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The Arcturians on Ascension Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele
November 7, 2004

Greetings, beloveds. We come before you this day with what is probably the most central, core, and basic message of all those we would give to humanity. We fully realize that only a small portion of humanity will receive these messages and understand them, but it is that small group that will be pivotal in the coming years regarding the awakening of larger numbers of your people.

This channel recently had the blessing of one known as Archangel Zadkiel speaking through his beloved channel Kira Raa. Our beloved archangel spoke of the necessity of activating the so-called “higher” chakras and moving energy through them in ways that have not been done before on your planet, except in the bodies of a very few yogis and avatars. “Kiel” (as he likes to be called) also spoke of the need to extricate oneself from the hologram, or “matrix” of 3D “reality.” You will note that we asked this channel to put the word “reality” in quotes. This is intentional, because although we do not want to debate semantics, “reality” is largely in the eye of the beholder, whereas “truth” is what’s so in the ultimate sense.

So how do you extricate yourself from the 3D reality, beloveds? And why is this necessary? And what does it have to do with our topic today, ascension?

Let’s begin with the statement often ascribed to Jesus, “be in this world, but not of it.” Being “in” the world means having a physical body and walking and talking and interacting with other humans. Being “of” the world means identifying with it and making it your dominant “reality.” Being “of” the world means getting caught up in the emotional dramas of this world, believing that they are real, and having an emotional investment in the outcomes of your various day to day acts and scenes of the cosmic play.

Each of you reading or listening to this message, each of you residing in physical bodies upon Earth, has experienced being caught up in the drama of duality. Think back to the last time you were very emotional about something that happened in the 3D drama. It shouldn’t take long, dear ones, for something to pop into your minds. Perhaps it was getting fired from a job; perhaps a loved one said “adios amigo” and went off to find a new mate; perhaps a son or daughter came home drenched in drug euphoria; perhaps the tax authority decided to audit your financial returns. We could go on and on. Some of you have detached reasonably well from one or more of these scenarios, and we congratulate you on that. But if you look deeply enough, most of you will find at least one or two areas of your lives where emotional triggers are still present.

Some of you psychologists will argue that being completely detached means being devoid of feeling and aliveness. You are misinterpreting what we are saying here. Being completely detached from the Earthly drama actually frees you up to feel deeply in a whole different manner. Being completely detached from the Earthly drama means being free to feel the essence of your being; the joy and ecstasy of your soul. Your interaction with others may be more animated, more alive, more “real” (if we may use that word in another context).

So why, you ask, do we spend so much time talking about detachment and overcoming the illusions of the world, when as you can plainly see, the title of this article is “Ascension”? Is it not evident that in order to fully ascend into your 5D light bodies, it is first necessary to remove all blockages from the chakras, meridians and nadis of the physical and etheric bodies? And how do you accomplish this? That’s right, by letting go of all attachment to things that lower your vibratory state. And what lowers your vibratory state? Fear, worry, anxiety, guilt, shame, resentment, etc. And what causes these emotions and mental states? Oh yes! You’re one smart cookie: Identification with the things of this world. The need for approval. The need to feel physically secure. The need to distract yourself with all sorts of entertainment. The need to feel loved and wanted by other human beings. The need to fill up your time with all manner of stuff.

We have often said that you have only one need – to remember your connection with the Infinite. Your teacher has said, “seek ye first the Kingdom and all things will be added.” Beloveds, do not be concerned with the things of this world. Be concerned only with the quality of your awareness. Be concerned only with the depth of your realization that you are forever connected to the Divine. Be concerned only with the fact that you are One with your Source. Let God within you direct your life. How simple are these words! How often they have been repeated by your enlightened sages and mystics. Yet how often you have forgotten.

Your higher intelligence will guide the ascension process. It will unfold naturally and spontaneously. There is ultimately nothing that can hinder your evolution. The butterfly emerges from the cocoon without having to consciously “do” anything but allow the blueprint inherent within the genetics to unfold. The same is true for you, beloveds. Let the process unfold. Allow, allow, allow. Your only task is the removal of your fixation on the finite. Do not judge anything in this world. Love it, bless it, acknowledge it, and then let it go. Vow to live every moment of your lives in conscious awareness of the divinity within you. Vow to let go of the distractions of modern society. You already know what the distractions are – we need not remind you again.

Always ask of every decision, “what is the purpose of this?” Be completely honest with yourselves. What is your motivation behind each action? If it is not coming from the highest and best place within you, then be willing to decide or act in a manner altogether different from what feels “comfortable” or “secure”. There is no security in the 3D world. Your leaders build “smarter” bombs, more accurate missiles, and spend enormous sums trying to rid the world of terrorists. They will never succeed, because they invest in illusions. Send them your love; they are in desperate need of a new way of seeing. Do not judge them; do not make them wrong. They are only acting out their fantasies of fear. They know not what they do. Let it go. Let it be. Move forward with your own heart song. Move forward with the passion of your soul. Embrace the ascension. You are already well along the path of building your light bodies. Accept yourselves as you are. You are absolutely perfect in every way. Honor yourselves. Be yourselves. You are the light of the world. You are the One in embodiment. We, your friends from the stars, are already rejoicing in your awakening. We look forward to rejoining you in the heavenly realms. There is truly nothing to fear. Everything truly has been taken care of. Today, rest in the certainty that all is in Divine Order. Today let go of the fear, the worry, the incessant planning. Today celebrate your liberation. We salute you, dear ones. We are the Arcturians, ever serving in the Light of the Radiant One.

NOTE: In Part 2 we will explore the mechanics of ascension.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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