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Leah on Sacred Sexuality Part 2
Received by Sal Rachele
November 9, 2004

Greetings, dear ones. Leah again, with Part 2 of our discussion regarding love and sex. Let’s see, where did we end before? Oh yes, we were discussing priorities. We gave you the question to ask yourselves regarding how you feel after lovemaking. Do you feel energized or depleted? Most of you feel depleted. You have “used up” your energy, whether you are man or woman, but especially if you are the man. As you know, in ordinary lovemaking, the man physically, as well as symbolically, gives a part of his essence to the woman. The woman, on the other hand, receives the essence of the man, but if it is not taken into her being in ways that represent balance and wholeness then she, too, will eventually feel depleted. So why does most lovemaking on Earth deplete the energy bodies of the participants?

I think some of you already know the answer. You do not make love with your whole being – only with your sexual organs and a few emotions sprinkled in for good measure. Sure, you may love your partner. You may even want the best for him/her. But due to habit, conditioning and preconceived ideas (pardon the pun), you merely re-enact an ancient ritual designed to perpetuate the species. As an aside, did you know that an enlightened woman can plan the time of her conception? In fact, she can even plan the sex of her child. But that’s another matter. Stay on course, Leah.

So how do you make love with your whole being? The same way you do anything with your whole being – by being fully present in the moment and being aware of the totality of your being.

 “Well, Leah, that’s easy to say…”

Yes, I knew that would be your response. Have you noticed that virtually all of my communications are designed to get you more aware of the totality of your being? What a coincidence! Surely lovemaking would not be an exception to the rule. All communication is an expression of love when your only desire is to serve the One (in its many forms). So sex is a form of communication as well, or should we say, communion. That’s a beautiful word. It is a combination of communication and union – communicating in a state of union.

The first step in bringing your whole being into lovemaking would be to include all the chakras. You are conditioned to express through the second chakra (genitals). However, with a little practice, you can move this energy around and distribute it to the other chakras rather evenly. This is the essence of tantric yoga. But this is only the beginning. Your state of mind is perhaps the most important aspect of whole-being lovemaking. In order to be aware of your wholeness, you must be fully present in each moment. This is extraordinarily difficult in 3D. You have all these images of what you are supposed to do, how to please your partner, how much time to take, etc. Let all of that go. There are no expectations in enlightened love. The love itself is the teacher. You simply follow where love leads. You and your partner must have complete agreement to follow love explicitly and implicitly.

Become aware of each chakra, meridian and energy center of the body. Simply notice each part, without trying to force it to respond or change. Instead of focusing on the genitals, notice the base of your spine. Notice the energy currents. Become aware of your solar plexus. Simply watch it, as if fascinated with the ordinary. Soon it will become extra-ordinary if you stay with the process. There is no goal, nothing to hurry to, there is just the solar plexus, with all its quirks and comings and goings energetically.

Do the same for the heart, the throat, the third eye, the crown. Go through all the meridians, nadis and acupressure points. Notice the sensations on your skin. Notice the temperature of various parts of your body. Then move into the subtle realms and notice the aura of you and your partner. See the colors (to the best of your ability). What does your energy body sound like? How does it feel? If it could speak, what would it be saying?

Closely related to your auric field is your emotional body, or energy body. In what state is your emotional body. Is it excited? Contented? Nervous? Simply notice it – do not try to change it. Is there an aspect of your emotional body that wants to express? Are there any withholds? Any unexpressed desires? Simply notice it – do not try to change it.

By now, dear ones, you may be wondering, “Where did the spontaneous nature of lovemaking go?” You misunderstand. Being aware of your whole being does not have to take away from the pleasure of spontaneous lovemaking. At first, it may seem to, however. Do you remember the first time you tried to ride a bicycle? It wasn’t very spontaneous now, was it? Today, however, it is second nature to hop on a bike and ride away into the sunset.

One important point about becoming aware of your whole being during lovemaking: Be gentle with yourself and your partner. Do not expect too much at first. If old patterns get the better of you, do not despair. With practice, you will experience greater joy than you thought possible. Your whole body and being will come alive. Again I repeat, be gentle with yourselves. Do not expect too much too soon. You are undoing old habits. You are undoing unconsciousness. You are undoing centuries of ritual. Honor yourselves. Be kind to yourselves.

There will be more sections to this topic. The channel and I will decide when to bring forth additional information. It will not be long. We will explore how to attract a co-creative partnership and what to do with it once it manifests. We will take a look at ways of moving the kundalini energy. There is so much to explore. I am your tour guide as we romp and play together in this wondrous universe! Blessings in the Light of the Radiant One. I am Leah.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341 .

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