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Spiritual Vigilance and Manifesting Your Dreams
Leah received by Sal Rachele
September 9, 2004

Greetings, beloveds, and a glorious day to all! I come to you today with a subject of vital importance to all who would throw off the shackles of ignorance and negativity and embrace the shiny, rejuvenated spirit of a new beginning.

I have heard many of you bemoaning the fact that it takes more than just a cheerful affirmation here and there in order to manifest your dreams. Now I would stop short of saying that it necessarily takes hard work, for what is work anyway? The channel and many others have done things that the world would term “hard work” and yet to them it is child’s play. Just yesterday the channel remarked that he felt he was playing all day, and yet when he summarized his day, he found he had done more than a lot of people who feel their “nose is to the grindstone.” So saying that manifesting your dreams requires hard work is really not accurate. So what DOES it take to manifest your dreams? That is the subject of this talk.

Mr. Webster’s definition of “vigilance” includes paying constant and careful attention to a situation or event. In this case, the constant and careful attention should be applied to anything and everything that can come between you and your dream. So let us examine, dear ones, all that which could possibly get in the way of manifestation.

Oh!  I hear some of you saying “fear”. Okay, let’s start with that most elusive of illusions. What is the fear really about? Is it fear of failure? That could be. But let me suggest, as many of your more illumined teachers are suggesting, that fear of failure is not the real issue here. Let me suggest (okay, let’s say it in unison), “FEAR OF SUCCESS.” That’s right, fear of success. You’ve heard the expression, “Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.” Well, that’s true, you just might. And what would that mean to your comfortable little life of failure and misery?

“C’mon, Leah, it’s not that bad. I may not have everything I want, but I’m not miserable.”

Oh yeah? Maybe miserable is a harsh word. How about feeling unfulfilled? How about going from apathy to despair to frustration to boredom to resignation? I know there’s a few of you in that category. Come on, let’s be brutally honest. We’re not going to get very far unless we level with ourselves. If you’re in one of those categories of unfulfillment, then listen up. What is there about your present life that is worth hanging on to? What would you be giving up if you gave up the illusion that everything is just fine the way it is? Now I’m not talking to the tiny minority of you who are truly content with the way things are. I’m talking to the 99% of you who still feel there is something blocking your full and free self-expression and creativity. I’m talking to those of you who know there’s so much more to life than what you’ve been living. You know who you are, so let’s cut the bull and get to the point. What is it going to take to break out of the old mold? It’s going to take confronting your fear of being powerful.

Let’s do an exercise. (Pause the tape or the screen.) If you have a mirror nearby, that would be great. If not, pretend you’re looking at yourself in a mirror. Look yourself in the eye and speak aloud, “I am a powerful, creative person.” Say it slowly several times. Notice what you’re feeling. Are there any bodily sensations? Are there any thoughts going through your mind? Perhaps you are thinking, “This is dumb.” Just notice whatever is taking place in your consciousness. Pay particular attention to any uncomfortable feelings. These are the feelings that block you from creating.

Now visualize the kind of life you have always wanted. Never mind whether or not you have enough money or talent or friends or whatever. That’s not important right now. We’re getting in touch with your creative power, and creative power does not need the right friends, or the right bank account or the right type of body. Creative power needs one thing only. YOU, just as you are, without all that useless baggage and old thought forms that say, “How dare you be so arrogant to think you’re powerful. Hah! What a dreamer!”

Let dear old Leah remind you that it is arrogance to think that you were created unlike your Creator. It is arrogance to think you are NOT powerful and creative. Let’s dismiss this foolish thought that being meek and mild is the way to go. Meek, as Jesus used the word, does not mean weakness, helplessness, a doormat, or any of those related ideas. So throw it off! Lose the baggage, dear ones!

Let’s do the exercise again. And again. And again. Until you can feel it in your bones, in your cells, in your tissues, in your blood. YOU ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE! Your little intellectual mind cannot, and will never, be able to conceive of just how powerful you really are. All right, this sounds like a pep talk. Well, maybe it is. Maybe some of you need it.

Being vigilant means being unwilling to allow so much as ONE thought of weakness into your consciousness. Not ONE! The minute you start to belittle yourself or believe you are incapable of achieving your dreams, at that very moment, STOP. Repeat the above exercise until the limiting thought is gone.

Don’t just do this for thoughts, do it for feelings as well. Pay attention to your feelings. Notice when you feel weak or sad or depressed. What are you telling yourself? Feeling sad or depressed (unless you are grieving the loss of a loved one) is most likely a sign that you feel your dreams are out of reach. That’s the sign to stop and do the exercise.

Once again, as I mentioned in a previous message, use the “fake it until you make it” principle. Remember, you’re not really faking it. You are imagining that you are manifesting your dreams. And what is imagination? The “image-making” faculty of the human soul.

If there’s anything about this message that involves hard work, it’s the work of being vigilant, day in and day out, until it becomes a habit to affirm who you really are – a POWERFUL, CREATIVE BEING. It matters not what you’ve done in the past, how many lifetimes of violence you’ve experienced on Earth or another planet, or how many shameful things you think you’ve done. None of this matters. None of this changes the fact that God created you to be a powerful, sovereign being. You are capable of creating entire universes! That is your potential. Begin today to unlock your potential by doing this simple exercise and doing it often. Refuse to allow appearances to convince you otherwise. Refuse to let others talk you out of your dreams. You would not have these dreams if you were not meant to manifest them. They were given you by your God Presence to stimulate your creative juices. Honor them. Listen to them. Indulge them. Do not worry about what others are thinking. Dare to be a space cadet, if that is what is required. Dare to be out of touch with “reality” if that is what it takes. Dare to walk to the beat of a different drummer, to quote your literature.

“Leah, I’ve heard this all before,” you say. Yes, beloveds, you have. But have you been vigilant against everything that would dilute and destroy your dreams? Obviously not if you haven’t manifested them yet. What are you waiting for? More time? Time is an illusion, beloveds. Sure, you can use time as a tool, but you are not bound by it. Throw off the shackles. Do this, and Leah will not sound like a broken record anymore. Do you suppose I consider this important to your soul growth? Would I go on and on if I did not believe this is the key to your freedom? Refuse to accept ANY of the world’s beliefs. They are all based on illusion. They are based on the concept that you are a body, living alone and isolated, fighting against a hostile universe. Let today be the last day you entertain this insanity. Let today be the first day you truly claim your Divine Inheritance.
Peace, dear ones. Until we talk again. You are blessed in the Light of the Radiant One.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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