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Leah on Responsibility and Balance
Received by Sal Rachele
November 29, 2004

Greetings, beloveds. My, what a time you find yourselves in! A little exciting? No? Well, it will be shortly. For some, it is already humming along at great speed. Our beloved archangels are talking about the roller coaster. Yes, that’s right. You already bought your ticket, walked up the ramp, hopped into the car, had the locking mechanism put into place, and the operator has you dangling high in the air, ready to start the machine. In other words, dear ones, you no longer have the option of backing out – well I suppose you still could, but you would have a fatal fall to the ground.

Okay, enough grotesque imagery. Let’s get on with today’s topic. This one was prompted by the channel’s recent acceleration of energies and resulting backlash. Although it was light and brief, this backlash prompted him to discuss with me that process of purification and cleansing of the physical and emotional self. We will devote another lesson specifically to these topics. However, of even greater urgency at this time is the subject of responsibility and balance. It was determined that a great deal of the resistance to higher energies, at least for the channel and most of his contacts, revolves around the delicate act of balancing earthly and spiritual responsibilities.

There is a lot of misconception around the subject of responsibility. I know I’ve talked about this before, but let’s look at it again, with special focus on the following:
“What do you do about earthly responsibilities once you’ve transcended the illusory nature of the 3D world?”

The old Zen adage says, “Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” This is a partial answer, because when you REALLY change your consciousness, the world around you changes as well. You may or may not be doing what you were doing before the light bulb started shining in your soul.

You have also been exposed to the idea that no matter whether or not you can change the outer, you can always change the inner, and especially your attitude. Again, this is a partial answer, because you may find yourself operating in such a way that attitude becomes a mere formality, a response to a new set of values and beliefs.

Let’s use the channel’s life as an example to help clarify the above statements. My beloved here has been experiencing an alternation between periods of bliss and extreme grace and gratitude, intermixed with periods of dissatisfaction or even boredom regarding those areas of life that have not changed very much. There is actually very little that has NOT changed, but there are those moments when the body energy is low and meditation is not enough to pull out of the down cycle. The right approach, which the channel uses often, is to completely accept the feelings and experiences during this phase. Nevertheless, you souls having this 3D experience are insatiably curious and want to know why there are still ups and downs. So this is also part of the process I’m illustrating here.

You will note, dear ones, that I started this lesson with the word “responsibility.” I would like to break this down into two categories: inner and outer responsibility. As mentioned many times before, this word means, “the ability to respond.” So let’s look at inner and outer ability to respond. First of all, what are we responding to? An inner response can be toward a feeling, thought, experience, memory, attitude, belief or perception. Let’s suppose you feel bad about not spending more time with the children. Your inner response is how you deal with the feeling of not spending more time with the children. Your outer response is how you act in response to how you feel about not spending more time with the children.

Let’s look at the outer response first, because it is easier to understand. In the 3D world, there are 168 hours in a week, and if we assume you spend less than 168 hours a week with your children, then it is possible to spend more time with them simply by being in their presence more often. Whether this is accomplished by great travel and expense, staying away from work or business, keeping them home from school or job, or literally chaining yourselves together, it is something that CAN be accomplished relatively easily, with a little physical sacrifice of other activities.

But what about the inner response? Here is where it gets a bit more complicated. After all, spending time with the children does not mean much if it is not QUALITY time. Some parents smother their children, spending loads of time, but not quality interaction. Others literally cling to their children or manipulate them for personal reasons. However, these are not the issues we are going to discuss here. Rather, we are going to look at your sense of inner responsibility. What do you FEEL responsible for? You may or may not have a “legal” obligation to spend time with your children. But what about your so-called “moral” responsibility? Do you feel obligated to spend more time? Do you feel guilty when you do not spend more time? Do you beat yourself up when you don’t spend what you feel is enough time? Do you worry that they will turn out insecure and pathological if you do not spend more time? With all these thoughts going on inside your head, what has happened to your peace of mind?

The first thing I would recommend is that you go into prayer and ask your God Presence to give you clarity. Ask that you be guided to spend the optimum amount of time with your children. Ask that it be of the highest quality possible. Ask that your presence in their lives contribute to their soul growth, happiness and well-being in the best possible way. Realize that your own inner nourishment and soul path are vitally important. If you do not spend enough time following your own soul guidance, then you are not of much use to your children or anyone else. The trick here, beloveds, is to find balance between giving to yourselves and giving to others. Some pop psychology is continually chiming “Me first, me first!” Other schools of thought suggest giving to others first, without thought of return. Taking either of these views to the extreme results in either narcissistic, self-indulgent egocentricity, or self-sacrificing martyrdom and imposed “saint-hood.”

I have used the example of spending time with children, but I could just as easily have used countless other examples. Take a look at your lives, beloveds, and see where you are out of balance. Take a look at where you have trouble with your “ability to respond.” Are you spreading yourselves too thin? Are you refusing to say, “No” to things you really don’t have time for, but think you SHOULD be doing? Are you still seeking someone’s approval (your parents, your community, your God)? How much of your time is being spent to appease your ego? Be honest with yourselves. Healing does not occur until we can be completely honest. We are not going to judge you for self-indulgence or martyrdom. We are here to gently suggest there is a way to achieve balance. The key is in listening to your feelings and following the urgings of your soul. If your soul is urging you to travel and spend time alone, then do not worry about whether or not you are going to abandon your friends or family. With Spirit in charge, these things have a way of working themselves out. If you are TRULY following your God Presence, what you lose in quantity you will make up in quality, regarding time spent with loved ones.

Okay, Leah, it looks like you’re already getting along in length here. Attention spans are short, you know. There are all those things to attend to on the Earth plane. So I’ll leave you now, at least verbally (but not in spirit). In the light of the Radiant One, I bless you.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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