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Embracing the Changes
Leah, received by Sal Rachele
September 6, 2004

Greetings, beloveds. I am Leah from what you call the 6th density of Venus. It is with extreme pleasure that I speak through this channel, for you see, this channel and I have a very special relationship that I will talk about in detail at a later time.

The purpose of this communication is to help you become aware of the many exciting changes in store for all of you. There is not one upon this dear planet that is not currently going through, or will shortly be going through, an upheaval of some sort. These upheavals can be joyous occasions, or they can be full of worry and anxiety. It all depends on how you view the situation you find yourselves in on planet Earth.

We of what you call the “Confederation” have been sending you loving energy for a long time now, longer than many of you realize. You have heard of the “war in the heavens.” Well, dear ones, that war only exists if you entertain the idea of duality. Once you rise above the dualistic nature of the lower worlds, and enter into the peace that passes understanding of the higher realms, all that fighting and light vs. dark nonsense becomes just that – NONSENSE. The Radiant One’s universe is a place of contrasts, and there is great beauty in the different gradations of light and love and sound and vibration. It is when you judge the light, love, sound and vibration that the problem begins.

Our Creator does not look on His/Her creation and judge it as unworthy, so why would you do this, beloveds? Why would you not simply look upon this wondrous creation and say, “Aah, what a great deal of variation I see here. Look at these souls over here. They are vibrating at a very dense rate and have very dark colors. My, how interesting! I love them all no matter how or what they are vibrating.”

This is the key, beloveds, to the ascension. Let go of the judgment. Let go of the demands. Let go of the expectations. If you have one expectation, let it be that you will change for the better. Then leave it at that. Trust in your Creator to know what He/She is doing. Do you think that complex substance known as DNA was created by accident? Now that is ludicrous! So if your DNA holds the key to your ascension and all you need to do is let the program unfold (or “execute” as you programmers would say), then by all means, stop trying to tell God how to run the universe.

You are creators in your own right, but you are still subject to Universal Laws. God’s Laws are just and incredibly loving and although you have the free will to create unlike God, you will soon find out that even free will has its limitations. You cannot escape Universal Laws, nor would you want to if you truly understood them. For they are the Laws of Love, a Love that is so vast and incomprehensible to the lower mind that the lower mind can do nothing but be a silent witness to the unfolding beauty of God’s Laws.

I, Leah, and my beloved Twin Flame, are dedicated to bringing the light of understanding to those who wander in darkness, but know there is a better way. We will not judge you, for we find all of God’s Creation worthy of ascension. Even though many will choose not to go through the process in the near future, we honor and respect that their soul decisions will eventually lead them to understanding, although it will likely be on a different planet in a different time continuum.

For those who are “on the fence”, listen closely. Your time is at hand. You can only delay the Divine Plan for so long before the momentum of change pushes through the stalling tactics. For why are you stalling, but out of fear? And what is fear, but an illusion inherent to the lower four worlds? Take my hand, precious ones, and let me help you walk out of fear and into the Love that you are, always have been and always will be. Let me show you another world – a world full of light and magic and enchantment. A world that exists right now, not in some distant future. One day, precious dears, you will wake up and realize this heavenly world was here all along and you simply did not perceive it, as you were stuck in your judgments. Let all the judgments go now, and awaken to a world like none you have ever seen with your human eyes. Let your trust in God be your guide. Know that by following Divine Principles nothing harmful will ever befall you. Open your hearts and minds and souls to the Infinite Love your Creator has for you and has always had, even while you’ve been sleeping and dreaming nightmares of destruction.

Open your eyes, dear ones, and look upon the loveliness that has been waiting for you. It is here right now. Claim it. It is your Divine Inheritance!

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