large circle (or actually spiral).

Now suppose you wanted to know how often the core of the Earth will line up with the exact center of the galaxy. This exact lineup might only happen once every 228 million years times 25,920 years (a very large number between five and six trillion), because the smaller cycle (precession) does not divide evenly into 228 million (the galactic cycle).

To repeat, since the solar system makes one revolution around the galaxy about every 228 million Earth years, and since 228 million does not go evenly into 25,920, the position of Earth will be different every time the solar system returns to a starting point. However, because the larger ellipse formed by the rotation of the solar system around the center of the Milky Way galaxy is so large compared to the ellipses traced by the precessions of the axis, the events that emanate energy toward the Earth at various points in the precession are fairly predictable and fairly stable.

In other words, let’s suppose that once during each precession, the poles of Earth are roughly aligned with the center of the Galaxy. For the next several precessions, the poles will continue to roughly align at the same point at the same time in the cycle. If there are specific EM anomalies that occur every time the poles line up with the galactic center, then these anomalies will occur over several Grand Cycles before the position of the solar system is no longer favorable for the alignment. For example, the energies of the galactic core might stream through the poles of the Earth in a particularly strong manner for a dozen or more Grand Cycles before the angle of alignment is off sufficiently to weaken the influx of energies. That would mean that once every 26,000 years, for about 312,000 years (12 cycles), there would be major cataclysmic influxes of energy into the Earth.

We apologize for not having diagrams to show this. We will ask the channel to eventually draw or acquire drawings illustrating this point. However, the question was “what is the relationship between the precession and the movement of the solar system into EM anomalies” and we believe we have answered that question scientifically.

The period of time representing the exact alignment is about three days duration in Earth time. The exact midpoint of the next precessional alignment is around 11pm GMT on December 21, 2012. For about 36 hours before and after this time, the energies of the alignment will be at maximum and the portals opened around the Earth will be causing major shifts in souls. Please remember, beloved Creators, that the actual rotation of the Earth will not change significantly. The sun will still rise in the east and set in the west, and the days and nights will still be roughly the same length as always. This is an electromagnetic phenomenon, not a gravitational or rotational one.

Now to rephrase all this in metaphysical terms, we could say that each Grand Cycle and Galactic Cycle (precession and revolution of the solar system around the Milky Way) represent lesson points in a soul’s evolution. Every time the precession aligns the Earth with the galactic core, it represents another level of soul initiation, or an opportunity to review what the soul has learned since the last cycle. Since everything in this universe operates in spirals, the scenario will change each time the Earth cycles through. So with the approach of the end of the present Grand Cycle, slated to occur in your year 2012, souls will again have an opportunity to align themselves with the energies of the galactic center. EM energies will surge through the core of the Earth and be distributed first along the ley lines and then across the entire surface of the planet, and souls will have another opportunity to realign themselves and take stock of what they have learned since the last alignment.

The region of space through which the solar system passes changes with each Grand Cycle. The particular energy fluctuations associated with this current pass-through are significant in that they mark a similar alignment to what was present about 108 million years ago when the first major wave of individualization began with souls moving out of the Godhead. Therefore, it will seem to many that they are returning home, when in fact, they are simply re-experiencing what occurred about 108 million years ago, but on a different leg of the spiral. In actuality, all souls are already home and always have been, even though many aspects of souls have been journeying among the cosmos since the differentiation from the Godhead. To put this another way, a part of each of you has remained safely within the Godhead while other parts journey into outer realms and lower densities. One more interesting note: Nearly all souls in your universe are less than 228 million years “old” in the sense of having individual aspects. Therefore, none of you have ever experienced a full Galactic Cycle. There’s something for you to think about.

We will close for now. You have a lot to think about and digest. You may need to go over this several times to fully grasp what we are saying, but until we are able to get diagrams, this must suffice for now. We are the Founders, emanating the light of the Source always.

We are the Founders.

Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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