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Spirit Speaks: Extending God’s Creation into the Physical
Leah and Sananda through Sal Rachele
September 26, 2005

[Channel’s note: I’ve discussed this topic with my guides and they have agreed to both be present for this session. Sananda is one of Leah’s teachers, but in their respective realms they are equals.]

Greetings, beloveds, this is Leah. I will talk a bit about the relationship between the spiritual and material worlds, and then my great friend and teacher Sananda will speak.

You will recall, beloveds, that Sananda spoke recently through this channel regarding the nature of the physical form. You might want to contact the channel and obtain a copy of that message as it is related to what we are talking about today.

As you know, dear ones, the fall is all about the experience of separation from God. As Sananda has pointed out, and many great teachers have demonstrated, the separation is ultimately an illusion. No soul can truly be separate from God. The very nature of the soul is that it is forever a part of the whole, and can no more be separate from its Source than your fingers can be separate from your hand. Using this analogy, your fingers are an extension of your hand. They are the sensing mechanisms that allow you to feel the world around you. Similarly, the soul is an extension of God. Individual souls are like the fingers on a very large hand.

The entire Universe works on the principle of extension. As you go out from the center of Source into the outer worlds and dimensions of Creation, you find more and more individualization and diversity of form. Each outer dimension is an extension of God’s Creation. Let’s back up and use an analogy with your physical body to describe the various dimensions or densities of the Creation.

Imagine that your body is the body of God. (That’s a nice one, don’t you agree, beloveds?) Now, out of this body comes the various major parts – the heart, lungs, internal systems, as well as the limbs and torso – which can be likened to the higher dimensions. As you go out from the body, you find the hands, feet, genitals, eyes, ears and other major appendages, which can be likened to the intermediate dimensions. Then you come to the fingers, toes, eyelashes, etc., which can be likened to the lower dimensions. You could even go further and think of the toenails and fingernails as the outer-most of the lower dimensions.

Is the fingernail on your little finger any less a part of your body than your heart and lungs? Of course not. Using this analogy, would you say that the physical world is any less a part of God than the celestial realms? Think about this for a moment.

“But Leah,” you say, “this world does not operate according to the same set of laws and principles as the higher realms. Here we have lack and scarcity and there you have love and abundance.”

Okay, let’s examine your point. All of you have, at one time or another, found an apparent dichotomy between the laws of this world and the laws of Spirit. My question to you, beloveds, is as follows: Are the laws of this world truly separate from God’s Laws, or do they merely appear to be due to your distorted perceptions and belief systems?

You have many man-made laws that appear to contradict the Laws of God. Your entire economic system is based on the belief in scarcity. What you give power to prevails because you are powerful creators. If you give power to the belief in scarcity, you will experience scarcity in your lives. When an entire population believes in scarcity, the effects are very powerful indeed. We in the higher realms are not going to deny that many of you are suffering and feeling limited by economic conditions. Yet in order to free yourselves from these distorted perceptions, it is essential that you realize the nature of the illusion.

Your world is not separate from God. Your man-made “laws” do not violate the Laws of God. They may appear to contradict them, but within and beyond the affects of your distorted creations, the Laws of God continue to operate, unseen perhaps, but nevertheless there in all their reality. A simple analogy is in order. Does the sun stop shining because a cloud bank obscures it? Does the day turn to night because you draw a heavy set of shades? Does the Universe stop showering abundance upon all things because you give your power to those who would control and enslave you?

If you want to see God in the material world, you must align your consciousness with the Laws of God. What are the Laws of God? In A Course In Miracles, Sananda has a specific workbook lesson devoted to that very topic. Let me turn over the message now to my beloved brother, friend and teacher, Sananda:

[Sananda] Thank you, Leah. It is a pleasure to speak alongside a beautiful goddess of light. Beloveds, heed her words well. Listen also to my explanation of the Laws of God.

It is the nature of God to radiate into infinity. It is the nature of God to extend Itself forever in all directions simultaneously. It is the nature of God to love everyone and everything without end. God is incapable of judgment and condemnation. God is incapable of withholding love from any aspect of Creation. The Love of God continually extends itself through and beyond all space and time. It is impossible for God to limit Itself. This continual expansion and extension of energy, light and love IS the very essence of God. It defines God.

While there may be those who believe they can oppose God, and can in fact manifest an experience of opposition due to the power of their beliefs, this does not stop God from continually radiating perfection upon all. As the Bible says, the rain falls on the just and unjust alike. Within and beyond this limited belief system you call economics, the laws of abundance continue unabated.

If you want to extend God into the physical world, you must align yourself with the radiative nature of God and begin extending God-like qualities to the world. The saints, sages, mystics and teachers of times past on your world learned this and that is why they dedicated their lives to service. Many of you reading and listening to this message have also dedicated your lives to service. A life of service truly extends God into the physical world. It infuses material substance with divine energy. God pours His spirit out upon all flesh, again according to the Bible.

At this time in your history, the level of awakening of souls, coupled with the ending of the Grand Cycle, has opened the floodgates of God’s limitless abundance, and it is cascading down the octaves of Creation and rushing into the cracks and crevices of your battered and bruised world. Those of you hell-bent and determined to wrestle scraps of power from your fellow man, heed this: your days are numbered. I do not mean that in any sense of harsh judgment or condemnation. No, I mean that you will no longer be able to continue to foist your belief in domination and control upon your brothers and sisters.

As the vibration of Earth increases, it will become increasingly difficult to maintain belief systems that are in opposition to God’s Limitless Love and Perfection. The power of the lightworkers upon Earth is growing exponentially. There will come a point of critical shift wherein the power of these souls will exceed the power of the distorted belief systems of lack and limitation. You are rapidly approaching this point. In the years to come you will see Heaven on Earth become manifest in all its radiant glory.

“Too good to be true,” you say. That is only because you have been conditioned for aeons to believe that life is a struggle. Many of you are still fixated upon your so-called mistakes, and you wonder how you will ever deserve to experience what I am talking about here. GIVE UP THOSE FALSE BELIEFS. You are too magnificent to spend one more minute believing you must serve a system that has as its goal your suffering and death. The economic and political system established by those who belief in death and darkness can no longer hold power over you unless you allow it to. The light has come. Embrace the light of your being and say “NO!” to those who would seek to enslave you.

You know who the dark ones are, beloved. They are the ones who have forgotten their connection to Source. They are the ones making man-made laws designed to make you believe you are helpless pawns in a system of governments and corporations existing to grab power from others. It does not matter what country you are from, or what so-called political system you live in. They are all corrupt. They are all false. They all believe in power, manipulation, domination and control. Why? Because they all believe in scarcity and limitation. They are all based on the belief in separation from God. No soul would desire to take power from others if he believed he was wrapped safely in the arms of a Loving Creator.

Beloveds, you have everything you need, right here and right now. You have the glory of God within you. You have need of nothing else. This world will change when you finally lay aside your beliefs in poverty, struggle, lack, limitation and powerlessness. You do not have to wait until you get a bigger paycheck, or a promotion, or a fancier car. You do not need the right brand of deodorant, the right toothpaste, the right brand of designer clothes. You are a powerful child of a Loving Father right now!

Cast off the chains of fear and doubt, and enter the Peace of God. Do it now. Do not wait any longer. Every moment you wait is one more moment of needless suffering. The world is counting on you to make a difference, because you are different than this world. As you claim your true reality, this world will reflect that change. What you believe is what you see. If you truly believe in the abundance in which you were created and in which you live, move and have your being, then that is what you will see when you look out upon this world. This world is a reflection of your own thoughts and beliefs, combined with the thoughts and beliefs of your brothers and sisters. Each one of you that proclaims this truth affects countless others around the world, and pretty soon you have a mass consciousness that no longer believes the lies and deceipt of the fallen ones.

Arise, beloveds, and take back your power. Do it now, today! You don’t need anyone’s approval. You don’t need a protest sign (although there is nothing wrong with that). You don’t even need to write a letter to your congressman (although that might be a good idea). You DO need to stop putting up with false ideas and beliefs. You DO need to remember WHO YOU ARE. You are a child of a loving and prosperous Father/Mother God. Nothing will ever change that. Not even your beliefs. But you will not experience the benefits of that truth as long as you believe in lack and limitation.

Well, today the tide is turned. Leah is usually the one who exudes passion and emotion in her messages, but I have been the one to get worked up today. This is worth getting worked up over. Your future is at stake. Your happiness is at stake. Arise, beloveds, and awaken to the truth that you are the Most High made manifest on Earth. So be it! Amen.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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