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The Arcturians on Karma
Received by Sal Rachele
November 13, 2004

Greetings, dear ones, we are the Arcturians. During the channel’s evening event with Shenayda last Thursday, we brought up the topic of karma, following a discourse from the channel regarding karma (or actually a discussion with Shenayda regarding karma) based on the statement given recently by the archangels that essentially says that there is no longer any need for a soul to process karma any further on this Earth plane.

The channel has since inquired repeatedly about the true state of consciousness necessary to ensure that one is able to live a karma-free existence while on this plane. We would like to offer additional insights at this time as to what it means to live karma-free and how to transcend the karmic state.

To begin at the beginning, “karma” can be defined as the energetic “residue” inherent within an incomplete expression of divinity. To put this in various other ways, karma is accrued or accumulated when there is a withhold, resentment or un-forgiving situation that is stored in one’s subconscious. Karma occurs when there is an incomplete perception of reality that results in the belief that one must atone for past “mistakes” (perceived wrongs). There are other definitions of karma, such as the Eastern idea that one must reincarnate in order to “finish” lessons that were not completely learned in a past life.

All life is learning, dear ones. Whether or not the same conditions occur repeatedly in life or not depends on the intent of the being doing the incarnating and perceiving of reality. There are certain things that are, by their very nature, repetitive. We are not talking about recurring events. Even walking is a recurring event. You put one leg over the other repeatedly millions of times. Obviously this is not what we mean by karma. Our definition pertains to psychological and mental processes that are recurring because of the belief in the need to atone for unresolved issues.

An unresolved issue is any emotional charge held in the subconscious mind. In order to live a karma-free life, one cannot collect emotional charges (hurts and resentments) based on the never-ending tide of events all souls experience in this plane. In other words, when something happens, consciously or unconsciously, you must experience it fully and then let it go fully. When you do this, you do not collect any residue. You do not have any unfinished business. You do not have any karma.

The dispensation the archangels are talking about here simply means that unresolved issues from the past can be instantaneously healed in the present and not repeated any further. There is no longer any need to go back into the past and correct mistakes. If you live fully present in the here and now, the past issues will rise rapidly to the surface, be briefly experienced and expressed, and then be fully released.

The central question one might ask at this point is “Why couldn’t this be done in the past? Haven’t we always had the ability to live fully in the moment and not accrue karma?” The answer is “Yes, you have always had this ability,” but until now the energy level on Earth was not sufficient to allow the last of the residual energy to rise to the surface and be released. There was not enough awareness and transmutational energy available to most souls to allow all residual energies to be truly released. Each individual soul attempting to “balance” karma had to do so incrementally by trying, usually a little at a time, to learn basic lessons in humility, charity, forgiveness, self-acceptance, etc. Really, this dispensation is not new. It is only being summarized into one coherent piece of knowledge – that you do not have to accumulate anything at all on any level of your being that is not in alignment with your soul essence. The only thing new about this dispensation is that for the first time, the masses of humanity have access to this information and can now obtain the key to true liberation. A karma-free lifestyle is not just for a few enlightened saints.

What is life like when all karmic issues have been resolved? We can seriously ask this question of you at this time and describe the end result because you are finally in a place where this is becoming your dominant reality, dear beloveds. A karma-free existence is a life lived from Spirit. It is a life lived fully in the present moment, with vitality and aliveness, with joy and exuberance. Emotions are still felt – they will always be felt as long as you are in a human body. But they will be celebrated, no matter what the appearance. They will be fully and freely expressed in appropriate ways, and then they will be completely released, much like the way a child expresses and releases. You will be attentive to the present moment, instantly seeing the highest and best way of expression and expressing quickly and cleanly, without any residue. There will be no judgment whatsoever. There will be no denial. There will be no guilt. Judgment, guilt and denial are the three aspects of being the channel has repeatedly indicated must be eliminated. All else must be lovingly accepted. When you dispel judgment, guilt and denial, you do so with dispassion – you simply and with neutrality refuse to engage your consciousness in any of these three states of being.

There is a fourth state of being that the channel has explored in some depth and that is the state of fear. Fear (ultimately in illusion) cannot exist in a karma-free state. Fear is always an offshoot of some belief in retribution or belief that someone or something can harm you in some way. When there is no karma, there is no belief in retribution, and without the belief in retribution, either from within or without, there can be no fear that something bad will happen. There can only be a continual awareness of the unconditionally loving presence of your Creator, and when such a state of love exists, there is nothing that can harm or injure you in any way.

A karma-free state is, therefore, a fear-free state. There may be repetitive actions in such a state, but there will be no emotional residue as a result of the repetitive actions. Every day, every moment stands clean and unfettered by memories of how events were conducted in the past. There is no, “Why must I repeat this?” If the soul desires repetition, it is done with joy and a sense of renewal. Walking can feel like a new experience each time. So can any activity. Things become dull and boring only when one is not following one’s inner urgings of the soul. As you align more and more with your true soul desires, you will naturally find joy in all you do. As you increase your joy, you will be more and more willing to be fully present. And as you become more and more fully present, all karma will dissolve in the holy presence of the Infinite. This is what living a karma-free life is all about. It is about every action, every thought, every feeling being a complete moment in itself, with no residue, no remainder. This is the time you are entering now, beloveds. This is a new era based on new thoughts, new ideas and new friendships. Welcome to the karma-free zone!

We live in the Light of the Infinite One. We bless you. We keep you karma-free.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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