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Channeled Messages from Isis
Australia Workshop Part 4
Received by Sal Rachele
September 30, 2006

Mars was the next sad story in your history. Mars was destroyed by a form of nuclear weaponry and the atmosphere was all but obliterated. Those that survived went underground. Those who remained on the surface perished. Once again, the civilization had evolved forward, but parts of the Self had not been brought forward to be healed, and the parts that were not healed ended up sabotaging the parts that were healed, and once again you civilization fell. This time you did not destroy the entire planet.

During the time of Pan, or Pangaea, as you call it, on planet Earth, which existed some one and a half million years ago, you had a cataclysm that has been described in your Biblical scriptures as the Great Flood. This involved a series of tsunamis and climate changes that occurred at the ending of one of your grand cycles, which destroyed all but a few of the inhabitants of Pan. This disaster was partly due to the celestial event known as the ending of the Grand Cycle, but it was also due to the failure of those that lived in Pan to adequately develop their psychic and intuitive abilities sufficiently to be able to plan ahead for the flood. This is where the idea of Noah and the flood came from in your Bible. Indeed, there are many stories about the animals that were left behind because they did not plan, or the people that were left behind because they did not plan. This is where that idea comes from. So in the land of Pan, both the humans and animals, which interbred (before the dispensation that outlawed this), during that time, the sense of enjoyment, the sense of happiness, the sense of fully embracing your 3rd density plane became highly developed, but you did not develop your psychic and intuitive nature sufficiently to foresee what was coming.

You had many minor civilizations in the same situation. You developed your survival skills; you developed your emotional skills; even your intellectual skills; but you did not evolve your psychic and intuitive skills sufficiently to foresee what would happen at the end of a cycle, and you did not plan accordingly to survive the tsunami waves, the earthquakes, the floods, the climate change – and you perished as physical beings.

During the time of Lemuria the picture got a lot more complicated. The dark Dracos, the dark Orions and the dark Sirians were involved in the destruction of Lemuria. Once again, Lemuria approached the ending of a Grand Cycle, but the misinformation and deception that were given to the people of Lemuria caused widespread destruction. The Lemurian people were unbalanced. They were very emotional, but they had not developed their intellectual abilities properly. Because they were unbalanced, they did not have the intellectual know-how to survive the cataclysms.

In Atlantis, it was just the opposite. They developed the intellectual abilities, but were retarded emotionally. In your present civilization, you are what is known as a melting pot. You have all different sorts of beings from all different sorts of parts of the galaxy, and you have many races interbred, interwoven, and in your DNA structure all of you have multiple DNA lineages. There are virtually none of you that are pure Pleiadean, pure Draco, or anything else. You also carry with you all of the experiences of your past rises and falls of your civilizations. Your civilization at present has peaked and is beginning its decline, and the degree of that decline will depend largely on what you have learned from past declines. This is why many of you today are reliving the guilt and shame you experienced when you gave secrets to the Orions, which led to the destruction of Atlantis. This channel and many others have had over 100 clients that were involved in the destruction of Atlantis, either directly or indirectly, and many of you in this room have had a direct memory of how you contributed to the destruction of Atlantis. If you learn the lesson this time, you will not need to re-experience the consequences. Many of you are learning to trust your intuition and psychic abilities. Many of you are learning to express your emotions in healthy, positive ways and to not suppress your psychological issues. Many of you are learning how to balance your intellect with your higher consciousness, and many of you are learning holistic modalities to take care of your body. You have also received technologies, many of them from various ET groups, that are required in order to counteract the effect of the changing of the age, the changing of the cycle, and when you live in places that are safe, and when you use the technologies that will help you overcome the ending of the cycle, you can thrive during the time of the ending of the cycle.

Most of you in the room here have learned how to not believe in, not buy into, not energetically engage those that are of the dark energies. You see what they are doing, you understanding why they are doing it, and you do not energetically support it. You have removed yourself psychically and intuitively from their influence. That gives you the ability to render genuine help and assistance to those who are still under the influence of the dark Dracos, Orions and Sirians. So, with our assistance, we will ensure that you are completely free of those influences so that you can be of maximum effectiveness in helping others break free of those energies.

If enough of you break free of those energies, you will in fact be able to avert a major cataclysm on your world.

Now does that mean there will not be souls exiting in large numbers? No, that is already assured. But the souls that are exiting in large numbers will be doing so because their vibration is incompatible with Earth’s. So, the vast majority of those souls who exit your Earth plane will do so of their own accord and will leave in a manner befitting of making a personal choice, such as the failure of the immune system, or some exotic illness, or they will choose to be in a place that is not safe during the Earth changes. Some of them will choose to leave through warfare. Therefore, as you move into your ascension, do not be concerned with the methods that other souls choose in order to leave. These souls are not part of the 4th and 5th density Earth. It is not your position to be concerned with the methods of departure used by those who are not remaining with the Earth. Your task is merely to reach out and assist those who are planning to remain with the Earth.

Your beloved teacher Jesus, who is now Lord Sananda, said, “Do not cast your pearls before swine.” What he meant by that statement is, “Do not waste your time with those who are not open and willing to hear what you have to say.” Some of you have members of your own blood families, your own blood lineage from this life, that are not on a path of awakening. You may love them, and indeed you may love them for who they are, but it is not your concern whether or not they come with you – that is for them to decide – and may of you will need to emotionally release your attachment to family members who are making a different choice than you are. Are you all clear on this point? At this point we will open it up to questions.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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