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Placing Your Trust in Me
Received by Sal Rachele
December 19, 2004

Greetings, my children. Yeah, this is the Big Kahuna, Boss Man/Woman, or whatever you want to call me. I don’t really care what you call me. You can call me Self or Truth or anything you want.

I want to clear up a few things and discuss what’s most important to you. For most of you that would be what you call “trust.” Before I get deeply into that topic, let’s clear up another one that’s been on your minds.

You may or may not be aware that I have many “channels” in human embodiment. Most of these have been on the chopping block or barbeque grill or whatever you want to call it. You know what I mean. For a long time it was considered blasphemy to be one of God’s channels. It still is in many places. If you were all channeling me, the church hierarchy would be out of business.

There are some of you that do not believe anyone can channel God. From my point of view, that is ridiculous. If I created the Heavens and the Earth, then obviously I can put words in someone’s brain and have them translated onto paper or a computer screen. The real question is not the ability to channel my thoughts, but rather, the clarity of the messages. Another way to put this is, “How large a perspective is contained in this message?” Or “What is the level of awareness inherent in this message?” And of course the big question is, “How helpful is this message to my spiritual growth?”

Regarding the question of the authenticity of a God channeling, I would say that if I am everything, then obviously every channeling is from me. However, let me qualify that. Some messages are coming from the perspective of littleness, or smallness, or what you commonly call “ego.” Such a message contains a tiny part of my truth. Such a small glimpse of reality may not be very useful to your spiritual progress. It is essential, therefore, that you seek out information that contains a larger perspective. You want information that comes from a high state of consciousness, an expanded awareness.

Let’s put it even more simply: If I were you and I wanted to journey through a dangerous land, I would want scouts who can stand on a mountaintop and scan the entire countryside for signs of trouble. Then if they spot a problem on one path, they can advise me to take a safer route. So, my children, you want to place your trust in those who have this higher perspective, who can see the “forest for the trees”. After all, what use is a message if does not promote your growth, happiness and well-being?

Your greatest teachers have all said the same thing, in different ways and different languages. They have all said that I am within you and that you have access to everything through your faith and trust in me. Let me clarify that. My channels obviously cannot encompass my entirety within their human bodies. This channel is only accessing 0.000000000001% of my energy. However, I have given you a spiritual power that allows you to go anywhere within the entirety of the Universe to perceive information. You can put yourself in a state of consciousness where you experience being everywhere at once. You can step outside of the illusions of time and space and experience the timeless perfection of eternity. You can exalt your physical form to a state of perfection, where your body no longer needs external sustenance of any kind. It can be a healthy instrument, free of disease, aging and death, for as long as you find it a useful means of expression. You have need of nothing, because you have everything. I gave you the entirety of Creation. You have only to discover this. Once you realize that the Kingdom is yours, trust will never be an issue again.

For those of you with a scientific mind, I should mention that there is a Hall of Records in the fourth density beneath the Great Pyramid that contains a record of every event in the lives of every Earth-bound soul. Many of you, in your grilling of my channels, are asking specific questions in an attempt to prove whether or not I am really coming through my channels. What is it you want to know? Do you want proof of my existence? Then look no further than your own soul. Go within, my beloved children. I am not hiding. The proof of my existence is everywhere, in all things. Some of you scientists are discovering this locked within the basic building blocks of matter and energy.

Your so-called “entanglement” or “non-locality” experiments are demonstrating that time and space are illusions. You are discovering that everything is everywhere at once. You call it a “hologram”, which is fine if that term helps you to understand. You are discovering that you can alter time and space to your liking. You can change the past, the present and the future, or you can go beyond them entirely. I have given you all my powers. If you are not experiencing them in your daily lives, it is because you are focused on littleness, smallness or “ego.” Going beyond ego is simple. You become aware that you are everywhere at once, by simply imagining it at first, and later experiencing it directly. Go ahead right now: Imagine you are everywhere at once. Don’t try too hard. Just allow yourselves to be everywhere at once. What happened? Try it again. Imagine you are whirling around the center of a distant galaxy. Did you do it? Can you entertain the thought that a part of you actually did that?

Let me bring you back to Earth now and ask you to do this in your daily lives. Is there something in your life that displeases you? Come on, be honest. Almost all of you are dissatisfied with something. What would happen if you viewed that situation from the perspective of being everywhere? It might look something like this. (I’ll use the channel as an example for the sake of simplicity.) Here I am, being the entire Universe. Galaxies are swirling around me. New ones are popping out of me. Trillions of stars with planets and intelligent life are teeming and thriving and growing everywhere I look. Then down here on one tiny planet near the edge of one galaxy is a part of me in a tiny little body going through what he calls an Earthly life. Like all humans, he breathes and thinks and dreams and expresses through his tiny little body. He has his tiny little issues that occupy a part of his tiny little ego consciousness.

Did anything I described above change the fact that galaxies are still swirling within me? No – life goes on, ever expanding and spiraling upward into greater and more varied expression. All I did was put things into perspective for you. Does your tiny little problem still seem like a huge obstacle? What will your giant problem look like 100 years from now when you look back on it?

Let’s look at one final issue before we close this message. Where does your lack of trust come from? Did it arise from disappointments you experienced early in life? Perhaps that shiny new bicycle you dreamed of getting for Christmas never appeared under the tree. Maybe that sweetheart you longed to be with left you for another. Maybe you experienced lack and limitation and decided those things were more real than me.

I offer you the opportunity to let all that go and seek within for a Source that never disappoints. You will not be disappointed if you trust and go deep within yourself. Go ahead, try it. Don’t stop until you get there. This world is full of distractions that you created to keep you focused on littleness. Today, pass them by. Go to the Source. Come to me. I am not hiding. I am in obvious plain sight to all who would open their eyes and walk happily past all the distractions. Look through my eyes. Feel through my heart. Think through my mind. And then see where your giant problems are. You may have trouble finding them. You may even realize they are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Go ahead and be my channels. Take the chance that you will be ridiculed. Allow yourself to be grilled on the hotplate of skepticism. It will not matter in the long run. Every day, more of my channels are responding to my thoughts and expressing them as best they can. Do not be distracted by the mannerisms or characteristics of the individual messengers. It is the message that is important. The messenger is just an ordinary human being, no matter what his or her credentials. You are all my channels in the ultimate sense. Today, take your focus off littleness and put it where it belongs – on me. Put your trust in me by putting your trust in your Self, the Self that dwells in the sacred place within your heart.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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