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Leah's Workshop Material Section 3
Received by Sal Rachele
May 3, 2007

This is Leah. Let us elaborte upon the changes taking place on your world.  There are going to be a lot of upheavals.  This is a normal and necessary part of the transformation.  In order for your world to vibrate at a higher density rate, it is necessary for a lot of things to change.  There are a lot of institutions; there are a lot of energies on your world currently that will not be able to withstand the higher frequencies.
If you are willing to embrace the changes that are taking place, if you are the kind of soul that does not become heavily attached to your material comforts and securities and your little routines, to what has been called your "business as usual," if you are not attached to all that and you are open and flexible to change and are willing to listen to guidance from your own God-presence, your higher dimensional self, as to where to go and what to do, you will do just fine during the coming changes.

It is only those souls who are absolutely addicted or attached or possessed by their 3D lifestyle that will have extreme difficulty in coping with these changes.  Many of you will be asked to stretch out of your comfort zone, out of your little boxes.  You have all experienced this to some degree already.  We know you have, by looking around at your energy signatures.  We can see it.  And you have been asked to step way outside your little comfort zone on occasion and some of you have gone kicking and screaming.  That is all right.  You are still in human bodies, even though you are growing and changing and evolving into something more. You are still in human bodies and as long as you are in human form, you are going to have human issues.
He says this at the beginning of every one of his seminars, so put that to rest.  You always have some form of human challenges as long as you are on this Earth.  Even in fourth density Earth there will be some challenges, although they will not be as intense as what you are going through now.  So you do have to heal your emotions, your negative core beliefs, your astral and etheric attachments and your causal bodies’ memories of past lives, soul agreements and karmic contracts.  All of this will need to be healed, and during the seminar tomorrow, this channel will go into many of these items in more detail.

We have just given you a very brief overview of what is to come.  There is a date known as December 21, 2012, which has been called the Precessional Alignment period.  Our teachers, the Founders, gave us the technical details as to what will happen on that date.  We can already see some of the aspects of that change.  We will only give you a brief synopsis of what has been given by the Founders because you are not here to study mathematics or physics. Basically what will happen is that the core of your planet, your poles, much like the core of an iron magnet with north and south poles, has lines of force around those poles, which you can see if you drop iron filings around a magnet.  This is an experiment that many of you did in school.

And you can see that there are places where the lines of force intersect and other places where they diverge.  The intersection places are called vortexes.  The grid lines are called ley lines or flux lines and because your planet is under a similar force to that of bar magnets, you will have many of those grid lines and vortex points.  The grid system of your planet will change dramatically as the year 2012 approaches because the core of your Earth will be aligned with a region in the galaxy that emits what you would call scalar electromagnetic pulses.  These are non-polarized electromagnetic fields.

Whenever the polarity of Earth's electromagnetic field decreases, which it will be doing during 2012, you have what is called an approach to zero point. The zero point in the electromagnetic field is that point exactly balanced between the poles, at the point of neutrality, where there is neither positive nor negative polarity. At the zero point, there is a portal that is opened into what you call the higher etheric realms.  If you want to think of this using sacred geometry, it is like the intersection point at the top of the tetrahedron (or at the bottom of the tetrahedron).  It is a point where the lines of force come together and cancel each other perfectly and it is called the zero point.
At that point, which is like the capstone of the pyramid of the tetrahedron, there is a higher ethereal tetrahedron that forms above that or below that, depending on how you look at it, and it is like a portal.  It is like a doorway that goes from one tetrahedron to the next or from one density to the next because the density levels in this part of your Universe are connected together with tetrahedron-like geometries.  This is as far into the technical part that we will go tonight.  The Founders will likely go a little more deeply into the technical material when they come through tomorrow.

On December 21, 2012, the alignment will be at its maximum point and the actual polarity of your electromagnetic field on Earth will be at its weakest point.  Your scientists are already documenting this.  If you look at what is called USGS, which is a North American geological survey, you perhaps have one in your own country here, you will see year by year the position of the magnetic north and south poles on your planet and you will see that they are changing dramatically. Every year recently, the change has been accelerating so that your north pole, that used to be in northern Canada, is migrating at a rapid pace over into the Siberia region of Russia.  You can verify this by looking on a graph.  They have them available to you.

So this is even known to your traditional scientists.  They just say, “Well, every so many years, the earth goes through electromagnetic fluctuations and the poles shift around, and they acknowledge that it happens, but they really don’t know very much about it except that they see your storm systems, your climate, your wind patterns changing. They are all dependent on where the poles are.  And that is one of the reasons why you are already experiencing major climate changes on your world.
Now there are other factors such as the greenhouse gases, the increase in carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels and all of that sort of stuff.  You have probably heard about it.  That is also a factor, but the biggest factor is the shift in the magnetic north and south poles.

There will be about three days around December 20-22, 2012, the solstice.  It will be summer solstice in your hemisphere, and winter solstice in the northern hemisphere. There will be about three days when the electromagnetic field will be at its weakest point, and during those three days, the energies will be very, very powerful for you and you will go through major accelerations in your energy, in your evolution, in your ascension.

How many of you will go directly into fifth density at that time?  Probably not very many because, as we said, it happens more gradually than that, but it will be like a giant slingshot effect where you will be able to go very, very rapidly during those three days, into the portals of the higher  planes, and you will find yourself completely changed at the conclusion of those three days.

Will there be some major shifts on your planet during those three days?  Yes, most likely, but you will already be experiencing them in the years approaching and following 2012.  For  many of you, events such as the hurricane which struck New Orleans in the USA will become common occurrences due to the shifting of what you call your jet streams and the altering of your high and low pressure systems or your cyclones and anti-cyclones as you call them here, and so all of these will change and shift and they will occupy new locations on your latitudes due to the shifting magnetic poles.

In other words, there will be major climate changes approaching and following your year 2012.  Once again, we are not doom and gloom purveyors.  This is just to give you some information on what is occurring on your Earth.  If you choose to go into fear, you can get very, very afraid of all of this.  No?  None of you.  Good.  All of you are going to embrace this with open arms because it is a beautiful thing.  It is the graduation of your planet to a higher frequency, a higher way of expression and yes, there will be a period of upheaval and turmoil.  And yes, many souls will leave, including some of your family members.  Uh-oh.  Did Leah say something wrong?

We said a lot.  We want to open it up to your questions.  Please ask your questions.  Don’t be afraid.  We want to make this more clear for you so that you can have a better understanding of what is to come.  Now obviously, we have left out a lot of the details.  We do not have time tonight to go into all of the details and that is one of the reasons we have presented other events this weekend.  There are other things that are going on besides our channeling and discussion of these matters.  There will be a whole section on healing and ascension. 

End of Section 3


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