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Leah's Independence Day Message
Received by Sal Rachele
July 4, 2007

Greetings, beloveds, this is Leah. In this channel's country (the USA) they are celebrating their independence today. What does this mean? Does it have anything to do with freedom?

Whenever a healing is performed by one of your many practitioners, there are two steps. The first step is to recognize the problem and the second step is to apply a solution. This process is generally in agreed upon by both the small, or ego self, and the large, or spirit self.

Okay, you're saying, "Leah, what does this have to do with Independence Day in the United States?"

It has everything to do with both your independence AND your freedom. Dear beloveds, in order to have true independence and freedom, you must understand exactly what is taking place in the here and now, or present and eternal moment, and then whatever is out of alignment with your highest and best soul path must be dealt with from an attentive, aware state of consciousness. All attempts to go into denial about your entire state of being must be looked at deeply, directly and honestly. THEN, from that state of what the channel calls, "brutal honesty," a healing can take place.

As stated many times before by this channel and others, freedom is not the same thing as independence. Independence refers to the state of outer conditions and means that a person, place, province, state or country is not under the rule or dominance of another person, place, province, state or country. It does not directly have anything to do with the state of consciousness of the person, place, province, state or country, although certainly the consciousness of those involved will have a direct impact on the level of true independence.

Freedom is a spiritual state. True freedom means to be completely free of all limiting beliefs, crippling emotional attachments, negative (progress-retarding) energy patterns, entity possessions, controlling and dominating thoughts, self-depreciating ideas, etc. In essence, it means anything internal to the self that keeps the spirit from fully expressing itself and utilizing its free will effectively.

There is a lot of talk on your world about using free will, but very few of you truly have free will. Your wills are imprisoned by various belief systems, programming and conditioning from your early childhood and past lifetimes. Most of you are not really free thinkers. Your thinking is molded by your society, culture, family, friends, church, government, schools and the like. Only a few of you have completely stepped out, psychologically and emotionally, from the traps and illusions of so-called "normal" thinking.

For example, do you believe in death and taxes? You have funny sayings on your world, such as "Everything is temporary except death and taxes." How bizarre. What makes death and taxes so permanent and absolute? We don't have them on our world. A lot of places outside of Earth have never heard of death and taxes. Well, perhaps death, since it is a reality in the lower four densities.

"Leah, you were going to relate this to healing. Are you still planning to do that?"

Oh yes, there is a method to our madness. In order to fully understand the healing progress, there are two steps. You must fully experience the feelings, emotions, thoughts, energies and patterns of the present condition, and you must understand, from a detached perspective, the entire process involved in illness and perfect health. This is another way of saying what was said earlier - that the problem must be understood before the solution can be applied. However, there are very few cases where your healing practitioners, whether traditional or holistic, truly understand what is taking place within the soul who is sick, ill, diseased, uncomfortable, suffering, in pain, or in darkness.

So, applying this to countries such as yours (USA), let us first examine the problem and then apply the most effective solution.

"Okay, so Leah here believes in starting with a problem when all we want to do is celebrate our independence with fireworks, food, friends and family."

Well, we say, beloveds, do you want to experience TRUE independence and freedom, or do you simply want to wave a flag around, eat too much junk food, and go home bloated and tired?

We realize many of you do not live in the United States, but most of your countries have similar celebrations, do they not? So this lesson applies to all of you who live in bodies on planet Earth. Okay, you spirits can listen in as well.

Let us ask you the question, "Are you independent?" Sort of, perhaps. Many of you can say whatever you want to in certain company without fear of being locked up and thrown in a prison cell. But try walking up to the steps of your capitol building and criticizing certain groups of people. You might have difficulty. Some of you have learned how to avoid taxes, but not all of you. Many of you have been harassed and prosecuted for not paying your taxes. We in the higher realms are not suggesting you avoid paying taxes, or angrily rebel against the system. Some of you have done that. It may have worked on some levels and not on others.

Our point, and the channel is asking us to keep this brief, is to point out that you have very little independence. Your country is still under many of the same beliefs that your original "mother" country (England) believed and still believes back when you declared your independence. Why in fact, the queen and her entourage still has more power than your president. You don't believe this? Why not investigate it and find out for yourselves. You do know that your politicians are mere puppets to other forces, both visible and invisible. You are aware of this, yes? Are you aware of how these forces came into power? Do you know why they have controlled your planet for millenia? After all, as individual souls, you must have attracted them to your planet for a reason? What is in your consciousness that causes civilizations to rise and fall? What causes your people to become enslaved to others? What keeps you from expressing your God-given abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance and teleportation? What causes death and taxes? Do you ask these kinds of questions?

You have people sitting in jails right now that dared to express their so-called freedom of speech. So your country is not independent. It is not independent of the Illuminati, those souls that control the economic and financial systems, as well as the government. It is not even independent of other countries. Your flags are made in China. As you are waving your little plastic flag, turn it over and look at the small print. This channel did a few years ago. It said, "Made in China." We are not saying this is wrong, just pointing it out for you.

You have millions of people hopping over your southern border and receiving free medical care in your country while your so-called honest and law-abiding citizens pay a high price for their medical care.

Let us ask another question. Why are you paying hundreds of dollars for doctor visits, when you get five minutes with a doctor and a prescription for toxic pharmaceutical products that rarely do anything but treat symptoms?

The channel is saying, "Leah, you're preaching to the converted. Most of the people who read these messages are holistic practitioners."

That may be true, but some of this is worth repeating. That is because we must look directly at the darkest places in this country and in your psyche before healing can occur. In the interests of brevity, go ahead right now and review the rest of the lies you have been taught. Start with, "The body is not part of God. It is base and vile and dirty and lives in sin." Move on to the belief you must work at a job you do not like in order to "earn your living." That has to be the most ridiculous belief of all - earning a living. Beloveds, you are already alive. God gave you life. You do not have to earn what God has given you freely and in love. Put away all this foolishness now and let's move on to the solution.

The solution is very simple. Go within. Connect with your God Presence. KNOW that you cannot be assailed from outside of yourself. KNOW that you are free, powerful, creative, spiritual beings, created in the image and likeness of your Creator. That is all you need be aware of to find the perfect solution to death, taxes, economic slavery, environmental degradation, war, poverty, class division, medical malpractice (most of what passes for healing in your country), and all the rest of it.

Today, beloveds, declare your freedom from oppression of all kinds. Start with declaring your freedom from the belief in death and taxes. You are eternal beings. You do not owe money to governments that enslave and oppress you. You might decide to temporarily go along with their demand for money in order to work within the system for a while until you are ready to step completely out of it. After all, it is a bit difficult to jail someone who can teleport out of the cell. Learn to teleport. Learn to instantly recognize danger. Learn to love completely ALL beings, including the ones who supposedly run your country. They have no power, except the power God gave them. As soon as they realize this, the whole sorry game will be over and you can return to your natural state of magnificence. All of you have belief systems that dominate you like the silly little puppets you put in your white buildings in Washington. Go within and heal your consciousness. Declare your freedom from guilt, shame, fear, and all the inner puppets who rise in tyranny and defiance to rob you of your loving compassion.

Bathe yourself in God's limitless loving light. Live, move and have your being in the One who is beyond all the nightmares you have indulged in year after year, Independence Day after Independence Day. Let this be the last Independence Day in which you are a slave to illusions. Give them up, now and forever. Completely and without reservation. Move into the Light that never demands anything in return. Align yourself with the laws of Creation, Love, and Oneness. Move confidently, calmly and with certainty through the minefields of this world. Watch it transform into the paradise and beauty it was meant to me. We in the higher realms applaud the gains you have made. We know it is but a short time before all this will be history. You will rise and claim your Divine Inheritance. There will be no more death and taxes. These illusions will dissolve into the nothingness from whence they came. All humans will become God-realized beings of Light and your world will be free. Amen.

I am Leah, on behalf of the Confederation. Blessings.


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