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An Introduction to the Arcturians               received by Sal Rachele
September 8, 2004

Greetings in the Light of the Infinite Creator. We are a group of souls that are commonly called the Arcturians. We originate in the 7th, 8th and 9th density vibrational fields among three planets in the Arcturus star system.

This is our first message being spoken through this channel. The channel was a bit apprehensive about bringing forth our messages. In fact, both we and the channel are aware of the resistance on his part to working with us. He says he’s a control freak, to put it in Earth terms, and doesn’t want any entities other than his own Self to be in control. We tried to reassure him that we are not trying to take over anyone or anything. That is not our nature. I guess he finally listened and understood this because our messages are finally going out.

We have a handful of other channels we work with on a regular basis. We love and bless each one of them. We have been looking forward to working with this channel because he has a very clear picture of reality, in our opinion, and we are not too concerned that his ego will “discolor” our comments or distort them. In fact, in our observations of this channel, we have noted that when he gets distracted, or the information being received gets cut off, his own God Presence takes over and provides the necessary data. We have not detected any significant distortions in the messages emanating from the channel’s own God Presence and so we are fairly confident that our intentions will be accurately conveyed.

Okay, the above is our disclaimer, to use your own legal jargon. Let’s get to our purpose for being here. We have emissaries and incarnates on your planet that number in the thousands. We are here because we love you and care very deeply for your well-being, and because you called on the power of love and wisdom to come into your collective space. We know that a direct connection with the Creator is the most desirable way of bringing in love and wisdom, but there are many on your planet who do not believe they can have that direct connection, and so they turn to channels and healers and psychics and other intermediaries. We will be the first to caution you on the use of intermediaries – even this channel. Use your discretion. Do not blindly believe anything being said here or anywhere else. In the channel’s writings, he constantly reminds you of this. Now, we are reminding you as well. Take what is given here, think it over, feel it over, and see if it fits for you. If it does, great. If not, we will not take it personally. We are certain that our messages will benefit many, else we would not be here.

During the course of these messages, we will attempt to give you an idea of what our worlds are like and how our society functions. It is very different from yours, and that is an understatement. We have long since let go of competitive, warring ideologies and the struggle for subsistence and survival. These activities are strictly within the domain of the lower four densities. Many of you will be raising your vibration to the level of fifth density within this lifetime and you will experience first-hand what it means to have a society based on love and cooperation. Until now, these have been the visions of utopian dreamers on your planet. These dreamers have been ridiculed and taunted with statements such as “Get real. Come back down to Earth.” All you dreamers reading or listening to this message, take heart – your time has come. Your world is entering the age of the dreamers and visionaries, and it’s about time! Despite our existence being in an alternate time-space continuum, even we have felt impatient at times waiting for you to wake up and realize the nature of the grand and glorious universe you live in. It is as if we have been sitting by your bedside watching you sleep, knowing that great things await you when you awaken, yet watching your eyelids flutter as you journey through your odd blend of joys and nightmares. We note that occasionally, you stir in your sleep, a smile crosses your face, and a hint of remembrance of the waking world manages to creep into your dream. And then you turn over and go back into a deep slumber until the next trigger to awaken.

Such are the worlds of four-dimensional time and space. Everything seems so real, so solid, and yet even your scientists have discovered that this is not so. Your quantum physicists are rapidly coming to the conclusion that your world is more of a dream than a reality, and that the dreamer has an integral part in what the dream looks like.

In these messages, we will explore various ways to help you awaken to your true reality in the higher densities. We will gently remind you that Love is your Reality, not fear. We will introduce meditations and techniques to help accelerate your process. The channel is on a bit of an irregular daily schedule, so there will be times when a lot of information comes forth in a short period of time, and then there will be gaps when it seems nothing is coming forth. Such is the nature of third and fourth density living.

Well, I hope we have given a worthy introduction. We are very, very pleased to be able to speak at this time and we look forward to our next session. In the Light of the Infinite Creator, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming. (Ha ha, we couldn’t resist that one – let’s see, that is from your TV program “Outer Limits?”)

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