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Lord Sananda on Reuniting Soul Families
Received by Sal Rachele
January 13, 2005

NOTE: Lord Sananda is the oversoul of Jesus Christ. He is one of the most prominent of the ascended masters and communicates with hundreds of channels worldwide.

Greetings today, beloved people of Earth. This is the first time I have spoken through this channel, and I urge you to go easy on him, at least this time around <chuckle>.

Today we will be exploring the reuniting of the soul families. As the channel and many others have pointed out, there are groups, usually multiples of 12, that have come from the same oversoul and soul ray. Usually these soul clusters split into two groups of six, half of which stay behind in the higher densities in order to assist you in your Earthly journey. We say “usually” because there are certainly variations created by free will or Divine Intervention.

Many of you have claimed to be in contact with a physical twin flame. This is extremely rare, because very few of you have reached a stage in your awareness where it is no longer desirable to have your twin flame assisting from on high. Some of you also claim to have more than one twin flame. It really depends on how you define “twin flame.” We are not going to go into semantics in this lesson, but the technical meaning of the term is “that soul that began by splitting off from you in the original creation.” In other words, your other half. But even that is not right. You could say, “your other whole.”

No matter what your relationship with your twin flame looks like, there are 10 other souls that split off from your oversoul, and your attraction and remembrance associated with these souls may seem just as intense and fulfilling as your connection with your twin flame. This is your soul family. Many of you are rejoining the Earthly members of your soul family at this time.

This channel, through his twin flame Leah, has already had a lesson along these lines, so without, as you say, “reinventing the wheel,” let me elaborate in a different manner.

It is difficult to put into words the many activities of your off-planet soul family members. Many of our channels have described a fleet of ships hovering in the atmosphere of your planet. This is an approximation, but not entirely accurate. We come in to your density far enough to interact with the different off-planet soul groups attempting to assist their Earth-bound members. We direct missions and telepathically interact with these groups. We send energy into different sectors of your planet and activate our connection with our many channels. We infuse images and patterns into the higher minds of souls who are open to receive us in less obvious ways. We do all of this within the confines of free will and Divine Intervention.

One of the more “romantic” assignments we have is the gentle prompting of Earth-bound members of soul families to reach out and communicate with their long-lost members. This may appear as an image or prompting to move to a certain area, or get in touch with someone you meet over the Internet or at an event. You may not know why you are attracted to this person, but you sense a deep connection.

Although ultimately, all of you have deep connections with each other due to the fact that we are all One, the connections experienced with members of your own soul family are much easier to feel and much more intense. You are not in a place in your evolution to feel this connection with everyone on your planet. So you must begin somewhere. Coming together with your own six (or so) Earth-bound members, and communicating with your six (or so) off-planet members through telepathy, channeling or energy exchange are the first steps. Then, you can begin connecting with other soul families that are closely related to yours energetically, either by soul ray or focused intent.

Those of you who choose the fourth-dimensional path of establishing enlightened communities on the Earth after the Earth Changes settle down will do so by bringing together related soul families to build these communities. There will be natural affinity between you, and delegating tasks and overcoming obstacles will be relatively easy, given your natural propensity toward a flowing and blending of energies. The difficulties experienced with many communities in the past were due to a combination of insufficient clearing and cleansing of negative ego patterns AND incompatibility among soul families. Not enough of you were connected to your soul “relatives.” You may have joined a community for external reasons, such as where the property was located, or the general philosophy given, instead of because you felt a cosmic kinship to the members.

If you think we are glossing over the “negative ego patterns” we mentioned above, guess again. Although this is the issue you are most familiar with when assessing why things have not worked out with communities in the past, we want to address this issue when it comes to reuniting soul families. Many of you have jumped for joy when meeting a member of your soul family. “It’s a marriage made in Heaven,” you exclaim proudly, and in the ultimate sense, it really is. But then something happens and you break up and through tearful eyes do not understand how this can happen. Here is where unresolved emotional and physical issues take center stage. Simply having the recognition of your cosmic connection is not enough as long as you are caught up in the Earthly drama.

As you “old souls” are well aware, the mesmerizing nature of the physical realm is to be taken seriously (without giving up humor, of course). All of you have, at one time or another, become immersed in duality to the point of forgetting your Divine nature. Even at your present stage of pre-ascension, this occurs almost on a daily basis for most of you. Suppose you are in a “comfortable” marriage, filled with the conveniences of modern living, with a stable job and happy family, etc., and suddenly, from “out of the blue” you meet a member of your soul family that does not in any way embody these values.

How do you blend energies and move forward in your reunification process when there are so many differences in your daily lives? Or perhaps the differences are more internal. Maybe one of you has spent decades unraveling the egoic patterns, and the other has been a happy-go-lucky, live-in-the moment wanderer that hasn’t spent a single second of time in a therapist’s office, human growth seminar or college classroom. While both of you may be in a similar place energetically, your cultural differences may be too much to handle, without major adjustments on both ends. Many of you have been the “walking wounded” psychologically, reeling from disastrous personal relationships or unresolved issues with mommy and daddy. Such is life on planet Earth for the vast majority of you.

Now, in this time of acceleration, you are being asked to bring all these issues to the table and look at them honestly and completely. As we have stressed many times through our many channels, you are NOT being asked to process yourself ad infinitum, or spend days and hours in intensive therapy, wailing and gnashing your teeth over the abuse you suffered as a child. To put it bluntly using my beloved Jesus as an example, you are not being asked to hang on a cross. It is your ego that believes in sacrifice and suffering. Let it go. The time of martyrdom is over. God’s Universe is a place of joy, if you so choose. It’s time to entertain the idea that joy is not only a choice you can make regardless of your circumstances in life, but it is your birthright. No matter what your present scenario, joy is not only possible, it is part of Who You Are.

Many of you scoff at the adage, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.” But if you have really tried to adopt this philosophy and make it a part of your being, you will have noticed that truly embracing this attitude allows you to attract experiences that solidify and magnify it. You find that not only do wonderful experiences come your way, but even those inevitable setbacks and negatively-oriented tasks become much easier to endure.

This is not a discourse in the power of positive thinking. It is much more than that. It is about allowing yourself to reach out and make contact with your soul family and related families. It is about trusting that you can overcome the differences in upbringing, economic adversities, religious conflicts, nationality barriers, and all the rest of the separation-oriented environment you are moving out of at this time. It is about trusting that you KNOW, deep within, what is required of you in order to awaken from the illusions of third density.

We of the Confederation are rejoicing in the daily progress we see in many of you. You have come a long way on your journey. We are overjoyed at what we see. You are truly taking your place in the Divine Plan, and you are doing it more and more consciously. Do not let the distractions of this world keep you from your calling any longer. You are TRULY in the arms of God. Life really DOES work out when you trust in your True Self. Let go of the fear of letting go of your security blanket. That blanket can smother you. If what you are doing does not feel joyful and enlivening, it is not right. As so many of your teachers have said, “follow your joy.”

I am Sananda, coordinator for this sector of the Confederation. In the name of our Most High Father/Mother God, I say, have a fantastic day!


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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