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Channeled Messages from Isis
Australia Workshop Part 5
Received by Sal Rachele
September 30, 2006

Questioner: What steps can we take to survive during the Earth changes?

Isis: You have – it is very simple – do not make it more complicated than it is. You have ships, planes, automobiles, bicycles and other transportation devices which enable you to travel to areas that are safe. That is the very basic one. You also have what are known as hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, and to some degree electromagnetic fuel cells, which will allow you to generate electricity in remote areas of your world. You have technology that allows you to purify and desalinate water so that becomes drinkable. You have technologies capable of measuring the movement of the plates of the Earth’s crust so that you can foresee where earthquakes are likely to occur. You have technologies that can channel fresh water into areas that could be deemed safe from other forms of upheaval. You have your media, which is capable of warning people in areas that are unsafe. You have many technologies, which are allowed to warn people if they have not intuitively sensed the danger.

You also have technologies that can alter some of the Earth changes, including the weather. However, your technologies will only have a minimum impact on the climate change. Nevertheless, there is potential for you to alter some of the events.

You must understand these events involve an interaction between free will and what you would call predestiny – free will and what you would call celestial events that occur regardless of your free will. So, therefore, you need to recognize where your free will plays a part and where it does not in the grand scheme of things on your Earth, and this is something that only comes with higher wisdom, higher awareness. So pay attention to what is going on within you and around you.

Ask your own higher presence within to give you the answers regarding what you see in and around you and it shall be revealed to you what to do during the time of turbulence. Are there other questions?

Questioner: What happens to your energy when you give blood? Will you increase the vibration of a soul who is vibrating at a lower density? Will your vibration drop if you receive blood from someone of lower density?

Isis: To some degree there is overlap of energies when you give blood. If you are of a higher vibration and you give blood to someone of a lower vibration, to some degree the higher vibratory blood will mingle and merge with the lower vibratory blood and it will, to some degree, lift the soul to a higher vibration that is receiving the transfusion of blood. However, this will not excuse that soul from doing the necessary physical, emotional, mental and other level work necessary in order to ascend, so while it might prolong the life of the 3rd density soul, it will not “save their soul” in the sense normally considered, for the work must still be done by the 3rd density soul for that soul to truly reach 4th density.

It is possible for 3rd density blood to lower the vibration of a 4th density soul somewhat, but again it depends on that 4th density soul’s level of soul integration with psychological issues, karmic issues and things of that sort, whether or not the lower vibration becomes a significant matter or not. Are there other questions?

Questioner: What is going to happen as we approach the year 2012?
Isis: 2012 is what is known as the first wave – not only the first wave of ascension, which means souls will move forward at a much more rapid rate towards ascension – it does not mean they will ascend all on that one day – it also indicates an acceleration of the 3rd and 4th density realities as well, so there will be a great movement towards the manifestation of 3rd, 4th and 5th density realities during 2012. The second wave will occur during 2017, the third wave during 2030. Each of these corresponds to a particular celestial event, which the Founders will likely go into during their presentation, and so these events act as catalysts for change – catalysts for your soul decision-making process. Therefore, you will experience most of these changes taking place between now and 2030AD in your time frame. We’re just about out of time. We have time for one more quick question.

Questioner: Can a 3rd density being on Earth who chooses to go to another 3rd density planet evolve into 4th density on that planet and then choose to reincarnate on 4th density Earth?

Isis: Yes – that is correct. If a being is in 3rd density and goes to another 3rd density planet and evolves to 4th density on that planet and then leaves his or her body at 4th density, that soul may elect to reincarnate on 4th density Earth.

Questioner: Can a 4th density being on Earth incarnate on another 4th density planet?

Isis: Yes – a 4th density being on planet Earth that leaves his or her body can reincarnate on another 4th density planet elsewhere.

Questioner: Can a 4th density being get off the wheel of reincarnation?

Isis: If they are in 4th density and they choose to leave their body prior to completing their karmic contracts, they will likely still be on the wheel of reincarnation. Once they reach a certain point within 4th density and have cleared their karma, they can move onto the ascension spiral in which case they will not leave their body, but take it with them into higher dimensions.

(End of session)


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341

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