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The Arcturians Wish You A Happy New Year
Received by Sal Rachele
January 2, 2006

Okay, let us begin. We are the Arcturians. We have not spoken through this channel for some time. Why, you ask? The reasons are really not that important. Time to us is very superficial compared to the larger reality in which we find ourselves and in which we are co-creators, along with you and every other form of Supreme Intelligence in the Universe.

Suffice to say that what is given, whether from us or from another spiritual avenue, is exactly what you need when you need it. Your soul knows what you need. All knowledge is available all the time, but the specific information you need from time to time in your linear timeline is what is given. What is needed at this time is an understanding of the time period you are entering into on planet Earth. This is a time that has been spoken of for thousands of your Earth years. You have longed for this time. You have dreamed of this time. In your year 2006, every day brings you closer to a complete and final resolution of the many lifetimes of toil and struggle most of you have experienced.

The golden age, or promised land, or land of milk and honey, or dawning of the age of enlightenment, or whatever you want to call it, is definitely at hand. This promise is contained within the very fiber of the Universe. It is pre-ordained within the fabric of time and space. It is a decree issued by the Godhead that all souls will eventually awaken to their true purpose and natural inheritance.

This is not wishful thinking, or the fanciful escape of a mind that refuses to see the burdens of everyday life. It is quite the opposite. The so-called burdens of everyday life are what is not real. Reality is the infinite abundance of your Creator. Reality is the unconditional love of life for itself. Reality is the natural flow and harmony and effortless manifestation that so many of you have been asking for.

All that is required to bring about the fulfillment of the prophecies is a willingness to embrace your true nature – your God Self. You are gods that have fallen asleep and are dreaming of lack, limitation and fear. These are illusions, beloved ones. ILLUSIONS. Illusions are not real. They only appear real to the mind that believes in them. If you stop believing in lack and limitation, within a very short time in Earth years these things will no longer be a part of your reality.

Have you not read stories of great inventors who began their lives with insurmountable odds? They came from broken families, poverty, mental retardation, physical disability, etc., yet went on to become powerful creators on your world, changing the direction of humanity. You know their names – we will not elaborate. Most of them had a burning desire to overcome their limitations. They did the best they knew at the time. We are suggesting that the time has come when even the persistence and determination of last century’s inventors is pale by comparison to what is in front of you.

The time period you are entering into is one in which the Universe itself becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change. What used to take years of concentration and focus now takes only months. Yes – persistence and determination are still necessary. But the help available to you from legions of higher dimensions is truly staggering. If what you want to create is world peace, there has never been a better time. As your vibration increases and your awareness expands, you become more and more powerful – or rather, you tune into more and more of the part of you that already has infinite power and creative ability. You follow the road maps laid out by the great inventors of your past. They have blazed trails that make the journey easier. Yet you are destined to blaze even greater trails of your own. You are the explorers. You are the ones courageous enough to step out of the “box” of limited beliefs. You are the ones willing to put away the toys of illusion and embrace the limitless love and power of reality.

This New Year may be but a blip on your calendars, but it represents a time of great strength and fortitude – strength to overcome any and all illusions, no matter what their form. In reality, all illusions are manifestations of the belief in separation from God. Your beloved teacher Sananda has stated this quite eloquently in virtually every age of your civilization. He stated as Jesus, “these things shall ye do, and greater things than these…” This is the promise given 2000 years ago in your linear time. Today, Sananda continues to promise graduation from the world of sorrow and misery to anyone who lifts eyes to the power and majesty of God within – that limitless part of the Self that resides in each and every one of you.

We, in our realms, long ago put away the toys of fear and malice and embraced our divinity. The results are that we inhabit worlds which exceed even your boldest imagination. Our lives are devoted to service not only upon your world but on countless others. Your Universe is teeming with life, much of it more evolved than your world, some of it less so. No matter what the level of evolution, we are humble servants of our God, willing to give of ourselves unconditionally at a moment’s notice. Though time is not the same for us, even at our level of awareness there is always more to do. The need for healing is great, but the love of our Creator expressing through us is even greater. We never tire of being in service to you and others. It is our greatest joy. It will be your greatest joy as you come more into your power.

Dear ones, you are entering into a time of great service to your fellow humans and other creatures upon your world. You are being called to “step up to the plate” and give of your time and abilities. Your basic physical needs will be met as you venture forth to serve. God never denies his creations anything. Your own limited human ego has denied yourself the gift of remembering who you are. Today, lay your ego aside and join us in celebration of this wondrous time upon your planet.

Many of you are asking us to express our predictions for your coming year. We will do so only to the extent that it serves your soul growth and unfoldment. We are not here to appease egos that want the old world order destroyed. We will not speak of new financial systems, governments, leaders and such. We will not elaborate about the earthquakes, floods, droughts and natural destruction that are accelerating on your Earth. Most of you know that a cleansing is necessary before a higher order of truth can come to a world that believes in illusions. You have believed in illusions for a very long time. You have caused much imbalance upon your world. The Earth herself is correcting the imbalances that have been perpetrated upon her. While ultimately even this is illusion, for a time it will have a degree of reality about it that will force more and more of you to re-evaluate your priorities. As a whole, you have not been taking care of your physical world and now you are reaping the consequences of those actions. Awakening from illusions and embracing reality does not mean ignoring the consequences of your actions. When your actions come from unconditional love and service, the consequences will be quite pleasant and rewarding. When you believe you are powerful, creative, unlimited beings living in a prosperous and abundant Universe, your actions will change and so will your consequences. You will see a world shining in beauty that surpasses what you can conceive. This is the world promised to you by your Creator.

The path is simple – embrace the Universal laws of Creation and awaken to your True Self. Everything you do during this your new year can be aligned with that simple truth. Listen to the voice of wisdom within you. Let go of the outer voices that say you must struggle and toil and eke out a meager living on a planet full of strife and competition and war and misery and suffering. That is not your destiny. Your destiny is to be the gods that you are – powerful Co-Creators with All That Is.

We wish you a Happy New Year and remind you that we are always of service in the Light of the Radiant One. We are the Arcturians. Peace and Blessings.



Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.

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