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Leah's Workshop Material Section 4
Received by Sal Rachele
May 4, 2007

This is Leah. We now have a question and answer session. Questions?

Question: Are a lot of souls going to be leaving through death?
Leah: We just looked and two more entered the coroner’s office just a minute ago.  You know it happens every minute on your planet.  It is just that there is going to be more and more leaving.  The rate is going to increase and we believe it will happen fairly dramatically in the near future.  And it will continue to increase and will go in waves, just as your ascension will go in waves.  There will be some leaving around 2012, some around 2017 and some around 2030.  Those dates correspond to three celestial events that are known as the first, second and third wave of ascension.
2017 is the close approach of a comet to your solar system where some of the tail brushes the Earth and causes mutations in life forms. 2030 is the fly-by of what you call Niburu or Wormwood or Planet X, and it is a ninth density body, which has a corresponding set of lower densities as well. The electromagnetic frequencies will change as that planetoid passes through your solar system. It will disrupt your electromagnetic fields.

So you have three celestial events that are outside of free will. They will happen regardless of your free will.  Your free will will determine how you experience those events and what choices you make regarding them. Just as you cannot use your free will to prevent an eclipse of the sun or moon, you can choose to enjoy the eclipse or be afraid of it. In past times on your world, an eclipse was often viewed as punishment from God.

So as to your question about who is going to be leaving, you will likely see a marked rise in what you call immune system failure.  You will probably see a marked increase in what are called exotic diseases, which are really just the soul looking for a way out, and you will probably see a number of souls who choose to be in the path of destructive storms.  There will also be limited warfare.

Most of you have heard this, but we will say it anyway and it is completely true.  The Galactic Confederation, along with some other groups, determined about fifty years ago that there would be no wide scale nuclear war.  It will not be allowed to happen.  We have been authorized to step in and prevent it, by Divine Dispensation. The technology to scramble the launch codes of the nuclear weapons is pretty basic to us and it is very basic to those in the seventh and eight densities that we work with.

In other words, it is very, very easy to prevent you from launching your nuclear weapons.  There have been at least four times in your history when you could have blown yourself up had we not intervened.  We were given permission by the Godhead to intervene and this is one of those rare cases where we are allowed to intervene in your free will. We have done so gladly and joyfully because we want you around.  It is that simple.  So you will not be allowed to blow yourselves up with nuclear weapons.

As for conventional warfare, you are pretty much allowed to destroy yourselves with conventional weapons because they will not destroy those of you who are in a positive vibration and creating beautiful harmonious frequencies for yourself and those around you.  And they will not affect those on other planets or solar systems in your galaxy.  Nuclear weapons have a very dramatic negative effect on everyone on your planet and also on many neighboring planets, so for that reason, nuclear war is not allowed, so that will not be a mass exit point for humanity.
For the majority of humanity, it will be an immune system failure or climate change that will cause a decrease in population of the third density light forms on your planet, and also a good many of the animal species.  There will be a dramatic drop in the number of animal species on your planet and that is already taking place.

Every day of your Earth life, several hundred species of plants and animals disappear.  Now, the DNA patterns for all species are stored in the Akashic records so they are never completely lost.  They can be brought back when the time is ripe.  Nothing is ever really lost.  Energy simply changes form, so those who are leaving, of course, are going to be going back into the etheric realms without bodies, in a disembodied state and will reincarnate on another planet that is already being set up to receive them.  There are several such planets in your system.

Did we answer your question, dear one?  Sometimes we get a little question and we have a long answer.  We will now entertain more questions.
Question: Will many souls come to us for healing?

Leah: Yes, indeed, and you will be quite successful as healers.  Many of you are healers in this room now and those who come to you for healing obviously want to grow, evolve and move into a higher state of consciousness, although they may not call it that.  They might simply say, “I want to feel better.  I have been drained lately.”  And you will find that the souls that are attracted to you as clients for healing will be those who want to move into the fourth or fifth density.

Question: Can you talk about the 12 strands of DNA?

Leah:  You know, there are many books on your planet that this channel has not read and many of them talk about twelve strand DNA.  In reality, you have 24 strands of DNA.  You have twelve pairs of DNA, one pair for each density level.  Here is something that very few of you understand. Again, our teachers, the Founders, will perhaps go into more detail if they have a chance to.

Within each density level up to seven, you have a body or a perceptive mechanism that is used in order to perceive that particular density.  In other words, you have a first density, second density, third density, fourth density, fifth density, sixth density and seventh density body.  At the moment, you have a third and fourth density body; a body that is part third density and part fourth density.  When you go into a disembodied state, depending on your level of evolution and the decisions made by your soul family between incarnations, you get to decide what density you want to incarnate into next and the appropriate body is created for you through a process known as densification.

We have run out of time and will defer questions about DNA to the Founders during their segment tomorrow. It has been a pleasure to spend this time with you. We are Leah and members of the Galactic Confederation. Blessings.

End of Section 4


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